MegaGlest 3.8.0 (Beta1) Is GO!

MegaGlest 3.8.0 beta1 (svn revision 4514) is now available. You can grab the 32-bit or 64-bit installer packages or grow a beard and build it from source.

screen6 screen4 screen9 screen3


  • v3.8.0beta1
  • Greater ability to translate game content into your native language. (including techtrees)
  • Added Hebrew, Arabic, Vietnamese.
  • better network game performance / management to handle slower clients.
  • performance improvements.
  • Enhanced AI behaviour.
  • new game content including maps and tilesets.
  • many bugfixes discovered in 3.7.1
  • added ability for stand alone mod’s to customize more of the engine like about screen.
  • animated tileset object support.
  • easier ability to download game content from host.
  • many new lua functions for scenario modders.
  • addition of googlebreakpad to better track down bugs.
  • color picking is now the default selection mode
  • additional way of terrain texturing

MegaGlest (MG) is a fork/modification of the Real Time Strategy (RTS) game Glest. The primary goal for MegaGlest was to rework the network capabilities of the original Glest engine to offer a richer Network play experience, however, many additional features have been added (and previously existing features improved) since.



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