Overpriced Hype or Hot Garbage? ‘Fake’ Games on Steam

We dive into the murky depths of overpriced “fake games” on Steam, uncover the secrets of open-source Celeste 64, and see if WINE finally plays nice with Wayland. We’ll also explore the futuristic potential of Immutable HoloISO and crown the ultimate champion in our game launcher showdown!


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00:00 Intro
01:08 Pipes on Fire
02:43 Putting the C in Cwang
05:46 A laptop Haiku
06:17 The good laptop is always $2K
07:48 Playing Pedro
10:03 Immutable HoloISO
13:46 New Sony handheld?
15:06 Will Sony proprietary nonsense
17:14 ‘Fake’ Games on Steam: VGSVB for $199
19:03 Fake games for account resellers
21:03 Gates of the minds hates X
24:10 Assault Wing
26:21 Linux support vs Deck
27:34 Microsoft fixes AOE on Deck
29:35 That Stormgate thing
32:53 Vangers cloud saves
36:15 Ranking game launchers
43:46 WINE on Wayland
47:06 Celeste 64
51:54 Exploding loo

Colour key – Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News


  • Moving everything onto separate repos is a good idea in my opinion.

  • It puts a distinct cleave on when they branched out.

  • Still waiting to see what that AYA NEO Lite is gonna be like

  • Seems like going from mutable to immutable isn’t quite sorted out yet

  • Everything apparently now pulls from steamos sources.

  • I’ve heard from reliable sources (that I just made up) Sony is in talks to bring this to their new handheld.

  • Were the previous releases non immutable? Immunted? Immutefull?

Steam: New Games


  • What in the cinnamon toast money laundering is this?

  • Noone has played it on the Tubes.

  • 13 second trailer at 30 ferps.

  • $1999.9 worth of positive reviews.

  • We have Genshin Impact at Home being used as one of those Steam library/account reselling price inflation games.

  • We’ve had quite a few of them over the past few years.

  • The Ascent and Leverage Game being the top offenders, outside of the “bundles”.

  • So this too is not a hentai game

Gates Of The Mind

  • We need more lumberjack representation in gaming.

  • Oh neat, a demo.

  • 1-hit KO rage platformer with metroidvania/soulslike elements

  • Nah, that’s ok.

  • The animation of the lumberjack guy looks good in the trailer. In game it’s floaty as hell

  • The Lovecraft monsters seem dropped in from another game though

  • When you die it says “You death”

  • An attempt at character animation was made.

  • Default controls are a bit all over the place but they do work.

  • The jump sound will cause most people to quit in the first 5 minutes, guaranteed.

    • Doom guy aint got nothing on that one.

  • Really slow movement but an overall accurate representation of downtown Toronto.

Assault Wing

  • I’m not gonna lie, Studfarm Studios is a damn good name!

  • PvP retro booster

  • It’s free!

  • This is really an impressive title.

  • It takes some special sauce to disable my rightmost monitor and leave it like that.

  • AND it disabled force full composite pipeline, somehow.

    • On nvidia and AMD apparently. Holy moly

Steam: Game Updates

MS Loves some Deck (Livet)

  • Seeing Microsoft address the Linux console directly in one of their games is real nice!

  • RTS and steam deck don’t super go hand In hand IMO but it’s good to see the fix anyways

  • They didn’t use the L word. Doesn’t count.

Vanger clouds

  • Option 2 is a bold fucking statement!

  • Chances are, if you really like Vangers, you probably don’t mind starting fresh.

  • I wonder how many vangers die hards manually sync their saves since that was your only option back in the day

  • I mean, you might not want to lose your 26-year-old save file.

  • I would say this will help keeping your save synced on Deck but playing this game on Deck would require a specialized level of madness.


Ranking launchers

  • The word fiddly gets thrown around a lot to describe Galaxy.

  • Ubisoft and EA still don’t give a shit and neither does Epic.

  • Must be great to talk such a big game about competition and then put 0 fucking effort to actually being competitive.

  • Highly scientastic scoring process

  • Over the years valve has done a decent job of maintaining what works about steam while still adding new useful features.

  • There has been a fair number of missteps too, but it’s always been a decent experience to buy video games.

  • We should do one of these for WINE/Linux launchers.

  • I’ve only used the Ubi one through WINE because it’s forced into some games.

  • It’s pretty bad.

  • Oh, take that back. EA is a heaping pile of nope as well.

  • Itch.io has a Linux build but we forget that because reasons.

  • I still want a GOG client despite how clunky it be.

Wine on Wayland

  • I wonder how big an impact having to use XWayland is on the SteamDeck.

  • Being able to just run all them Proton games directly in gamescope, without needing X at all, just sounds like a good idea to me.

  • They’ve been taking their sweet time but the progress they made is still pretty impressive

  • Now that it’s out there and people can start using it bugs will start getting squished and it’ll be easier to get newer features out

    • Clipboard and drag and drop are probably the two most in demand features from Wayland apps

Celeste 64 (Strider)

  • This thing is cursed.

  • All of it.

  • Every last bit.

  • That camera is not your friend

  • Linux build is clean and xclone popped right up.

  • Had to watch a YT video to figure out how to climb walls.

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