Refurb Steam Decks Sell-Out and Open-Source Quake 2 Bethmastered

Valve runs out of refurbished Steam Decks! Rewriting Wipeout from leaked code, id Software open-sources Quake 2 Bethmastered, and playing Overwatch 2 on Linux with Proton.


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00:00 Intro
01:49 Testing pro capture cards
05:53 The impossible cable
07:20 Benchmarking audio interfaces at home
10:23 Pedro writes a script
12:00 Replying to business emails
13:36 Refurbished Steam Decks sell out
16:25 Unclean Steam Decks
17:31 SteamOS in a Docker image because reasons
20:06 RIP Cortana
20:42 Proton Experimental fixes Baldur’s Gate 3 launcher
21:50 The dangers of Proton Experimental bleeding edge
23:16 Source 2 resource decompiler and exporter
24:19 WHAR Source 2 SDK?
24:53 What ever happened to Artifact?
27:06 1 million dollar Steam game
29:32 Abusing Steam refunds
30:27 Extreme Tag
31:13 Stumble Guys hard sell
32:18 Overwatch 2 launches on Steam
36:24 Broforce Forever
37:50 RIP Dale Gribble
38:59 Quake 2 Bethmastered
39:35 Better accessibility options
42:34 Intel graphics drivers collecting telemetry
44:49 Opt-in is useless
46:52 Quake 2 2023 source release
48:51 Compiling Linux in Windows on Linux
50:08 1995 was how long ago?
51:28 Thanks Nintendo
52:27 Rewriting Wipeout from leaked source code
58:25 You could NEVER add online multiplayer to Wipeout
01:01:21 First time Linux in 2023
01:05:40 Loving the Arch
01:07:15 Good knowledge base is important
01:08:29 Hate Mail assignments
01:09:12 Top 10 Linux distributions
01:10:55 A taste of Pedro
01:12:34 Debian is the best Ubuntu spin
01:15:55 A gifted sub
01:19:31 Credits

Colour key – Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

This old Deck

  • $80 off the 64GB.

  • What if I want one that only underwent 73 tests?

  • They are going for $320/50 on eBay.

  • Does the hardware id ownership get wiped on steam for these units?

    • You’d think so with VALVe themselves certifying the refurbishment.

    • Right. We should start a countdown timer.

  • The cheap ones are now out of stock, duh!

  • The 256GB refurbished is £20 more than a 64GB brand new, it’s still a damn good deal.

  • Conglaturations to the lucky few folks who managed to snag one of the cheaper ones. All that’s left are the 512s

  • I was curious to see if Valve was the only one doing this but apparently you can buy refurb xboxes from microsoft,

Portable SteamOS

  • If you really need to play steam games on your work laptop

  • No NVIDIA 4 u. AMD or Intel only as it requires you binding /dev/dri to the container

  • Uses VNC? Really?

  • I guess this is mostly just for game streaming?

  • Gotta log in every time you restart the container

  • Steam does run from ~/.local/share/Steam

  • I guess if you have a big hoking server with a massive Radeon Pro might as well use it.


  • Oh nice they fixed that annoying error pop up in BG 3. It was mildly inconveniencing

  • UE4 games crash less on intel GPUs

  • Controller hotplug fixes.

  • Ubisoft Connect and Ratchet & Clank on Nvidia should work now

  • Fixing mod support re4_tweak for the OG Resident Evil 4.

ValveResourceFormat 5.0

  • Version Kaioken X10

  • OpenGL 4.6 or Bust

  • This is a neat tool for poking around in maps.

  • Valve’s Source 2 resource file format parser, decompiler, and exporter.

  • Reversed engineered since Valve does not have a Source 2 SDK.

Steam: New Games

1 million dollar game

  • It’s down to $250 CAD now

  • £167.99 for the most unity/unreal ghetto looking game I’ve seen in a few years.

  • Don’t have a good game? Try and drum up some publicity some other way

Extreme Tag!

  • Speed lines, so you know it’s going to be good.

  • “Download today! is it!”

Overbotched 2

  • Not really my jam but it’s platinum on the Steam Deck.

  • And I know at least one of you out there is hooked on it.

  • 35GB DL and launched using Proton 8.

  • Really good performance.

  • Granted, it’s got a handful (78K) negative reviews on Steam.

  • Then again, 75K players in the last 2 days.

  • Real question.

  • Why did the hate parade show up for this one?

Steam: Game Updates

Broforce Forever (Rtheren)

  • Free update if you already own Broferce

  • Supposedly the final update to end all updates

    • I look forward to the hotfix

  • Game was also down to 20% its original price for the 8th.

  • Missed opportunity if you didn’t get it then and still didn’t have it from some bundle.

  • We got the list of characters beforehand, but now you can actually play them

  • Indiana Brones gets some new levels to unlock flexes

  • Now I wanna do some bench press

Quake II Bethmastered

  • Another fan-made Quake remake.

  • You can still play the original.

  • At least MP is simplified.

  • I made it crash on the secret level where you get the super shotgun early.

  • Looks good!

  • Developed by Nightdive and Machine Games, the same ones who did the remaster of the 1st Quack

  • I’d never seen the intro cutscene in such good quality.

  • Looks pretty good and unlike the NVidia-mastered version, I can play it at 144 FerPS until it crashes.


Intel is watching

  • Surprised they were not doing this from day 1.

  • It’s opt in and the article is amended to say that at least right now there is a very clear warning on new installations.

  • This is their driver control center thing that isn’t on linux AFAIK

  • Big fat warning is possibly the best way to do it.

  • Take note, Fedora!

  • Fucking Intel is doing it right.

Quake 2 release code

  • Huh.

  • The original Q2 source release was the first time a lot of us tried to tango with C.

  • It claims to be tested with clang.

  • Why did they release code for this one?

  • This is only the game code and not the engine source code.

  • Daikatana remastered confirmed, maybe.

  • It would certainly save John Romero and Co. a lot of work.

    • It won’t make it any better though

  • What they did provide is licensed under GPL 2.0, as was the original source code drop

OG Wipeout

  • It builds.

  • It does not contain the assets.

  • First time using bchunk in what, a decade?

  • Also, shoutout to romtool.

  • Crashes when I press enter but okay.

  • Dude threatening Sony at the end.

  • What is there works really well.

  • Vsync’ed by default and no control customization.

  • I look forward to the 2097 reimplementation.

  • Say the thing!

  • This is a pretty substantial rewrite and fix up

  • Based on an old port for ATI

  • The game’s physics were tied to the framerate and locked at 30fps. This rewrite does away with this, and the developer’s sanity

  • Browser version runs pretty good. No controller support though

Hate Mail:

New 2 Linux


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