Project Ginshu – Alpha 15

Project Ginshu (working title) is an independently produced first person open world strategy puzzle adventure game we are building. Set in an impossible universe, you explore, build, defend and plant as your character is on the way to a new home.

  • Mystic Revelations: witness the unraveling of a visual acid trip through IMPOSSISPACE, filled with exotic shapes, geometric patterns and appropriate soundscapes, cocooned by the people who brought you Masagin.
  • Build: connect countless prefabs to scaffold defense bases and living spaces.
  • Explore: discover pre-made and generated places as the Cosmonaut travels through the Doubt Field, from asteroid clusters to floating skylabs, walking on ceilings and floating in zero gravity.
  • Defend: defend your bases against the Mechenna, machine-like animals created to scare off unwanted visitors hoping to find Dora Do’El.
  • Plant: farm tools, defenses and building material from plants and fungi – with care and attention, you may harvest fantastic yields.
  • Invent: discover artifacts and use them to puzzle together new types of plants using your trusty ASAP (Autonomous Sequencer and Planter).
  • Automate: assemble robot parts to create mobile assistants able to help with warning, harvesting, defending and building.
  • Teslafy: maintain a balanced energy budget with power plants, solar panels, electric arc transmitters and megabatteries.
    Three game modes: Travel (play the story), Trip (play a quick round with a generated map) and Settle (open-ended play on a generated map).

Preorder: Project Ginshu


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