LinuxGameCast Weekly EP25 — WINE-ing About Carmack

Coming up on this… Linux Gamecast Weekly, a Steamstravaganza, Carmack wines, Blow says that Linux sucks, Unvanquished is unplayable, and a fun Little Codpiece







Key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam News :

Steam Client Beta Update – Feb 5
All platforms:

  • – Beta change notes should appear in-client when a new update is available
  • – (Big Picture) Users can now add wallet funds and authorize microtransactions
  • – (Big Picture) In-game overlay now moves back on ESC when appropriate rather than closing directly
  • – (Big Picture) Fixed left/right navigation of game related sbut
  •  Big Picture
  • – Fix crash when exiting
  • This includes Tray Icons on Fedora 18
  • And Fuduntu

Wargame: European Escalation closed (50 person) Steam beta

  • Goddamn right I was invited
  • It looks fun but have no idea how to play it. Could use a tutorial

Shank2 beta launches along with Counter-Strike: Source

  • Controller support works out of the box
  • Borked my Steam install (had to start clean) could have been from the Windows download bug.
  • No El worko for mois just yet
    • WFT Valve!   32 and 64 bit HIB shank work fine, yours don’t!
    • What fuck the
  • Both work fine ootb my end, the gamepad support is still flaky, it wouldn’t register some of my strokes with my cheapo Trust Force
    • Heh, “strokes”

Psychonauts now works in Steam

  • Very loud at the beginning
  • I cannae alt tab captain
    • Indeed. Needed to Shift tab to release ze mouse
  • Runs pretty good though
  • Weird default mouse configs, up and down worked right but left and right were reversed (gamepad-friendly settings probably)

Linux Sale planned (including Tux item for TF2) according to steam translation site

  • Flood of games.
  • This shite is going down.
  • Another bullet hole through my wallet fired from Valve’s .45 SfLC

Linux-Friendly Mini PC Fast Enough For Steam Games

  • Use a few of those guys at work.  Eeeh….

Valve co-founder Gabe Newell: Linux is a “get-out-of-jail free pass for our industry”

  • He said that Steam for Linux gives people freedom to innovate on an alternate operating system.
  • He mentioned that Valve is developing console form-factor PCs — a.k.a. the Steam Box — much like the one shown off at CES last month.



Carmack: F Linux
then (post shait storm)

  • Ooh!  I smell raging debate
  • Couple people in the reddit thread I agree with, saying emphasis should be on using cross platform toolchains for games, return

  • Both users reportedly excited.

Braid developer on the drawbacks of open source OS. Linux is a 20% productivity drain

DRM on Linux

  • My favorite kind of DRM
  • Unreal Tournament ’99 skipped the CD check for the Linux version

Games :
Livalink, New First Person Shooter Game for Linux

  • Reminds me of Killing Floor with a Futuristic Vibe to it.
    • It does play quite a lot like it
  • The Upgrade System, if done right, could be used to fight that monotony Killing Floor suffers from… Problem is doing it right.
  • Single player :/
    • He does say it needs some funding… sorry: “Id love to work on cooperative gameplay but he project needs support. At the moment it would not be worth the investment.”
  • Pew pew pew….Reload…Pew pew pew

HON 3.0

  • What Jordan says about MMOs, I’m adapting it to MOBAs for me.
  • Bots are scripted in LUA… It’s like one big .conkyrc /*Linux joke ftw*/
  • HON makes me rage2hard
  • *checks* yup, same 12 year olds screaming faggot at each other.

Unvanquished Alpha 12

  • Didn’t work OOTB on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
  • Couldn’t get it to work on Fuduntu 2013.1
  • Static Doesn’t work on Fedora 18 64 bit
    • Monkeying around with their source

CoD of Duty: The Premier First Person Shooting Fish in a Barrel Simulator

  • It starts by being a Shooting-Fish-In-A-Barrel sim, ends up just being a parody on “Realistic Shooters” with Minecraft-like graphics.

Rose&Time is now updated, with prettier graphics, and a #Linux version

  • Works out of the box on fedora 64 bit (Duh)
  • Neat game, occasionally frustrating.   Takes some planning


The linux_gaming logo creator speaks up

They ARE watching

Aaron lets us know about RTS (we covered this last week)

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