Zelda64Recomp Brings Majora’s Mask To Linux

Collabora turbocharges Steam Deck updates. Humble has a Metroidvania Bundle. Custom Battlefield 4 servers are back with Warsow. Roblox is now playable on Linux with WayDroid. And Majora’s Mask goes native on PC with the help of Zelda64Recomp.


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00:00 Intro
00:59 The Elite box
04:16 Jordan exercise tips
04:51 Smoking in 2024?
07:31 Steam 150% 4K Beta
09:27 Do people use remote play?
11:52 Controller with OLED buttons?
12:21 Atomic SteamOS 3.6
16:11 ROBLOX on Steam Deck
20:07 Steam remembers Linux VR
22:09 When will VR die this time?
26:20 Big Butt Bobby
28:25 Ingression
31:09 Ultimate Horse Pandamonium
33:08 Keeping old games alive
35:18 Dome Keeper Tormentor
38:12 Humble Metroidvania Bundle
42:01 Majora’s Mask on Linux (native)
46:34 Warsaw Revamped for Linux
47:59 Windows servers
50:33 EA dynamic ads
52:59 Generation adds
54:30 Tappy Chicken
01:05:12 Helldivers 2 victory
01:12:29 LOL Linux

Steam: News

Non Beta

  • Fixed swapped A/B buttons when using Nintendo GameCube controllers so no, you were not the crazy.

  • Better streaming performance for AMD cards.

  • Changed the default scale from “FKN seriously?” to “that’s almost 125%” on 4K monitors.

    • I have my UHD monitor at 125% scaling

    • It’s…okay. Certainly better than the previous old man scale

  • “Fixed slow startup on busy systems” – tell me more!

  • I too would like to pull performance out of the ether on occasion.

  • There was at least one case of steam trying to launch a Windows game on Linux without proton

  • Definitely gotta fix that store tab behavior

Atomic SteamOS 3.6

  • Thanks to Ludovico over at Collabora for the email.

  • It was single-thread-ville when updating SteamOS on the Deck, from the hashing of the current system, to the downloading of the new atomic partition image.

  • It’s better now, if you like to live dangerously and want to opt in to the Preview channel.

  • Looking at 30%-50% faster system updates thanks to Desync.

  • Failed system updates no longer have to redownload all the things.

  • One of the occasional perils of open source is that sometimes someone maintaining your upstream project just fucks off

  • The nice thing is that someone else will usually be glad to pick up the torch, as was the case with Desync

SteamOS WayDroid Installer

  • So that’s how people are playing Roblox on the Deck!

    • The readme shouts out Roblox like 3 times

    • The picture of all the android apps don’t include it

  • Anything that gets the kids a hacking.

  • Simple script to set up Waydroid with ARM emulation on the Steam Deck, for all your Android gaming needs.

  • I like Waydroid, they’ve done a very good job with the integration onto a typical Linux desktop.

Linux VR

  • Someone remembered they had VR for Linux.

  • Steam Crab confirmed!

  • Hopefully once I’ve moved I’ll be able to borrow the Quest 2 again.

  • Special fix for some SDL stuff on fedora

  • When can I finally play a star trek vr game where I can get Riker pregnant on the holodeck?

Steam: New Games

Big Butt Bobby

  • He has his little doodle out!

    • Or is it an extremely out belly

  • Aping the Domics/oddonesout style

  • It’s yet another 2D platformer but it has a naked protagonist deliberately butting his enemies.


  • “Ingression is an unforgiving & mind-bending precision platformer…” – fuck me!

  • Another one?

  • I do love me some precision platforming.

  • This one has a level rotate around character mechanic.

  • Kind of like portals without portals when using momentum.

  • Only run this on Gnome on X11 according to the system requirements

    • OR ELSE!!!!1

Steam: Game Updates


  • Yep, totally done working on it.

  • Time for another free content update from the team that can’t let a good thing die.

  • This one brings a new character, two levels, and foreskins.

  • Plus three 3 new music tracks, and 2 new outfits.

Dome Gadgets

  • That Tormentor monster just looks like he was desperate for a piss

  • The little pose it strikes as it unleashes the stream is pretty

  • It’s pretty chonky update

  • Moving from Godot 3 to 4

  • Bunch of rebalancing

  • A new companion gadget that can carry and fight for you


Humble Metro Bundle

  • Get Axiom Verge 1 & 2 for $14.

  • Oh, and another five games to go along with it.

  • 9 years of shadow and Cookie Cutter are really solid.

  • Pedro might like Death’s Gambit.


  • Version 1.0 is out and ready for Masking.

  • This is a static recompilation of Majora’s Mask into a native port with many new features and enhancements.

  • Widescreen, gyro aim, autosave, Steam Deck support.

  • The better Zelda game is in the works.

  • Download available for the Linux.

  • I was not a fan of the Mask but this might be worth another shot.

  • Yes, you need to go to the nintendo store and buy the N64 ROM.

The Other Oink

  • Custom servers for Battlefield 4.

  • Keeping games alive.

  • “Will be playable on Linux at launch”

  • looks at the screenshot

  • “RUST_BACKTRACE=full wine64 …”

  • Don’t get my hopes up like that.

  • Even on windows the server runs in docker so I suppose on the server side linux support was guaranteed

  • Good to know they’re treating Linux players seriously though

The future of AAA

  • With the possible exception of Popeyes, I will not knowingly buy something with in-game ads.

  • Drawing a hard line right the hell there.

  • At least they will be dynamic so blocking them will be possible.

  • Does a generation that has grown up with ad supported mobile gaming give a damn?

  • I haven’t bought a single EA game since Dragon Age: Origins.

  • Something tells me I’m going to keep not buying any.

  • The quest to squeeze more blood out of a stone continues

  • Roku wants to inject ads over HDMI, EA wants more ads in games

  • “Non-intrusive” can mean “literally every moment you’re not playing the game there is an ad being shown to you”

  • Or are games just going to adapt and become super blatant and on the nose about the product placement. “Boi, drink your ice cold Mountain Dew and come with me”

  • Will games need to become advertiser friendly like YouTube?

  • Does it depend on the game?

  • Like, I don’t want space-pepsi ads in my Star Wars but wouldn’t blink twice at a mcdonalds billboard in GTA 11.

  • Could always buy the ad-free season pass.

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