Linux Port Of Jedi Outcast In The Works

Last week Raven released the source code for its two Star Wars titles: Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy. Well, looks like Jochen Leopold is porting this critter to Linux. Check with the judge.

Jochen Leopold
Five days into working on the Jedi Outcast Linux port I’m finally in the game.

There are still some major issues to be solved:

  • Loading and saving is not working properly (the AI is not triggered correctly after loading a savepoint).
  • The sound cues are starting too early in conversations.

And of course some smaller issues, but a lot of stuff just worked out of the box.

Follow the original thread here.

Jcast JOLP

Source: G+ Gaming On Linux Group

  1. Awesome! Hope it merges with OpenJK on GitHub, the project started by all the people still modding the game. Loved this game back in the day and I’d love to have it on Linux!

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