LinuxGameCast Weekly EP19 — What Wouldn’t You Do With A Helicopter

Coming up on this LinuxGamecast Weekly. Garage Games needs about tree fiddy. Shank 2 finally works, Ensign-1 gets an update and Venn wears a sweater.


Steam News









Steam News :

Steam working towards better supporting other distros

  • Gotten a lot of feedback around the hacky way that Steam manages dependencies
  • Some of this is because of lingering multiarch problems on Ubuntu 12.04
  • One proposal is to separate out the package management logic (basically the install_extra_packages() part of /usr/bin/
  • I


(PSA) GLC Pulseaudio branch



  • This allows GLC to use Pulse in place of ALSA
  • Combined with pavucontrol you can set system wide audio levels
  • It’s a PITA to install
  • Fortunately there’s an ARCH package. We know you guys get get confused when things like “compiling” and “cloning a git repo” come up

New games added HIB 7

  • The Basement Collection
  • Cave Story+
  • Offspring Fling
  • Two new things, which is nice.  Still very impressed with selection of games this bundle

@icculus @derridda Great news you got UE3 working on Linux. We should talk ;)

  • Will we ever get a port of U3?
  • This could net us Red Orchestra 2

Shank 2 FIXED

  • Gamepad support!
  • Four days after the developers fixed the issue; Humble tossed out the shank2-linux-update2-1356639361 update.
  • Requires another 1.6GB download
  • HIB really needs a patch system.
  • Where is the steam entry mang?

Ensign-1 Update

  • New sounds
  • Updated HUD
  • Afterburners

GarageGames needs about tree fiddy $27k to port Torque 3D

  • Recently open sourced Torque 3D under the MIT license
  • Since open sourcing it, we have had nearly 300 forks of the codebase on GitHub.
  • We want a dedicated Linux-native game development platform.
  • There will also be a Linux branch live on GitHub where you can watch the developers porting the engine to Linux.
  • Can’t the community take care of this?
    • Doesn’t make much sense. Perhaps they want to have someone with butt in seat working on it

Install Hawken Open Beta With WineTricks

  • This has been tested with Ubuntu 12.04 32-bit using closed source Nvidia drivers.
  • Takes 10 minutes minus the download.
  • Game performance is fantastic even /w a low end quad core CPU + Nvidia 500 series GPU.

Games :
Linux build of Unity game “Windward”



  • Fast-paced naval combat
  • Randomly generated booty to discover
  • Unity engine
  • Runs a bit sluggish on our new system
  • Segfaults on my system

Knytt Underground

  • 2D platform game featuring a quirky story
  • The demo includes the first of the game’s three chapters.
  • DRM-free.

Ancient Beast

  • Turn based strategy game played online against other people
  • Uses HTML, PHP, and JavaScript, so it is playable from any modern browser without the need of plugins.
  • There are a lot of good javascript game frameworks allowing for fairly complex games.   Can provide another means of cross platform gaming


Jordan Brock writes in
I actually didn’t know about your site until I saw you are following us on Twitter, so I checked you out   I suppose you already know, but, my team and I are working on a game called “Just Tactics.”  It is a turn based, 1v1, online multiplayer, tactical war game involving squads and deck building.  Here is the website:
We just entered Beta, so I’m spreading the word.  Please let me know if you can help us spread the word even more


-Jordan Brock

Roger S writes in
Subject: ZeroK

Message Body:
It’s a RTS game based on spring enigne.
Zero-K is a fast, competitive game with a focus on a streamlined economy and advanced interface that takes the focus off tedious tasks and back on the action. A huge roster of interesting, unique units and a variety of unit abilities provides tremendous tactical and strategic depth to the game.


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