LinuxGameCast Weekly EP33 — Steamy Alien Haunting

Coming up on this LinuxGamecast Weekly. Dell throws its weight behind Linux gaming. Jedi goes open source, Valve is working on a Linux distro, and we throw some chairs at the latest Slender clone; Haunt. All this, plus your feedback.







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RO2 is coming

Average is a whopping $2.89

Colour KeyVenn Jordan Pedro

Steam News :

Steam Linux distro



  • In other news, water wet, sky blue.

  • Includes experimental NVIDIA Linux graphics drivers, a Plymouth boot splash screen for Steam, and Valve wallpapers

  • Homebrew Steam boxen?

  • “Phoronix speculates” <- Yuuuup

    • When was the last time we played “Find the non Phoronix Source”?


Altitude – Now available on Steam for Linux

Linux demo

  • 2D Side-scrolling multiplayer shmup.

  • Java game clearly made for mobile devices

  • Disables my second monitor as soon as it starts and doesn’t re-enable it at shutdown. NOPE!

  • Spreads across both of my monitors and the bezel blocks the rings.

  • Loopity loopity loopity


Dungeon Hearts – Now available on Steam for Linux

  • It’s like 10’000’000 meets Anime and they get together for an afternoon of Guitar Hero.

  • Sooo, they took the game columns, made it a side-scroller and tossed in four characters on the left hand side?

    • Pretty much…


Latest Gear Up update disables keyboard / mouse input during game

  • Now officially 100% unplayable.

  • Silver Lining: it no longer crashes as soon as you join a Challenge.

  • The new water shaders make it so Water doesn’t render anymore on my end.

  • The tank is gone as well. Means as soon as you spawn all you see is a floaty camera with no option to move around.

  • Every week I come here and get to see gear up head straight down.  Bwahahaha



Ubuntu OS now an option on Alienware X51 Gaming Rig

  • At least one manufacturer is taking Linux gaming seriously. Damn shame it’s Dell.

  • Dell’s been offering half hearted linux support on their laptops for a while now.

  • Strangely not as overpriced as their laptops. Still overpriced though!


The request to start selling Linux versions of games on GOG has slipped into 5th place

  • Because Steam

  • We have Desura, Humble, Steam, Gameolith, and Indiecity

  • It’s not that we no longer care. It’s that we no longer have to *throws MIC on floor; walks off stage*

  • Gotta agree with the original point though, would be nice to have a large-ish game distributor dedicated to DRM free stuff.

  • This reply came on March 17th from the Head of PR&Marketing on GOG:


A Linux Gaming Revolution Begins?

  • “There’s a lot of support, it’s like a bra…” – Go Nixie!

  • Old Linux news with boobs.

  • Bah!   We were reporting on Unity before it was cool!


Tri-Game demo

  • I’m SICK of the falling snow / grain effect.

  • FK all idea of what i’m supposed to be doing. This was after reading the “guide”

  • Unity, runs OOTB

  • They went with the repetition for puzzling design. More than once during the demo I had to climb a 500meter tall structure using the 3dot make a plane technique.

    • I like puzzle games not chores!


  • Buttload of meh


0 A.D. Alpha 13 Magadha

  • New Mauryan Indian civilization

  • Aegis bot AI has been greatly improved

  • Attack/move command: If you select units and then Ctrl + right-click on a location, they will go to the location, but also stop to attack enemies they meet along the way.

  • Moar strategy I will probably never play.

    • Don’t get me wrong, the graphics look great and I’m sure RTS fans will let us know how awesome it is/will be. It’s just not my cup of tea.


iodoom3 – Migrated to GitHub


Jedi Academy and Outcast open sourced



  • Based on the id Tech 3 engine so these critters will be ported by months end.

  • Comes one day after the shutdown of Lucasarts

  • They were fun games back in the day.

    • My drug addled state of mind makes me really hope this starts a precedent of open sourcing games after a company goes tits up

      • Yes, please!

  • Spent a lot of time slaughtering people in the “lightsaber only” servers back in the day.


– Nooope

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies


Games :


Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

Engine: Unity

Developer: paranormaldev

Official Page:

About: Haunt is a first person adventure horror game inspired by popular ‘slender-genre’. Don’t be afraid – artistic part of Haunt isn’t the only one thing that makes this game unique. Provided story and whole ‘GreenPark’ proves, that Haunts vision of “Slender-Man” is deeper than ever before.


Makes with the working

V- *

  • Needed to rename “Haunt_1_Data” to “Data” *(giving this a 1 since it’s not a dependency issue)

  • Quit zipping you FSM dammed games. If you’re doing this you probably don’t know how to retain permissions.


  • What the P-man says


  • While I agree with what Venn says, 1 chair means it doesn’t work and it does.


Shiny / Sounds


  • Looks like your standard amature “dark” Unity game.

  • Sound effects added little to the overall atmosphere



  • Not sure if flickering on main menu is a bug or a feature

  • Its kind of meh.  I get the blair witch vibe



  • Can’t give it a perfect score here either due to some texturing issues, probably caused by FGLRX.


Control / fun


  • You walk at the speed of smell.

  • Goes all herky-jerk in several areas. Man, you don’t need waving grass everywhere.

  • Collected three papers and ran into nothing except the thing at the gate.


  • I never really liked Amnesia/Slender type games unless there are people and drinking involved.   Playing this on my own is just boring.


  • As much as I like horror games, having the mouse sensitivity set so high that the protagonist will do a 180 if you so much as adjust your hand on the mousepad and giving me no option to tone it down means I’m not going to have much fun.

  • Atmosphere was okay, but Slender loses it’s scariness after the very first time you get caught and you see him dry hump your leg. Seriously!? I thought that by now there would have been some improvement on the Slender games death scenes.

Total –



Last minute ports UPDATE


  1. Hi, the maker of TRI here. Thanks for the coverage, but why didn’t you show the new trailer? Just the old stuff which isn’t the actual game anymore? I guess we need to throw the “prior media” stuff from the page, so you won’t get confused anymore.

    Also, there is some false information here, like having to “climb a 500meter tall structure using the 3dot make a plane technique” in the demo. Which version exactly did you play? The demo of Alpha 0.2 just doesn’t have such structures you have to climb this way.
    And yeah, the “puzzle” part is a bit exaggerated by you – the game has a much bigger emphasis on exploration right now. Not everything is meant to be a puzzle.

    But thanks for your opinions! :-)
    I’m sorry you didn’t like it, but I guess TRI isn’t for everyone.

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