LinuxGameCast Weekly EP22 — Like Grandma Use To Make

Coming up on this LinuxGamecast Weekly. 90’s arcade racing, SG-1 invades UT2004, 10,000 subscribers and Jordan has a Frozen Nightmare.





Steam News :

List of progress with existing ports and greenlit games going onto Steam for Linux

  • There were 200+ games that were hoping to get Greenlit that stated that they’d be supporting Linux.
  • Actively asking devels about Steam ports.

When downloading Steam on fresh install of Windows, they advertised (actually advertised, not just a link) Steam for Linux on the download page!

  • Nice that Valve is pushing the Linux option
  • Will they expand distro support after the beta?

GCW Zero (Linux handheld retro-gaming console) on track to meet or exceed Kickstarter funding goal.

  • We talked about this in EP21
  • At time of recording 105K out of 130K goal with 8 days left

10,000 subscribers! Take that, /r/macgaming!

  • Just a quick good on you for our favourive subreddit

PlayOnLinux 4.1.9 is available

  • Possibility to detect if .exe are 32bits or 64bits
  • Virtual desktop are now compatible with wine 1.5.16+
  • Bug #1446 fixed – No idea what it is but damn, glad it’s sorted.

GetDeb and PlayDeb discontinued

  • PlayDeb database was lost
  • Too many packages to be handled as a one-man-project
  • The repository is still completely mirrored

Gear Up coming to Linux

  • Gear Up is a multiplayer online game where you can build tanks and participate in online challenges
  • “Yes we are working on a Linux version. It is a native port where all systems in the engine are ported to Linux.”
  • Public testing 2-3 months from now.


Games :
Stunt Rally 1.9

  • New car handling physics, including an “easy” mode for sane people
  • 111 tracks (7 new)
  • Updated graphics including New trees (generated with SnappyTree) and More trees!
  • F trees!

Oolite 1.77

  • Oolite is a space sim game, inspired by Elite, powered by Objective-C and OpenGL
  • Test Release configuration is intended for testers, maintainers, OXP developers
  • There are numerous expansion packs and other add-ons for Oolite.

Frozen Nightmare 1.3 brings Linux support

  • You suddenly wake up with a terrible pain in your head. You feel each of your bones shaking; the cold is indescribable.
  • This update will features  UI upgrades, a minimap and radically increased performance.
  • Using the Unity engine
  • 25% off the alpha $5.99

Stargate: Special Unit For Unreal Tournament 2004

  • Kree shak tok’ra
  • This critter has been in development for nine years
  • You’ll need Unreal Tournament 2004 and its latest patch (v3369) to play this mod.
  • UT2004 it a PITA to install on a modern distro but it’s a must for SG-1 fans

The 90’s Arcade Racer

  • This is a an arcade racing game for PC, Mac, Linux and hopefully OUYA based on Scud Race, Daytona USA and Indy 500
  • Pledge £10 for a digital copy
  • Estimated delivery: Nov 2013

Zear (GCW Devel) offers details

Jonah asks about Venngeance Jordache