LinuxGameCast Weekly EP93 — Steamy Refund

Leadwerks officially launches! Desura Cheaps out, Natural Selection 2 devs abandon ship, and Steam grants a Witching refund. Then White Noise Online faces the chairquisition! All this. plus your hate mail.


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Hate Mail


Because refund (P-man explains)


Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam News :

VALVe Time

  • “Realistically, we’re now looking at a release window of 2015, not 2014.“

  • Why? Because controller

  • Honestly, after the Witcher SNAFU ..I’m okay /w this.

    • Hey, its a better mentality than “Lets throw this shit in the wild and patch whatever needs fixing”

An open letter to Valve: Please encourage DRM-free games on Steam

  • Qd0w0.gif

  • All joking aside. You’re barking up the wrong chainsaw, son. If you want a DRM free game tell the devels. It’s not the GabeNfathers responsibility.

    • ^This. Also, as far as DRM goes I think Steam is one of the least terrible ones.

Moon patch

  • Three days later and FK all if they release a changelog.

  • Performance went from complete shit to shit.

  • Random missing textures

  • F12 screenshot causes a nope.

  • And thus my refund remains justified.

    • Yeah, gotta love that feeling of paying for a game and not being able to play it

Skulls of the Shogun

  • It’s a TRAP APP! $4.99

  • Turn based DREK!

  • If anyone buys this @ full price I will fly to your house and

  • image.php

  • Is it just me or has Humble succumbed to the App craze along with Steam? Most bundles lately have been for mobile games.

Kill The Bad Guy

  • AKA Murder Simulator 2014

    • Rube Goldberg’s Murder Simulator 2014.

  • Try to engineer the demise of random pedestrians

  • And you can share the grisly murders you planned.   Hi NSA!

  • FK textures ..the game


  • We played the alpha billions of years ago in the futures past.

  • Dig the art style and the little bro mechanics.

    • Doesn’t work all that well in a bright room

  • No controller support but should be available in the next update.

  • $20 wet stinky seems a bit high BUT the devls sent over some wet stinky keys for review.

    • Big thanks to the devs for that.

  • Having no controller support is a bit jarring.

    • Yeah, I’m not used to platforming with my right hand.  It just feels…wrong

Din’s Curse

  • Linux System Requirements: Processor: 1.5 GHz processor (PowerPC or Intel)

    • Time to dig out my old yellow dog install

    • Copy pasta from the MAC req. Really thinking they did a lot of testing Lou.

  • So it’s Torchlight on a budget.

  • The graphics are hella dated but people seem to genuinely like the game because random levels.

  • It looks like someone tried to make a 3D implementation for Tales Of Maj’Eyal

NS 2 now with community

  • This will end in one of two ways.


    • Cautiously optimistic. Maybe someone else will figure out how to unphuck their Linux build.


Leadwerks officially launches

  • NDA Over!

  • Two week demo

  • 64-bit only

  • Asked the CEO if they could throw in a -m64 flag for 32.

Desura launches Cheap End, pretends it’s still relevant

  • I think the last time I actually logged into Desura was to grab my megabyte punch key so I could activate it on steam

  • I would open it every month (morbid curiosity) or so until it started spite crashing.

  • I don’t really miss seeing the E-list of Linux games.

  • I downloaded all my Desura games and keep them on my 500GB external hard drive. Along with all my DRM-Free Humble and GOG games.

OpenMW 0.30.0

  • Implemented Crime and Punishment \m/

  • Implemented Ranged Combat

  • Fixed doors being blocked by NPCs

  • Fixed NPCs getting stuck when they run into each other :(

  • Implemented original Morrowind Main Menu and animation.

  • Bloodless creatures no longer bleed red.

  • New Lighting and Shader effects to more closely resemble vanilla Morrowind

  • Keep in mind the save/load system is still being actively worked on, so your current saves you probably break with this and/or future updates

GOG drinks the WINE

  • “Knowledge of what Dosbox and Wine is”

  • I know what “Wine” is. How about WINE?

  • I also know that, in no way =’s a port. Does that count?

  • Assuming they’ll wrap the old games in WINE and DosBox, present the native versions for the games that have them and won’t have the same stance as Steam when it comes to shit games, I’m alright with it.

  • Consider the fact that GOG is primarily a reseller.   Its reasonable to “port” older games with wine, but for newer games we shouldn’t  accept anything less than a native port.

Dynablaster Revenge

  • FFS! Colour scheme much? Ctrl+f “download” for the link.  

    • I don’t consider myself a particularly stupid person, but yeah, that got me

  • Had to install SDL 2.0.2

    • Have SDL 2.0.3 installed and it segfaults

      • You have to copy the exe into the main folder then run it.

  • All this for a bomber man clone.

  • Linux version has no sound

    • Will supposedly be fixed on the next release, according to PizzaDude

  • Soundtrack can be downloaded separately if you really enjoy the music.


  • Welcome aboard the USS. ‘MURCA

  • The Last Federation with a bigger focus on the ship and nothing else.

    • Also: Hipster Pixel Graphics (HPG)

    • If any game deserved to be a movie tie in game it would be this with Iron Sky

Blue Monday Saga

  • Java based Zelda online.


  • Good work for a one man team

  • Mobile gaming elements in an MMO.

    • Because if there’s something an MMO needs are mobile game elements.

  • Fucker wouldn’t let me quit through the menu


– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: White Noise Online


Devel: MilkStone Studios

Engine: Unity I’m guessing

Price: $5.99

Wazzat: From the makers of Little Racers STREET comes Slender v1947562.3. Now with Online Co-Op, a team of up to 4 investigators has to explore an area looking for clues, while avoiding being devoured by a supernatural creature.

Makes with the working


  • I’m dinging it a chair since it would not start if I plugged a controller in (while Steam was running) before launching the game.

  • It also launched in 1080 windowed mode.




Shiny / Sounds


  • This really looks like a “my first Unity” project. These guys can make some half decent looking games. This is just lazy.

  • The best sounds come from skyping up /w multiplayer so you can talk about how FSM awful it looks.


  • The faces have that constant annoyed action-figure grimace

  • The atmosphere is meh.


  • They tried to have an atmosphere. Playing with headphones you can hear footsteps in the distance and other “spooky” sounds effects.

  • Character screams sound completely disembodied.

  • Flashlight flickering gets progressively more common as you collect tape recorders. The beam also gets darker and darker. Which means, you’re looking at eye strain during an epileptic seizure.

  • Water streams “end” as soon as their trajectory intersects a cobble road or any other obstacle.




  • Controls work. HAd to use my gerbil for sensitivity adjustments

  • Gamepad controls work like in any other FPB ..miserable



  • Whar mouse sensitivity slider?

  • I was playing it with Keyboard and Mouse and when the monster du jour showed up the first time, it made my controller rumble to the point of falling off the desk!

  • Running in this game is more a purposeful walk than actual running.






  • I like horror games, but I absolutely hate what the PewDiePie effect has done to them. This, as TotalBiscuit once put it, is PewDie-Bait. Games designed solely for the screechy, scare-cam featuring, “youtubers”.


Final –

Hate Mail:

heretic purchase

  • You’re only allowed five, that said.

  • I’m giving you a pass on this being a Heretic purchase.

  • It only counts if you knowingly buy a Windows game (Skyrim, Track Mania, Stick of Truth) /w the intent of running it via WINE.

  • And all things considered, running Steam through WINE and playing the game like that will net you a much better experience than that bullshit eON, or whatever the fuck they call it.

Turn it to 11

  • Thanks for putting our distortion in your ear pussys.

  • I’ve always thought about bumping the volume level but nobody ever complained. I will kick it up a few DB

  • The intro is supposed to be loud \m/


  • Space D&D!   My nerd panties are aquiver


  • Well, I don’t think anyone has tied you to a chair and forced you to watch. Don’t like what we do, there’s the fucking door. Also, thanks for the ad revenue.

1 Comment
  1. “I don’t think it’s Valve’s job – correct me if I’m right – to say wether or not [devs and publishers] use DRM.”

    I won’t correct you even though you’re right, but this was not my point. I was just saying that Valve could push for DRM-free – without forcing anyone – like they are pushing for Linux. That is, by having a DRM-free section on Steam, speak in favor of it to publishers, etc. (like they do for Linux.)

    Now, I understand that you don’t care much about it because, today, you are fine with Steam’s form of DRM (which is admittedly the less invasive I’ve seen). But I’m not fine with it, and it may happen that someday it will be problematic to you too. E.g., you want to switch to a better, open gaming platform (disclosure: I’m a contributor to Lutris). That day, you may realize that having your big library of games locked into a single proprietary platform wasn’t for the best. ;)

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