Will Steam Embrace The Dark Side?

Them’s Fightin’ Herds calls it quits, Gaming with the Intel Arc A310 on Linux, Hatsune Miku invades NecroDancer, Ross Scott wants publishers to stop killing games, and will Steam ever embrace the dark side?


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00:00 Intro
00:55 NDI5 on Linux
05:54 Salty tastes
10:33 Steam is a ticking time bomb
15:07 Steam Controller 2
21:25 Buckshot Roulette
23:43 Sajiorless
26:10 RIP Them’s Fightin’ Herds
29:48 Hatsune Miku Necro Dancer
32:02 Spring onion controversy
32:41 Fools in April
33:55 Silksong XBOX page and rating
38:56 Veloren MMORPG update
41:03 Stop killing games
53:23 PC & Console Gaming Report 2024
01:01:28 Intel Arc on Linux
01:14:04 It wasn’t me

Colour key – Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Least of the worst

  • Valve sucks less than its competitors.

  • That’s not a ticking time bomb, it’s a proven business strategy.

  • “Valve isn’t obligated to continue supporting all its games and software features on Mac, especially when Apple’s reluctance to natively support Vulkan and other cross-platform technologies makes game development more complex. There’s no excuse for Steam on Mac to be a far worse experience than on other platforms, though.”

    • Uhhh…

    • Cognitive dissonance is a bitch!

  • Valve is not like your typical VC backed tech company that needs to be profitable all of a sudden

  • I think the article voices a valid concern, and having all of your eggs in one basket is generally something to avoid

  • However, Valve has been shown to be pretty willing to engage with the developers and work with open source, helping out other companies like Code Weavers in the process.

  • Could there be a heel turn? Probably after Gabe gets the space worms or something

  • The article seems to cut off at the point where you’d expect evidence that the “full ‘enshittification’ of Steam will commence” to be listed.

  • Maybe even list how the increasing “anti-consumer behavior” has become more prevalent in Steam.

  • Of course, you’d end up giving people ammunition to say that those so-called competitors made those anti-consumer moves at the same time or even before Steam.

  • Steam is not perfect, but it’s a shining fucking beacon when compared to literally everything else

  • That’s not a good thing, but it’s worth defending.

Areolas 2

  • It was interesting sitting down to play Quake with one.

    • Yeah, I was actually enjoying myself for a bit

  • People really like the layout on the Deck.

  • I think if they want to, they can probably scooch it down to typical controller size.

  • I too would like to see steam controller 2.

  • Maybe we get Deckchucks for SD2?

Steam: New Games

Buckshot of Fate

  • Reading some of the buzz on this one and checked out the Store page.

  • Blam, Linux build.

  • Gotta get that russian roulette on the go

    • Multiplayer coming soon


  • Getting some Another World vibes from this one.

  • Hope it controls better.

  • Is the final boss supposed to be cerberus the aardvark?

  • Very cool visual style

Steam: Game Updates

Pony Puncher 6rev2

  • Apparently this is the last update or something along those lines.

  • The latest reviews are spicy.

  • Did they ever fix the over sensitive movement controls with the linux build?

  • Apparently the games industry happened and the publisher laid off a bunch of the original devs.

  • People are not pleased at the incomplete state the story mode was left in and the apparent lack of further development.

Necro Miku

  • Vocaloid of the Necrodancer!

  • The leek was originally Inoue Orihime’s shtick.

  • Might bring in a few weebs who were on the fence

  • Two new original tracks


  • +1 on the timing but still.

  • There is now a Xbox Store page for Silksong.

  • The update here is that Silky is coming out any second now because it has a store page.

  • Now this brings up an interesting question for everyone.

  • How long can a game remain in development before the DNFE/3 effect kicks in?

  • You know, the point where it’s incapable of living up to the hype / expectations.

  • Or, the interests of gamers have shifted.

  • Not quite there is Silky but I can see the top of the hill.


Veloren Updrafts

  • You can now run the game using OpenGL.

    • What’s neat is that this is done via a rust target for WebGPU

  • Mesa biomes (not drivers)

  • Servers can now share plugins with clients when joining a server. Hopefully nobody distributes anything naughty

  • What game isn’t better with an axe skill tree?

  • Also, now available in Esperanto.

Stop Killing Games

  • Companies kill servers for online only games and never release the bits needed to run your own.

  • This leaves players with digital bricks.

  • We’ve spitballed many a solution over the years.

  • Stop buying games that lack dedicated servers is the obvious one.

  • The excuse as to why it’s happening now is because Ubisoft once bragged that The Crew had 12 million people playing it.

  • And the moment they can no longer justify the server being up, those 12 million people can’t play the game they paid for.

  • In the US, Ubisoft have covered their ass by including the usual bullshit in the terms of service.

  • Thing is, video games aren’t just sold in the US and Ubisoft is based in France.

  • It’s a solid opportunity to actually get something done legally in a bunch of different countries.

  • The goal here isn’t that these companies should lose money indefinitely by having to keep the server running.

  • It’s just about making sure you can still play the game you paid for.

  • Here’s an incomplete list I could find of just MMOs which are dead, regardless of how much money people paid into them, the moment the servers go down

  • And here’s the most complete list I could find of community efforts to keep those games playable:

  • 62 games of the 222 that Wikipedia list.

  • 160 MMOs you can no longer play, at all, down solely to corporate negligence.

  • I’m reminded of some fashion companies that destroy their stock rather than have excess to maintain scarcity. Or Grocery stores for that matter

  • For the Ubi portion people who own the crew need to contact ubisoft first and then file a complaint with the french consumer protection agency DGCCRF

  • The Canadian petition isn’t up yet. That website is boo boo by the way

The PC & Console Gaming Report 2024

  • 60 percent of playtime in 2023 went to 6-Year-Old or older games.

  • So I’m not alone in being able to find anything interesting to play as of late.

  • PC players more likely to buy DLC and or play Subscription based games.

  • Premium transactions made all the money in 2023.

  • 90% of new game playtime was spent on 48 games.

  • Cloud gaming is taking off in emerging markets.

  • A lot of that 6 year or older playtime was stuff like GTAV, Now fortnite and so on

  • Speaking of, the report does bring up that point. All new stuff coming out has to compete against veteran live service games

  • They also bring up the impact of cross media exposure, like the mario movie, The Last of Us, etc

    • All I’m saying is that these wonks are telling you it’s a good idea to make in Into the Breach or FTL show Netflix please I’m begging you we need more good sci fi

  • They’re also forecasting some growth slowdown, so we’re gonna see more monetization and more expensive single titles with lots of premium crap thrown on top

Eco gaming with Intel

  • I ran some games on it.

  • It was not happy about that.

  • Sparkle released a single-slot, low-profile GPU with a blower fan.

  • Just the thing for your next silent PC build.

  • It’s Intel Arc so it has the AV1 bits.

  • Tested with OBS and Handbrake.

  • It’s the babby A310 so don’t expect much.

  • A wee faster than the 5600G APU.

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