OpenMW (Open Morrowind) 0.19.0 – Introducing Sleeping, Potions, And DEATH!

The OpenMW team just released version 0.19.0. This version introduces Sleeping, Potions, DEATH!!, Spell Creation, Travel, and many other features.


Known Issues:

  • Launcher crashes on OS X < 10.8
  • Extreme shaking can occur during exterior cell transitions for some users


  • Implemented sleep/wait
  • Further implementation for alchemy/potions
  • Implemented death
  • Implemented spell creation and spell creation window
  • Implemented travel and travel dialogue
  • Implemented first layer of global map
  • Implemented trainer window
  • Implemented skill increase from skill books
  • Implemented ESM/ESP record saving
  • Fix for Character shaking in 3rd person mode near the origin
  • Implemented gamma correct rendering (does not work without shaders)
  • Fix for fortify attribute effects on the last 3 attributes
  • Fix for NCC flag handling, fixes some collision issues
  • Sort birthsign menu alphabetically
  • Various fixes/cleanup for the launcher
  • Fix for sound listener position updating incorrectly
  • Implemented dynamically generating splash image list
  • Fix for markers interfering with raycasting
  • Fix for crash after picking up items from an NPC



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