Racing Game Project 0.01: AI, Reworked Physics, And A Download Link

Martinesh has been working on a hover racing prototype (RGP) that shows off some of the features available in the Blender Game Engine. Grab the blend here, open with Blender, and select Game > Start Game Engine from the menu.

So, as promised, I am finally giving you something to play with.

I have added a very basic AI steering system and obstacle avoidance behaviors. I will write a more detailed article about it soon.

physics and handling
I completely rewrote handling and physics system using real world laws of aerodynamics. It was a really nice exercise and gave me the basic understanding of movement, drag, acceleration, etc.
The movement is now much smoother and the vehicle is very stable.
all math came from here: & HERE
I will write a more artist-friendly overview of the physics behind the game.

added subtle motion to the UI while steering

camera movement
The camera is now more dynamic. FOV, height and distance from vehicle increases with the velocity.

post-process filters
added a simple lens filter that distorts, blurs, creates vignette and adds some chromatic aberration near the edges of the viewport. I might make it react to the velocity as well.

rgp_screen_02 rgp_screen_03 rgp_screen_05 rgp_screen_06


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