AMD Cracks Down On FreeSync

Steam Decks receive a horizon button! AMD cracks down on FreeSync certification, Linux reaches 4% desktop market share, WebRTC integration in OBS becomes intriguing, Area 51 source code is discovered, and Nintendo shuts down the Yuzu emulator.


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00:00 Intro
00:50 JUICY
03:00 Pedro MMO update
04:52 Scojo Gen 4
06:43 Steam beta resets to horizon
09:21 Steam Deck hackathon
11:49 Regular Linux for Deck?
14:36 Thyria
15:18 Weeaboo grammar
16:54 Zoria
19:26 AMD cracks down on freesync
26:58 Nintendo shuts down Yuzu
33:56 Alternate Switch emulators
37:22 Linux desktop hits 4%
42:43 Desktops are dead 2024 edition
45:17 Winux challenge
46:13 Area 51 source code
50:38 OBS WebRTC sources
57:48 Emulation = piracy

Colour key – Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Horizon Deck

  • Now with 100% more “Reset to Horizon” action!

  • Where the absolute hell was that on the Steam controller!?

  • Being able to snap to the horizon will come in handy for a gang of titles.

  • Still counts as a macro, cheater.

  • People playing Helldivers on the Deck are a special breed.

Hacker Deck (romeosidvicious)

  • That plasma desktop really reminds me of that windows bar.

  • I keep having to do a double take.

    • I mean, it’s basically the same OS.

  • Turns out that even on a steam deck linux is a decent development platform

  • Steam Decks are universally known for their ability to craft job interview apps.

  • “Really disadvantages were just getting it set up. I’m used to Ubuntu and SteamOS uses a custom Arch distro.”

    • Yeah, if you’re lugging a monitor and keyboard around.

  • I think the Deck falls into the “could be used in a pinch” category.

  • Would you ever bring a Deck to a laptop fight?

  • Does anyone have a regular ordinary Linux distro for the Deck?

    • Does Nobara count?

  • I think with a portable monitor and keyboard it could very well win against several laptops, at least the ones without dedicated GPUs.

  • Battery-wise, for as poor as the original model is, it still could play Dead Cells for 8 hours.

  • That’s significant when most productivity laptops have to have very low power CPUs to be able to go that long with even just a text processor and web browser.

  • That’s Macbook territory for $400… Ok, $500-$600 with the external monitor, keyboard, and dock.

Steam: New Games


  • Weeaboest Dungeon?

  • This is like FF / Pokemon where you run around the overworlds and bonk into an enemy.

  • Then go full-metal DD.

  • I’m glad to see some more DD style crawlers come out. I think they’re neat

  • The one negative complaint seems to be the limited content

  • Recommeded GPU is a GTX 1080, which seems a wee overkill for pixel art

Zoria: Age of Shattering

  • I got my hopes up with the little blurb thinking it might be a medieval fantasy XCom

  • Combat seems more in line with other turn based RPGs though.

  • It’s Baldurs Gate at home with a 2010 retro graphics mod and no online multiplayer.

  • But it’s only $24.

  • They have dispatch missions, which is a feature from final fantasy tactics i’d like to see imported more in squad based games


No More FreeSync’ish

  • I sh*t you not the freesync range on my chungus Acer is something like 50/73.

    • My UHD monitor has variable refresh between 42 and 60Hz, it just barely meets the new laptop requirements.

  • I mean, I guess that’s nice for people who care about freesync and bad for people who don’t wanna upgrade their monitors?

Settled Yuzu

  • Yuzu and Citra are gone.

  • Basic summary is that the Yuzu developers agreed to shut down development, give their domain to Nintendo, and delete all copies of Yuzu and any other Switch hacking tools.

  • About that 2.4 million.

  • Good chance there was a “disappear all the things and keep them disappeared for X amount of years and we’ll call it even’ type deal.

  • They agreed to pay the Nintendprice less than 24 hours after lawyering up.

  • They folded really quick, seems like they didn’t really want to fight it

  • Rampant speculation seems to indicate they either had some compromising shit in their private comms that would have gotten revealed in discovery or they realized that it’s a long and grueling fight they’d need to execute perfectly to even have a chance at winning

  • This is likely already having a chilling effect on any emulator project operating a patreon

  • That statement reads like it was dictated at gunpoint

Linux Desktop market share < 4%

  • According to the Steam hardware survey 35% of Steam Linux users have “AMD AMD Custom GPU 0405”.

  • ~1 year ago it was 21%.

  • That gives an upper bound of 35% from those 4% being Steamdeck.

  • Them Steam Decks are pretty good laptops when you get down to it.

  • familyguycockroach.gif

  • Good to see some pushback on the whole “Linux is hard to install” fud

  • I’m curious what the geographical breakdown

  • How much of that are raspis and their ilk?

Area 51

  • No, it’s not that Area 51.

  • I need to go to better yard sales.

  • David Duchovny and Marilyn Manson voiced the game, apparently

  • Found at a yard sale, damn

  • Right now the goal is to get it into a buildable state on modern systems.

  • The current release is the as is package, which contains engine code and ports for PS2 and Xbox

OBS WHEP sources

  • Today, if you want to build a dual PC streaming setup you need one of two things.

  • NDI or a couple of capture cards.

  • Both solutions work but NDI is proprietary and fussy and good capture cards cost two dragons.

  • This is going to take advantage of webrtc to sling data across OBS instances. LAN or WAN.

  • Need to send game capture over to the streaming rig?

  • Stream it to the PC, set up a source on the other and Bam!

  • Things get hella interesting when you think about using it for video conferencing.

  • It has the potential to offer WAY higher quality.

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