There’s Always Room 4 Steam Family

Steam Families gets a HUGE upgrade! Playtron is a new Linux-based OS for handheld gaming devices. Rusty NVIDIA drivers from RedHat, a Nintendo DMCA for Suyu, the Linux Foundation is promoting an NFT mobile game, and an Apex Legends tournament was compromised due to a security exploit in the anti-cheat software.


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00:00 Intro
00:54 Intel ARC on Linux
03:54 Snow metal
05:03 Jumping Pedro
06:45 Steam Family Sharing update
10:21 Two games one account
11:31 No games for kids
12:42 No online games
13:57 Steam Pass incoming
15:25 Playtron Linux OS for handhelds
17:22 Immutable anti-cheat
19:56 Doomed to fail
21:17 Mobile is the future of gaming
24:01 4D Golf
26:07 RedHat Rusty NVIDIA driver
29:38 Anime repo ratio
31:19 What will new Linux users argue about now?
32:59 Suyu Switch emulator DMCA
35:14 The real Nintendo strategy
38:05 O3DE gets a game
41:35 Defending crypto in games
44:10 Apex Legends hacked live
47:49 Cheaters suck
51:53 A real solution?
55:09 Sandmail
56:40 Rating your day-1 game purchases
01:01:17 Widows on Deck
01:07:41 Credits

Colour key – Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Steam Families

  • Sort of an improvement over the old system.

  • Now if one of my family members are playing one of my games, I can still play one of my other ones

  • So you still have to buy N copies of a game if you want N people playing it concurrently

  • Spam your parents with purchase requests!

  • If billy gets banned then so does mommy and daddy.

    • Are we gonna get the steam belt?

  • You can now play more than one game at a time from the same account?

    • That’s the big question.

  • If I own Elden Ring and Nory doesn’t and she’s playing Elden Ring from the family, can I play Skyrim DX11 Edition from her account without both of us getting told to fuck off?

  • I enabled this between the Trackmania PC and Threadbooper.

  • That PIN nonsense gets annoying with a quickness.


  • So this is based off of chimera OS?

  • Integrates Heroic as well for other store support

  • Seems to want to be Steam OS but for everything, not just Steam.

  • I’m down for that, except for the Samsung part.

  • I don’t want Samsung shitty ass bloatware anywhere near my Linux gaming.

  • A Linux-based OS for handheld gaming.

  • From the former CEO of Cyanogen.

    • The original cause of the lineage OS split

  • Playtron will cost a fraction of the price of Windows.

  • $10 per head instead vs the $80 that OEMs spend.

  • And the company dissolves 11 minutes after Valve releases SteamOS.

  • Ayaneo plans to ship a native Playtron handheld by the end of 2024.

Steam: New Games

4D Golf

  • What’s so 4D about it?

  • I’m squinting at it like I did 4D Sports Boxing back in 1991 trying to figure that bit out.

  • Golf in a mathematical model of a tesseract

  • Relative dimensions in space are certainly in play, but no time travel anywhere in sight.


NVK + Nova

  • A GSP-only driver for Nvidia GPUs, intended as a successor to Nouveau.

  • The primary maintainer for Nouveau resigned so they had to do something.

  • Yes, it’s in Rust.

  • Since the GL bits are going to be handed off to Zink, or whatever they choose to use, and translated to Vulkan, then it’s probably a very good idea to refactor/remake the OpenGL driver.

  • There’s still some kernel wrangling that needs to be done before this gets merged in

  • Moving gpu drivers to a memory safe language like rust is probably a good idea long term

  • Can possibly reduce stuff like the apex incident


  • Ah yes, the find out part of the equation.

  • A few days after the first beta release someone came knocking with a DMCA.

  • Gitlab complied.

  • Gitlab has just told the world that they disable the accounts of people who contribute to a repository which receives a DMCA.

  • Senpai did notice them after all!

  • Gitlab Saas is a business.

  • You’d be insane to think they wouldn’t comply with a DMCA from Nintendo

  • They do have a self hosted gitlab, and any computer er with sshd can be a git host

    • We’ll see how that goes

  • The goal now is to prevent collaboration.

Mobile O3DE

  • NFT gaming is back, baby!

  • From the take it where we can get it department.

  • Carbonated, Inc will be using O3DF for their mobile title, MadWorld.

  • It’s another third person shooter for iOS and Android devices.

  • We think mobile is where the breakout will happen for Web3”

  • The Linux Foundation advertising a web 3.0 game… This is why we can’t have nice things.

  • All around me are non fungible tokens, blockchain’s broken, bitcoins stolen its a maaad world

Dangers of Anticheat

  • During a tournament match, dude got an aimbot and wallhax gifted to him.

  • “There is currently an RCE exploit being abused in [Apex Legends]” and that it could be delivered via from the game itself, or its anti-cheat protection”

  • Why yes, your PC may have been exposed to a rootkit or other malicious software other than the invasive anti-cheat.

    • Ring 0 is ring0

  • I’ve been shouting that client side anti-cheats are shit and shouldn’t exist, this is just proving my point.

  • This was bad enough to shut down the tournament.

  • Destroyer2009 took credit for the hacks, saying that he did it “just for fun,” and with the goal of forcing the Apex Legends’ developers to fix the vulnerability he exploited.”

  • Hacker didn’t report the bug since EA does not offer a bounty programme.

  • Easy Anti-Cheat said it was not a problem on their end.

Hate Mail:

Judging your Last Day-1