LinuxGameCast Weekly EP24 — Picking On ARCH

Coming up on this LinuxGamecast Weekly. 0 A.D. goes tax exempt. Nikki and Windward stop development. Croteam delivers a serious update, AMD sets off our scouter and we try our hand at surgery.

Steam News :
Serious Sam 3 Update 176695 – publicbeta

  • Text input in Linux now respects the current keyboard layout.
  • Game now tries to restore desktop resolution after fatal error.
  • Dedicated server would not start from Steam client.

AMD Claims Up to 9000 300% Improvement in Team Fortress 2

  • Resolves a Team Fortress 2 performance issue with Ubuntu 12.04/12.10 and AMD Radeon™ HD 7000, 6000 Series GPU. Up to 300% performance improvement
  • Resolves a Serious Sam 3 launching and corruption issue with Ubuntu 12.04/12.10 and AMD Radeon™

0 A.D. now a member of SPI, can receive tax-deductible donations in USA

  • Bring Venn’s voice to the masses
  • If you live in the United States, you can donate to 0 A.D. through SPI and deduct it from your taxes.
  • 0 A.D. will remain a free, open-source project
  • If you wish to donate to 0 A.D. through a European bank account, to save international money transfer costs, this can be done through the German non-profit organization, ffis e.V.

Nikki and the Robots Stops Development

  • No more episodes
  • Didn’t sell as much as hoped.
  • Website and the online store will stay online for at least some months

Windward (BETA) is free for now

  • $71k?!
  • Stopped development because he was unable to get greenlit on Steam / get fresh exposure after multiplayer was added
  • Servers will remain online
  • HTH does he plan to keep the servers online?
  • Why not release the source?
    • Why not indeed
    • That way people can continue development and people can run their own goddamn servers
  • Game itself is alright.

Annex upgraded from mod to Indie Game

  • Crashed hard on first run.  Edited annex.ini to change resolution to 1280×700 an in windowed mode
  • First impression is very starcrafty
  • Funky Music
  • Nice that someone is making use of the Megaglest  engine

Open Source Xbox360 Emulator In The Works

  • Neat.  Love me some emulators
  • It does not run games (yet)
  • Only builds on Windows and OSX (for now)

X3AP Public Beta Testing

  • Beta test for X3 Albion Prelude
  • New Terran HQ Model
  • Fixed exploit in freight transfer menu
  • Fixed ATF Rank not being able to rise

Games :
Could you test this pre-alpha build of my game’s new graphics and gamepad support?

  • Wouldn’t compile. /home/jordan/src/Runtime Engine-44c9defa0b87b870/lin/../main.c:202: multiple definition of `main’
    • Static Binary Works on fedora 18 64 bit
  • Cute.  Controls are very loose though
  • Idungeddit

Surgery Simulator 2013 has a Linux version

  • Its like QWOP but with manslaughter!
  • A game where you have to relearn how to use a single hand
  • My goal is seeing how quickly I can kill the patient

WORDTRAP DUNGEON pre-alpha version

  • Vocabularific!  A perfectly cromulent Boggle-venture
  • I got absolute shit for letters though
  • The devels promised to add the word “slut”

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