Where Do Steam Games Go When You Die?

Valve clarifies who can inherit your Steam library, NVIDIA (beta) drivers bring the Wayland, gamers suck at strategic thinking, The Matrix Awakens gets a Linux build, and IGN buys some of our favourite gaming websites.


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0:00 Intro
01:16 Elden Ring DLC
03:10 Smelly nuts
05:07 Head like a hole
05:32 Pull-up?
07:07 Dear GabeN, I’m dead
11:06 Steam game transfers
14:50 Who do you leave your games to?
15:54 RIP Steamy Tesla
19:38 Sci-Fi cooking with Arctic Eggs
21:33 Jiggle shaders
22:31 Hypercharge Unboxed crossplay
26:01 Neverwinter community updates
28:38 Blaze Rush oopsie
32:34 NVIDIA 555
36:20 NVK and MESA 24.1
41:36 Panfrost support
42:32 RIP big ARM
44:50 Homebrew Stadia with netris
48:21 That Matrix city demo
52:18 Decline in strategy games
01:03:25 IGN buys gamer network
01:09:52 BS game bundle pricing
01:16:31 Vegas time

Colour key – Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Forever Yours

  • So it’s technically against the steam TOS to share your password with someone else, so if you willed a keepass vault with some steam account credentials and Valve found out they could shut that account down.

  • Still, you may be able to specifically request a transfer if you show up to Bellevue with a lawyer

  • Legally speaking your best bet is to just hand your beneficiaries a drive with the shit installed on it.

  • Welcome to the other side of not owning anything

  • This is also VALVe, the company which did nothing against skin gambling until the news picked up on it.

  • They haven’t cracked down on account resellers… yet, so maybe you’ll be ok if you keep using grandpa’s account without bringing too much attention to yourself.

  • How long can a Steam account remain inactive before Steam nopes it?

  • There has to be a counter on that even if it’s 20 years.

  • Handing down the account will require the user/pass, 2FA, and the passwd to the encrypted drive you kept this information on but forgot to leave the unlock digits.

  • Being able to keep the account active and have Family sharing would be one option.

  • I can only imagine the unholy worm of cans that would be unleashed if Steam allowed account merging / transfers.

  • Hoping to live for at least another 30 Skyrim special editions.

RIP driving sim

  • It was a gimmick, but a cool gimmick.

  • Nice to have while derping around the charger.

  • Not that you could ever get it to pair with a controller.

Steam: New Games

Arctic Eggs

  • This is good ole fashioned odd as hell.

  • Probably one of the better sci-fi Cooking games of 2024.

  • Those eggs have some indestructible yolks

  • Fry bullets? Sure, why not

  • I like the current trend of cursed PS1 era 3D.

  • More of that please.

Steam: Game Updates

Crossplay Enabled

  • If you didn’t already believe this was true product of love from the team, that little snippet at the top puts it in no uncertain terms.

  • I just hope it , you know, works this time?

  • Crossplay goes live between Steam and Xboxen on May 31.

  • We’ve said it since day-1, you have to come off that price, period.

  • Still has issues capturing the gerbil in windowed mode.

  • You want people to stream your game you’re going to need that working.

Community Module Updates

  • Two of the biggest custom community made modules for NwN EE have some updates.

  • The big advantage here is that it uses the in game module menu to download them without you having to do anything outside the game.

Blaze Rush Update

  • Previous message said the Linux and Mac versions would be going away, but apparently they just meant that it’s not getting the update.

  • It totally has nothing to do with the fact that Valve has allowed refunds regardless of playtime for games that pulled that shit in the past.

  • No, sir! Not at all.

  • Unfortunately, downloading and running BlazeRush on Linux, Mac and SteamVR will soon be impossible.”

    • That seems complete and error free to me, Brad.

  • Despite what Targem might think, nobody is going to get hella bent out of shape over an update to a 10 year old game.

  • Still averages 200+ monthly players.


Nvidia 555 Beta

  • New option to install the MIT/GPL kernel modules in the installer.

  • Using GSP firmware when available.

  • By all accounts the Wayland bits all make with the working.

  • EGL based NvFBC is now possible if dude wants to revive the OBS plugin.

  • Bye bye base mosaic

  • They work, no explosion!

  • I wonder if the GPL modules still do a kernel version # check.

NVK, so mainstream

  • According to reddit performance in general isn’t quite there yet, but it does work,

  • NVK with Zink for your NVidia needs.

  • I need to find out how to put this through the wringer on the Optimus laptop.

  • Mesa 24.1 is packed with coolness, apparently.

  • NVK is no longer considered experimental and conforms to Vulkan 1.3 and OpenGL 4.6.

  • Gamescope even makes with the working.

  • Download it and find out what breaks.

  • On an unrelated note, panfrost drivers landing into the kernel is pretty dope. One step closer to our rockchip future

We have Stadia at home

  • The latest release pulled out some stops including xwayland support, shipping mangohud and gamescope with the server

  • Nvidia GPUs only

  • Version 0.1.0, just in case you were wondering how much of the bleeding edge you’re getting into.

  • You know it’s a good project when the logo is three play buttons having a gangbang.

  • Proton GE for game compatibility.

  • Uses whateverthehell VMAF is to optimize bandwidth.

Vulkan Matrix

  • It chills out for 60 seconds and crashes.

  • 16GB… That’s quite the tech demo.

  • Plasma xWayland doesn’t like it… at all.

  • It crashes xWayland so hard Plasma goes along with it.

Cookie Clickers

  • Strategy is defined as the appeal of long-term thinking, planning, and careful decision-making.

  • I think strategic elements like that are baked into a lot of games, but they’re peppered in with more immediate mechanics. IE action RPGs

  • Baldur’s Gate 3 was a hit and arguably it’s in at least part a strategy game on multiple levels. Combats and relationships

  • But even something like auto chess is a strategy game. You pick a game plan based on your pieces

  • That said, I do think overall pure strategy games would likely become less popular as life in general gets more stressful.

  • Brain power you could devote to starcraft now becomes better devoted to necessary pursuits like not starving

  • I took the survey, I’d say they’re fairly accurate.

  • They seem to equate immersion to plot and NPC stories, I have problems with that approach.

  • I’m an acrobat, bitches!

  • https://quantic.page.link/PQvpu85Pz22WfNgE8

  • Strategy games have declined in popularity because squirrel.

  • Or the lack of good strategy games?

  • The duration of shots in movies (i.e., between each cut) has decreased from 16 seconds in 1930 to 4 seconds in 2010.”

    • That’s telling, but not as bad as the average time spent on an app window dropping from 2.5 minutes to 16 seconds.

IGN om nom nom

  • RIP in peace to the folks about to be laid off. Sorry duders

  • Support indie podcasts and sites

  • I liked Rock, Paper, Shotgun.

  • That was the mainstream gaming site that wasn’t Kotaku, Polygon, or PC Gamer.

  • All reviews lead to IGN, strange times.

  • Eurogamer, GamesIndustry.biz, Rock Paper Shotgun, VG247, and Dicebreaker.

  • All of the wholly owned Gamer Network sites.

  • Traditional games journalism is not really viable these days.

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