GODOT Slays The Spire

Fallout 4 gets Steam Deck verified! Slay the Spire 2 switches to Godot, League of Legends breaks compatibility for 800 Linux users, and there’s an open-source World of Warcraft server for your Blizzlike content.


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00:00 Intro
03:39 Smash the Venn bell
07:01 Outer them Worlds
07:54 Sub Jordan
09:09 Old man Jim
10:17 Slay the Spire 2
10:49 Moving from Unity to GODOT
13:30 Dave’s fun Algebra Class
16:32 Besiege:The Splintered Seas
19:51 Fallout Amazon Show
21:07 Fallout 4 Steam Deck Verified
24:14 Explicit sync on Wayland
29:58 RIP LOL on Linux
31:29 800 Linux LOL players
35:12 Find online cheaters with ToxicDB
37:33 Your first online game?
39:38 Cheaters vs good players
40:41 AzerothCore open-source WOW server
44:27 RIP The Crew
48:05 Dualshock browser calibrator
53:54 Crocks and socks
57:19 Steam and back again

Colour key – Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: New Games

Spire of GODOT

  • Expected in 2025 but they plan on doing Early Access.

  • Slay the Spire 2 was completely rewritten from the ground up in a new game engine.

  • Someone took the Unity red flag production facility seriously.

  • Hopefully we’ll see some upstream work from these guys too.

  • Yeeees!

  • More things GODOT, please

Dave’s Fun Algebra Class: Remastered

  • Dave is back, baby.

  • Psychedelic math problems.

  • I went digging around and can’t tell if this is some beloved web 1.0 thing or memes.

  • People seem to like it.

  • Some Windows maze screensaver vibes from the graphics.

  • Based on Baldi’s Basics, which is an independent survival horror education parody game by Mystman12 Aka Micah Mcgonagle

Steam: Game Updates


  • Murder pixels on the high seas.

  • Dude, if we get muti ship battles.

  • Will there be machinima recreations of famous naval battles in Besiege?

  • I’d love for there to be some

  • Having to slide in a fluid dynamics engine into an already existing physics sandbox game can’t be easy

  • Boats, submarine and even a kraken

    • Gotta have that kraken

  • This is the Block Flag people have been waiting for.

  • That trailer makes we want to get murdering… but only if it’s online.

  • Don’t miss the ball on this one.

Fallout 4 Decks

  • Big chonky update coming for the Fallouts on April 25.

  • One of them being official Steam Deck verification.

  • Gotta pounce on the publicity from that new show what came out

  • I still don’t have a bethesda.net account, so I never got to play any of the creation club paid mods to this day.

    • Neither did anyone in China untill recently


WARNING Explicit

  • Joshie got the ball rolling a few weeks back with the lack of proper vsync making Wayland not a suitable default for SDL 3.

  • Given how neither the NVidia driver or most compositors currently support explicit sync as we’ve discovered, there’s now a concentrated effort to implement a protocol which works correctly with all of these.

  • Good!

  • I mentioned it last time, but really no one seemed to know this was an issue so a big kudos to Joshie again.

  • If he wasn’t my favorite froggie boi, he certainly is now!

  • Another piece of the puzzle is getting sorted and we’re chipping our way through to our wacky new Wayland future

Vanguard Anti Cheat

  • That’s a bold fucking statement there, Cotton!

  • Saying how you can’t secure Linux when you can’t even stop cheating on your own game

  • Once again shifting the onus of security and data integrity onto the users, rather than themselves as the developers of the software.

  • I don’t trust game developers to be able to release a stable/secure game, I sure as shit wouldn’t trust them with kernel level access.

  • Apparently Riot are so good in their little echo chamber, that there is no chance of a false positive that is actually their fault.

  • Seriously, get fucked!

  • 800 people were playing LOL on Linux according to their metrics.

  • They crunched the numbers and have decided to pull the plug.

  • Not that they supported Linux in the first place but at least they took the time to give people a heads up.

  • If you are willing to install an always-on anti-cheat system on your machine you might as well run Windows.

  • 1 in 15 games is the rate they’re detecting cheaters, 10% of all master ranked games

  • Cuz they can’t validate remote calls from their server, they need to check every running process on your system

  • Some windows 11 PCs are also affected if they’re missing or have weird TPM2.0 modules

  • Apparently they just don’t give a shit about mac.


  • If you’re gonna consistently be a jerk online people are going to start talking

  • A lot of the evidence collection is based off leetify where you can post replays and the like

  • Yeah, I like the “and here the fkr is being all cheaty” section in each report.

  • Yet they are cheaters so I doubt any amount of public shaming will bother them.

  • Smash that report button, fam.

  • I agree with the name and shame wall of fame concept!

Oh WoW

  • If you use this project to run an illegal public server and not for testing and learning it is your own personal choice.

  • We’re learning from the Yuzu debacle

  • Open source reverse engineered WOW-compaitible server written in C++

  • Forked from MaNGOS

  • I guess another take on game preservation could be blanket reverse engineering protection?

  • Like, a general FU to any company trying to bring something to court.

  • More stuff like this and not just for WoW.

  • There really needs to be a way for people to be allowed to keep playing these always online games even after the servers go down.

  • StopKillingGames.com


  • It immediately detected the Dual Sense and Dual Shock in chrome.

  • I didn’t try the actual calibration since both of them are fine still.

  • It thinks my Spoker V4 is counterfeit when connected over bluetooth.

  • Yeah, I spent 20 minutes watching YT videos, checking Reddit post, finding the box… and weighing it.

  • I’m 100% 97% certain that it’s legit.

  • 100% legit when plugged in.

  • You can’t fake that hot pink authenticity

  • Controller integration in the browser like this are gonna be a cornerstone of our game streaming future

  • Neat that the browser flags the same controller over BT/wired and doesn’t make you reauthorize it

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