OLED Steam Decks and 3DMark Heads To LINUX!

Valve announces OLED Steam Decks! 3DMark Steel Nomad is headed to Linux, TuxClocker gets support for AMD GPUs, a mysterious Half-Life 1 update, and the worst distribution for Linux gaming.


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00:00 Intro
00:35 Dangers of bagpipes
01:33 Hippy junk food
03:15 Audio interface history
07:35 Jordan on team Red
08:32 Smuggling
12:34 Mysterious Half-Life update
15:19 Hiding your Steam activity
16:09 Our embarrassing games
18:42 Honry top sellers
19:24 Adjusting Steam content filters
20:30 Steam Deck OLED
25:56 eBay Deck pricing
28:18 Why City Skylines is slow
31:23 Orbital Scrappage
32:22 Steam Fest benefits
33:05 What defines an asset flip?
34:37 AMD drops support for VEGA
40:11 Tux Clocker AMD support
42:16 AMD colour correction
44:08 3DMark on Linux
48:38 Heroic gamescope UI
51:07 Epic store has not turned a profit
54:48 Epic should make a Steam Deck
59:45 Come on the show!
01:00:27 Worst Linux for gaming?

Colour key – Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

HL4 Confirmed

  • Password protected update.

  • It’s November 19th 1998 because you were wondering.

  • I want to think it’s a remaster but Black Mesa.

  • Steam Deck support?

    • That’s the prevailing rumor

  • 25 years of the Free Man

  • I’ll replay Half-Life when I forget about On a Rail again

  • I’m pretty sure the end of half life 5 is you get on an tram that takes you to the beginning of half life 1

  • Until then, I guess updating the old GoldSRC stuff to have steam deck compatibility is one way to shore up your back catalogue

  • I guess HL1 would actually give you some decent battery life on the deck

Stealthy Steam

  • I have accumulated a friends list where zero fks are given.

  • No shame, zero, none.

  • Then again, I get it if you want to hide your COD play sessions.

  • This will make the Steam top sellers list interesting as fk.

  • Will this also hide from the “Person is now playing XXX Fuck Ur Mom XXX”?

  • Or the status bit in the friends window?

  • Hide your hentai games from your family and co workers

  • Does it work with family sharing too?

  • Seriously, how many horny games will be on the list of best sellers by month’s end?

Steam Deck OLED

  • Fact Deck

    • 64 and 512GB LED models are dead

    • 10Whr more battery

    • Wi-Fi 6E

    • 6nm APU vs 7nm

    • 90hz refresh rate

    • “high performance touch”

    • 640 grams vs 669 grams

    • deck dock now $20 less

    • Available November 16 at 10am Pacific

  • The 512GB OLED version is £480.

  • That’s a damn good price!

  • The LCD 256GB costs as much as the 64GB used to.

  • You can buy the last of the 64 and 512 for a significant discount, as long as supplies last.

  • I like the red/orange highlights of the limited edition, which is US and Canada only.

  • I will pay the person who comes up with a way to use the OLED screen on the 1st gen Deck.

    • *grabs tape* How much?

  • They’re keeping to their word about maintaining a consistent performance profile for devs to target

  • I am a bit jelly over the battery gains

  • Hopefully there will be some aftermarket stuff that will help bridge the gap

Steam: Game Updates

Slow cities

  • No LOD for any of the models seems to be the big one.

  • It will render the exact same number of polygons in crowds, cars, etc., if you’re zoomed all the way out or all the way in.

  • Apparently Cities Skylines be rendering teeth at all times.

  • Blame the DOTS, apparently.

  • That seems to be why Skylines has its own culling implementation.

  • Unity’s integration between DOTS and High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) is still a WIP.

  • Then we have things like a mesh for a pile of logs with over 100K vertices.

  • They knew this was going to be a shiteshow before shipping.

  • It’s not like Unity lacks built-in profilers that tell you what Renderdoc and NSight do.

  • I guess they ran out of time and had to get it $hipped.

  • The type that play Skylines will play it regardless and they know that.

  • For the rest of you, give it 6 months.

  • Nothing here is unfixable.

Orbital Scrappage

  • Oh man it took me a second

    • LGC 552, not that long ago

  • New enemies, new weapons and a secret level

  • In game direction markers so you can figure out where the fuck you’re going!

  • Still looks like the janky unity game we all know and love.

  • One nice thing about all of the (insert random) fests is getting devs to revisit games.

  • I like Scrappage

  • As asset flips go, this is one of the very few ones I genuinely enjoy.


Vintage AMD

  • If you’re using AMD proprietary Vulkan GPU driver, stop!

  • If you have a Vega or Polaris card, yes that includes the RX 470, 480, 570, 580, 590 for they are all the same GPU, AMD doesn’t want to support you anymore.

  • Buy a newer GPU if you want to stay their friend, or do what you should have been doing on Linux, and use the Mesa drivers.

  • This covers most APUs as well.

  • But as pedro mentioned, you should really just be on AMDGPU where all the cool shit is happening.

Tux Clocker AMD bits

  • If you want the one software to rule them all, as far as hardware clock setting goes.

  • In theory, tuxclocker may be the future.

  • As it stands, they’ve only just added the stuff that would bring it close to par with corectrl for AMD clocking

  • Runs OOTB, although you probably want to have already sudo’d in the terminal before you run the start script.

  • It prompts you for your password but then outputs a bunch of garbage while you type

  • Kinda wish you could apply frequencies across all cpus as opposed to having to set each thread one at a time.

  • I got a lot of them these days

Oh Hi 3DMark

  • 3D Mark 2001 was a big deal back in the Day ™.

  • The not Matrix scene along with the field with a stream in it.

  • Man, the future of 3D was here. We had peaked.

  • 3DMark comes to Linux before Unigine adds Vulkan to Superposition.

  • What a weird timeline!

  • Remains to be seen how much the price will be.

  • No ray tracing but it’s not like people enable it without DLSS or FSR.

Heroic 2.10.0

  • Fancy new gamescope gui

  • You can look at all your logs in the app now

  • Closing the gap on them Lutris features

Epic losses

  • IF you’re going to be a loss leader you still need to be able to muscle your competition out of business

    • And of course Valve is just a small mom and pop shop so it should have happened by now

  • Guess we found the limit to the Forknife cash cow.

  • It took 1,180 days for the Google case to make it to trial, damn.

  • The Epic store is not making a profit and that’s by design.

  • They are burning money to generate growth.

  • Thing is, that growth has yet to materialize.

  • Epic Games projected the store to start turning a profit in 2023 based on, something.

  • The Epic Games Store’s financial struggles are related to the free games.

  • The case against Googs is hella weak compared to Apple because sideload.

  • At this point perhaps Epic should just bite the bullet and make their own game console like the Steam Deck?

    • They should be aggressively attempting partnering with acer or lenovo.

    • I don’t think they have enough resources to make or support their own hardware

    • Adding some free games or bonus forknife soda toa deck competitor could be a move

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