Year Of The Wayland Desktop and PipeWire Hits 1.0

2035 is the year of the Wayland desktop! PipeWire hits 1.0, making neofetch go fast, and automating file downloads from


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00:00 Intro
00:44 Linux on AppleTV
01:34 Firefox (beta) on Debian
04:38 Crocheted penguins
06:26 RedHat puts X11 on notice.
10:59 File downloader for
13:15 PipeWire hits 1.0
21:03 Neofetch but fast

Wayland in RHEL

  • We’ve talked about RH going full-wayland in the past and now we have a timeline. 
  • X will not be included in RHEL 10 due out  in 2025. 
  • The X11 protocol will continue to be supported with Xwayland for the mountain of applications that will never be ported. 
  • If you absolutely need X you can stick with RHEL 9 since it doesn’t reach EOL until 2035. 
  • That’s right, 2035 will be the year of the Wayland desktop.
  • This is great news and we knew this was coming, but now we have a timeline. 


Wimpy’s Internet Archive get 

  • Would you like an easy way to download multiple files from the Internet Archive?
  • Well, our good friend Martin Wimpress, Wimpy, has developed a command line app for just that!
  • It is called ia-get, or Internet Archive Get, and all you have to do is type ia-get in the terminal with the URL of an Internet Archive details page you want to download.
  • And all the files from that page will download to your current working directory.
  • Ia-get will preserve the original directory structure and automatically resume failed or partial downloads.
  • Wimpress wanted to hoard high-quality scans of ZZap!64 magazine because reasons. 
  • This is the end result of ChatGPT-4 plays Rust. 
  • Now if we could only do something about Archive speed. 


Pipes 1.0

  • Getting Pipes to 1.0 was a lot of work.
  • This release is mostly focused around stability and performance.
  • The LC3 codec has been added for bluetooth. 
  • Some additional optimizations for Jack. 
  • Wim did an interview with 
  • Talks about getting netjack 2 and firewire support finished. 
  • They are unable to test since they do not have the hardware. 
  • AVB support is still poo but they are focusing on AES67. 
  • No word on Dante. 
  • On the video side camera support is mostly baked. 
  • Initial support for vulkan video filters.. 


Neofetch fast

    • Many of us in the Linux community like to show off pretty screenshots of our system specs and what distro we are running in the Linux terminal.
    • One way to accomplish this is to use Neofetch in the terminal.
    • Neofetch is written in bash 3.2+, which is wonderful, but it is a bit sluggish launching.
    • So say hello to fastfetch, which is a Neofetch-like tool written mostly in C.
    • Wow, fastfetch launches instantaneously!
    • The developer CarterLi states:
  • “I like putting neofetch in my ~/.bashrc to have a system overview whenever I use the terminal, but the slow speed annoyed me, so I created this.” 
  • It is packaged for many distros, including a .deb for Debian and Ubuntu, an .RPM for Fedora, and also Arch, Gentoo, openSUSE packages etc.
  • Installed the debian package on, you guessed it, Debian. 
  • Compared to neofetch it provides some additional info like local IP and disk usage.
  • Times on TB