A Linux-fueled Steam Year End Review!

Our Linux-fueled Steam year end review! Nintendo NSO controllers learn how to Linux, open-source NVIDIA drivers outperform the binary blob, Intel won’t commit to a 2024 release date for Battlemage, and average people don’t install operating systems.


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00:00 Intro
01:19 New IP, who this?
02:53 Linux on Chromebooks
06:17 Steam year in review
11:47 OLED Steam Deck fringing
15:04 Hiding naughty Steam games
19:04 Project Bridge
21:55 Pirates Vikings and Knights II
25:53 Intel Battlemage timeline
27:48 No Battlemage in 2024?
32:16 Where is Tom Petersen?
32:56 Linux support for Nintendo NSO controllers
36:06 Did you have a N64?
38:23 Windows 11 creates e-waste
40:38 How to fix Linux?
41:25 Kid vs OS
42:15 Open-source NVIDIA driver go brr!
46:29 AMD closed-source drivers
49:50 Alpakka gamepad updates
53:01 Alpakka should partner with Framework
56:39 First PC controller?

Colour key – Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Steam year in review

  • Shows OS usage if you run more than one.

  • My ideal game would be a racing metroidvania superhero tank sim with battle royale elements.

    • Mine is apparently a tank based roguelike deckbuilder boardgame

  • A lot of APB Reloaded!

  • Surprise surprise it’s BG3

OLED sparkle

  • Yeah, that looks better.

  • So if we’re going out of our way to fix chromatic aberrations, why do game developers feel like shoehorning that shit in everywhere?

Private carts

  • Hide your Hentai or crappy CG porn addiction.

  • You can hide them from your Steam friends at the time of purchase or directly from the library.

  • Can do a mix of purchases and gifts in one go, now.

  • Once upon a time people had burner accounts for their naughty stuff.

  • What happened?

    • Unless…are there that many active multiplayer hentai games on steam?

  • This works across devices.

  • I want to see the slide deck for the internal pitch.

  • Someone was able to show that increased sales would (at least) cover dev time.

  • 20 years from now someone will uncover their parents’ naughty list.

Steam: New Games

Project Bridge

  • The void is encroaching and you need to Minecraft your way to stay alive.

  • Online multiplayer means you don’t get the shame bell.

  • If there is one thing I love, it’s auto scrollers.

  • It looks fun but there is only so much you can do with that game loop.

  • At least that’s my takeaway after watching the trailer.

  • Reminds me of Unrailed on a budget.

  • Be more like Unrailed, release a demo.

Steam: Game Updates

PVKII Cool Dodgeroll

  • That trailer, once the gameplay proper starts, makes it look a lot like Counter-Strike Dark Ages.

  • It’s done on the source engine

  • I always liked 3 sided conflicts in games.

  • Red v blue gets a lot spicier once you throw yellow into the mix.

  • Or Kurt Angle.

  • It plays like old-school CS but with pointy sticks.


Battlemage timeline

  • Magelord when?

  • During a launch in Japan Intel showed a roadmap with Xe2 “Battlemage” discrete GPUs in 2024.

  • Then Intel reminded everyone that these were Intel slides and you should know better by now.

  • X-axis label translates as 2024 onwards, not a release date / year.

  • Man, is Intel seriously not going to commit to releasing Battlemage in 2024?

  • Intel having some of their own APU type systems that aren’t NUC form factor would be nice

  • “2024?” doesn;t exactly fill me with confidence either

  • No word of memory configurations either.

  • Hopefully Intel starts pushing 12-16GB as norm for midrange.

  • In a decade we will be reading about how Intel managed to fumble a chance to corner a market.

Nintendo NSO support

  • Gah, the N64 is $50… with 13 day free shipping.

  • Kernel support for more switch stuff is nice

    • These ones are weird.

    • They’re exclusively for the nintendo switch online services

      • Well, not anymore

  • Because the online controllers don’t have all the buttons that regular switch controllers do, they needed to modularize controller features like having an analog stick or gyros.

  • Having a controller that only works with a paid online service is peak Nintendo.

NVK Holiday update

  • Edge case of A Hat in Time giving better performance with NVK than the proprietary drivers makes me very happy!

    • On a 3090 no less

  • Showing NVidia up at their own game across the board would be basically perfect.

  • NVK + Zink already curbstomps the old nouveau driver

  • The progress made by these folks is staggering

  • Targeting shipping this in fedora 40, which may make installing fedora on an nvidia system spooky easy

  • Next on the roadmap is targeting a feature set that’ll make them compatible with vkd3d

  • Maxwell support eventually. Sorry 900 series havers.

Alpakka 0.94.0

  • Changes to profile storage for the user created ones, no thumbstick until you calibrate, setting touch thresholds on the conductive PLA in the Control app actually sticks, and up to 8 Macro slots per profile.

  • Speaking of the Control App, it’s a real boy now!

  • It can actually remap everything or pretty much thereabouts and store it as custom profile.

  • There’s also firmware update notifications in the app, too.

  • You can now also buy the fully soldered PCB in the shop

Hate Mail:

Bits of 8

  • Anyone remember their first PC controller?