LinuxGameCast Weekly EP26 — Steamy Curling

Coming  up on this LinuxGamecast Weekly. Steam is finally out of beta. Double Fine talks Brutal Legends. Spectraball brings the pain, and Jordan explains curling.





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Key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam News :

Steam is out of beta (plus a tux TF2 item)

Steam for Linux – Celebration Sale. Save 50%-75% on All Linux Games

  • This disappointed me, where is Portal, L4D2?

Valve hit with layoffs; ‘large decisions’ ahead

Warsow is up on Steam Greenlight

  • Just vote for it
  • Does Steam allow FOSS games?

Steam for Debian

  • A script to simplify… Guess Ubuntu isn’t Debian anymore.
  • Is it that hard on Fedora?
    • Not really.   Grab .deb, unar it, extract it to /usr/, grab dependencies and it runs

New Steam for Linux Update Fixes Corrupted Textures on Intel GPU

  • Fixed audio hang in games on systems with XDG_RUNTIME_DIR set (Kubuntu 12.10)
  • Fixed crash on startup caused by corrupt ClientRegistry.blob file
  • Fixed bug w/overlay corrupting textures on Intel gpu machines
  • yay!   Decreased barrier for entry!


P – Chris Remo (Double Fine) responds to questions to port Brutal Legend to Linux – P

  • Can’t promise anything
  • Trying to work towards a goal of heavily supporting open platforms
  • It would be nice if they did
  • I think this is lip service

Minecraft: Pi Edition Mine

  • The folks from Mojang have finished the Minecraft: Pi Edition port, and it’s available for download now. For free.
  • 7 more and Minecraft will beat Myst at the “Most Platforms Supported” record

Patent trolls are suing the developers of X-Plane Mine

Games :
P – Running /w Rifles 0.79 – P

  • Launches out of the box
  • Thing we inherited from Fedora 14 was getting in the way, had to re-compile wxWidgets 2.8 without 2.4 compatibility; Should be fixed upstream soon.
  • Same here, after some RPM based idiocy on my part (accidentally threw in a # in the specfile in a place it shouldn’t be, caused RPM to freak out for hours
  • Runs pretty well
  • Mouse sensitivity set WAY TOO DAMN HIGH, my mouse is set to 1600dpi and with RwR’s settings, XInput was actually having trouble registering my mouse movement, lowering the sensitivity in-game fixed it.
  • Flickering and Artifacts on FGLRX 13.1 with VSync enable… What else is new…

Alien Arena Mercury Edition: Do Not Run, We Are Your Friends! *zap* –

  • Major improvements in map rendering speed
  • HD lightmaps
  • IQM mesh animation now handled in GPU for major performance gains
  • Particle rendering optimizations
  • Fixed issues with ATI and shaders


  • Prometheon is an action jump-and-run platformer with lots of shooting and light adventure elements.
  • Love the soundtrack, is there a place we can download it? (you’re the hype man, get some keys)
  • Using outdated OpenSSL

DEEP Space
Just watching until the 0.1.3 release

  • Very similar to Ensign1, at least visually, and since it’s just a Beta demo, the visuals play a big part.
  • Crummy sound effects paired with the lack of background music and the previous statement make it… well… Ergh.
  • I’m not sure if this isn’t just the waves of Markus “notch” Persson’s entry into the space game thing with 0x10c

Get Your Rocks Off – an unfinished curling-like game made in love2d

  • As resident canadian, I am apparently the curling expert
  • Very unfinished.   No BROOMS!
  • I have friends who might be interested in this game

Spectraball: Platforming, Puzzle Solving, Rage-Inducing

Youtube Comment on LGC 25:


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