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Coming up on this LinuxGamecast Weekly. Linus talks Steam. Ur-Quan Masters HD is out, Doom 3 BFG is almost ready and Blizzard might be working on a native banhammer.


Steam News







PSA: Saving that holiday SSD

Steam News :

The big list of Steam

  • Alright Selection
  • Several games on steam actually have linux clients that aren’t being included
    • I want me some UT2k4.  That game was fun.
  • Whar L4D2?

Ubuntu added HW survey

  • Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS 0.13%
  • Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS 64 bit 0.26%
  • Ubuntu 12.10 0.12%
  • Ubuntu 12.10 64 bit 0.29%

Steam boxen confirmed?

  • Will I buy it? Nope. Why? #gloriouspsgamingmasterrace
  • Who will provide the graphics? Nvidia/AMD?


Linus Torvalds speaks about Valve and their work on Linux
0:45:23 Valve
1:00:49 Hookers and blow <-show title?

  • Linus never worked with Valve
  • Several kernel devels along with GL userspace critters did
  • They were pleased with the interaction


Doom 3 BFG Linux

  • Excellent.  Now let the standalone content flow.   Bwahahaha
  • It builds, works; but no sound.

OUYA Gaming Console (developer version) demoed on video!

  • Always been skeptical of this.   Sure its a cheap console, but people have computers.  And phones
  • The onlive thing sounds interesting.  That might put more butts in seats
  • Might work as a cheap Onlive box but, yeah.

Did Steam kill Desura?

  • I don’t think so
    • Steam has been around for almost/over a decade
    • Desura Killed desura.
      • Trying to play as a content distribution network in the land of package managers is kind of iffy
        • steam can do it because they have the publishers on their side
      • Should have heavily leveraged their strengths (MODDB, indieroyale, etc )
        • focus on what’s different and cool
        • Harder to focus on indie games due to steam greenlight

Valve planning a Steam client for Linux Blizzard Entertainment Planning A Linux Game For 2013

  • Let’s play find the source!
  • Ah, this must be the ZOMG Valve on Linux for 2013
  • Now Blizzard can ban Linux users natively


Games :
Ur-Quan Masters HD (Star Control 2) Released

  • Multi-platform Open Source port of the classic sci-fi game Star Control 2
  • Based on the original source code of the 3DO version
  • High resolution mode, new features, & new artwork.

Build & Defend a hybrid of tower defence and minecraft



  • Tower Defense, Multi-player cooperation, Destructible world and Economics
  • The controls are a little odd
  • You can play for free with limited options


  • Roguelike top-down shooter with pixel graphics.
  • Option to combine all weapons and items into new awesome gear
  • 10+ hours of play time
  • Needs a resolution option
  • I’m a bit sick of this “retro” pixel business.


Cube2: Sauerbraten Collect edition released



  • New maps
  • Added “collect”, “insta collect”, and “efficiency collect” game modes
  • Now uses GLSL as the default rendering path when available

olnnn 1 day ago
Have you considered doing the livestreams earlier in the day? I would watch the show live, but it’s in the middle of the night for us europeans?

You should disable apport to get rid of the program crash popups during the show.

sudo nano /etc/default/apport
change enabled=1 to enabled=0

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