Toss The Source To Your Witcher

Descent 3 goes open-source, Nvidia hires lead Nouveau developer, Team Fortress 2 gets a Vulkan button, 7 Days To Die exits Early Access, Witcher 3 source code leaks, and $300 chocolates from Valve.


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00:00 Intro
00:56 Spanida
02:26 Fighting .Jason
03:44 Dragon book
05:42 Making Valve earn their 30% cut
07:57 $300 Steam chocolates
10:53 Sheba New Dawn
13:55 Steel Symphony
15:35 Shin Megami Tensei V Deck Verified
17:43 Deck Verified performance metrics
22:36 Bitcoin game reviews
23:49 TF2 goes 64-bit
26:33 7 Days To Die leaves Early Access
29:56 Black Mesa Necro patch
33:11 Speed Golf With Friends
35:37 Nvidia hires Nouveau developer
42:02 Descent 3 source code released
46:06 Witcher 3 & Cyberpunk source leak
52:10 Multiplayer Dragoons
55:14 Double-jump microtransaction

Colour key – Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Steam is like a box of chocolates

  • Couple of protips from this year’s GDC.

  • Translation is surprisingly one of the big ones.

    • Simplified Chinese, Korean and Japanese are the big one, followed by FIGS

  • If you’re going to have to pay the 30% you absolutely should milk it for all you can.

  • Well, now I know how to get “free chocolate” from Valve in a way that doesn’t involve going to Gabe’s unmarked Van

  • It’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know.

  • If some folks at Valve actually like your game, they’ll be more likely to throw it on a weekend sale or event

  • Also apparently you should launch your game around big AAA ones cuz nobody else is and those carousel slots on the main page are up for grabs

Steam: New Games

Sheba: A New Dawn

  • This looks like a slick 2D action vania of metroid.

  • Except for that jumping animation.

  • We have Simon Belmont at home vs The Damage Sponges, the game.

  • I had to look it up cuz it’s a thing someone told me on the playground, but Shiba in korean means Fuck.

  • So Fuck a New Dawn

  • Kinda looks like a flash game.

  • One of those dope as hell super high quality ones, but it still has that vibe

Steel Symphony

  • 2D real-time Worms / mech?

  • It’s like a MOBA boiled down to its core elements in 2D.

  • Speaking of Flash games

Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance

  • A former Switch exclusive.

  • Not native, but they have taken the time to get Steam Deck verified before release.

  • Sega is good like that and that’s nice because I want some Golden Axes.

  • Drops on June 14.

  • Steam is telling me this is like Witcher 3 and Nier?

  • I don’t know what the hell a Shin Megami Tensei is.

  • Still want to see performance added to the verification process but that’s a hard sell since it might result in people buying less.

Steam: Game Updates


  • Valve noted that the change “should include performance updates for most users”.

  • The patch increases TF2’s maximum FPS from 300 to 400 frames per second.

  • Now with 100% more -vulkan launch options.

  • No more crashy custom decals either

  • Does the server actually use more than 4 gb of memory?

    • Or more than one thread?

7 Days To Exit

  • After 12 years in development.

  • What’s left, Project Zomboid?

  • $44.99!

  • The end times!

Performance Mesa

  • Gyro support for Steam Deck.

  • Some blue shift support is coming too

    • Hopefully they also do opposing force

  • Giving up on that native version is unfortunate, if understandable.

  • Last time I tried to play the native version it wouldn’t even launch properly.

  • They have put out a follow up to the original announcement to add better Steam Input.

  • They say they can’t probably get official verification but are willing to do as much as they can for Deck support.

  • Also, it’s malware according to Windows Defender!

Speed Golf

  • First really means first.

  • I can hear the grunts and the screaming profanities!

  • You can brake your balls if you swing too hard


Ben from Nouveau

  • Ben is back!

  • With a new email address.

  • He decided to call it quits after years of reverse engineering Nvidia GPU drivers.

  • It came out of nowhere for those of us keeping track of such things.

  • Welp. he just posted a set of 156 patches to the kernel.

  • It’s a collection of Nouveau GSP bits and general code cleanup.

  • I have to imagine there has been a lot of “oh, that’s how that works” going on as of late.

  • Okay, NVidia.

  • Giving a dev money to keep doing what he was already doing is probably a good idea.

  • Just ask VALVe!

  • Don’t fuck it up.

  • I wonder how long this has been in the works for?

  • Better have Ben than another Jia Tan?

  • Smart move by Nvidia here.

  • Hire the one guy interested in reverse-engineering your products.

D3 Source

  • Ah, “version control” being commented at the top of the file with a timestamp.

  • One dude has forked it and is linuxing away at it.

  • They stripped out some proprietary Interplay middleware, but no word from the remains of the former Fallout rights holder on the legitimacy of this release.

  • Considering the state they’re in, they probably shouldn’t open their mouth on it.


Witcher 3 Source

  • That might very well open the doors to a much better modding scene for the Witcher 3.

    • all the Liam Hemsworth mods

    • They just released modding tools on Steam.

  • They have it compiled.

  • I look forward to Openitcher3. “The Prophecy” steam made is coming true! Soon SFV is gonna launch

  • Semi-related; Member when someone was gonna leak the nvidia driver source code?

    • Member the conversation about all the CEOs who would disappear someone.

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