Galaga On Steroids: OpenAstroMenace 1.3

What be this OpenAstroMenace? Think Galaga on friggin steroids. Fifteen diverse levels,  hardcore gameplay, and weapons ..everywhere. The original AstroMenace development moved to and became OpenAstroMenace. (Yes, this is the same AstroMenace). Right now you need to build the critter from source but it’s dead simple.

About: AstroMenace is a brilliant 3d scroll-shooter allowing you to feel the adrenalin rush of a fierce space battle against relentless swarms of alien invaders. Immerse into a decisive battle against tons of cunning foes, face the terrifying bosses and protect your homeland throughout 15 diverse levels of the game. The hardcore gameplay of AstroMenace, packed with pure non-stop action, will become a full scale test for your basic instinct of survival.



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