First Playable Linux Demo For In Between

And Yet It Moves In Between is a story driven, puzzle platformer currently developed for Mac, Windows and Linux. Unfortunately the developers used ZIP <Morbo>THISDOESNOTRETAINPERMISSIONS!</Morbo> so you will need to chmod the executable. That said, check with the judge.

InBetween puts the player into different emotional states of self-awareness combining interactive cutscenes with compelling gameplay. In Between is a near-death experience closer than ever in games before.

Grab the demo from their IndieDB page.

oh_spikey cityscape dead_boxes_thinking level_assembly

The game is based around the five stages of grief, the emotional stages everyone experiences when facing an decisive turning point in life. Think of the game as a near death experience with compelling game mechanics and interactive cutscenes. It is our attempt to integrate a sensitive topic, challenging gameplay and an emotional story into the genre of 2D platform games.

Facebook: gameinbetween


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