LinuxGameCast Weekly EP61 — Cosmetic Changes

Hell & Damnation beta is live! Natural Selection 2 WORKS? Retrobooster makes with the updating, and we talk Elemental Worlds.


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We’re looking for a couple of Beta testers for Chainsaw Warrior


Colour key: Venn Pedro

Steam News :

PainKiller Hell & Damnation Linux Beta Released

  • “Loading times may be slow because of shader compilations. Not much can be done about this because of the way the Unreal Engine 3 handles shaders. :(“

    • ^THIS

  • Doesn’t work on my calculator. Be it with the open sauce or proprietary drivers.

    • Have tried some of the suggested fixes in this thread and nada, it still segfaults without so much as a second glance.

  • Turns out they were using dxt1 texture compression instead of simple S3TC. DXT1 only works under Linux if you have an NVidia card.

  • The lastest patch fixed that hiccup and I can now play, if a little on the herky jerky side. But I don’t think it’s just me on that one either.

  • Runs OOTB

  • Smooth /w everything on 11 (NVidia 560Ti)

  • Sweet mother of 15GB download


Spacebase DF-9

  • o_0 $24.99

  • SIMS in space?


Natural Selection 2 update

  • It completed the tutorial without going tits up.

  • Soo this is a closed source version of Tremulous?

    • With supposedly shinier graphics


Shadowrun Returns, just not quite yet!

  • They deleted the Linux depot 3 months ago and now they can’t get it to work properly.

    • They got it sorted with Valve’s help.

  • It’s like Deus EX meets Icewind Dale, without as much number crunching.

  • The UI is clearly console oriented, navigating it with a mouse and keyboard is like jamming forks underneath your fingernails.


Humble Linux games??


Elemental World Part 1: Rise Of The Guardians on Desura

  • Unity MMO looking for Alpha Funding.

  • Shite don’t run, son

    • Yes it does!

      • AFTER you chmod +x the executable (I’ll e-mail them)





  • Did they seriously .rar the Linux demo? ZOMGWTFBBQ!

  • They also fucked up the data folder. Just rename it to: Data

  • “We wanted to make a Zelda game but we can’t afford the License”


Retrobooster demo 0.7.8 – big flashy update


Frontiers goes into Alpha Testing mode

  • Currently in v0.13, Linux version has a few extra hiccups which I’ve helped narrow down.

  • Kickstarter ran from June 17 2013 to July 17 2013 and there’s already a playable Alpha out. 3 Months! Hear that Stainless? WHAR Carmageddon?

Hate mail:

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3089 Linux action RPG

  • The previous game in the series was like someone took Minecraft Graphics and purposefully kicked them down the Uncanny Valley. Now the environment is a bit less blocky




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