LinuxGameCast Weekly EP44 — Steamy 64-bit Salvation

Coming up on this LinuxGamecast Weekly: We have another Brütal away of GIVE! Steam goes 64-bit, Humble is back with another bundle and Leadworks goes native. Then we throw the chairs at Salvation Prophecy. All this, plus your hate mail.



Away of GIVE #2 Winnars!

Away of GIVE #3





Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam News :

Steam Client Beta Update – June 18th

  • Added support for 64-bit Linux titles

  • Fixed finding Steam client skins on Linux

  • Fixed crash looking at community images on Linux

  • Fixed Linux Steam overlay not restoring the proper mouse cursor in certain situations

  • Guess my HL2 and Portal saves are forever gone.  

    • Ah it saved my chapter progress. Better than nothing.

      • That’s what I kept telling you!

    • My Skyrim saves are apparently corrupt as well. Fortunately I still have them backed up on my external HDD.

      • Lost ALL of mine a few months back. So, you understand.


Game sharing discovered in Steam beta update

  • Actually, Valve is only complying to the 2012 decision by the European Supreme Court. In which all digitally purchased games (movies, songs, etc,etc), fall within the same rules as physical copies when it comes to sharing/reselling/etc..


Knights of Pen and Paper +1 Edition

  • Piqued my interest, so I figured I’d toss ten bucks at it

  • Very much a mobile game, played for about an hour and it makes me want to play actual D&D more


The Humble Bundle with Android 6

  • Sooo with a Humble Bundle every week WTH is the point of the weekly sale?

    • To be fair, these last twice as much time.

    • They’ve gone full Amish!


The Humble Weekly Sale Rochard

  • ಠ_ಠ Rochard? Really?! Yeah, for Windows gamers I get it but slim chance of a Linux gamer not having this one.

  • No Bonus for paying more than the average either. Even the Linux average is under $2. (it’s $2.32 now)


Leadwerks crowdfunding native Linux development


Scraps Builder Release: LEGO Racers Meets Mad Max

  • I’m in love with this thing. I spend way more time dickin’ around with the builder, than I should.

  • Legos of Death


Incredipede free for Linux

  • D o n ‘t  p u t  s p a c e s  i n  y o u r  s c r i p t  n a m e      

  • I noped out at this point. Thanks for the “port” but too much effort for a Flash game.

  • Open ${incredipede}/data/incredipede.html and play

  • THis is like quop but with sucker monster thingies.   Am no impress

  • Meh! Can I tell Adobe to fuck off?! I really want to, at this point.


OpenMW 0.24.0

  • In my book still one of the coolest open source projects out there

  • Big update, possibly the biggest this year. Can’t wait to be able to play Morrowind natively.


Legends of Aethereus Multiplayer Beta V33: Massive Graphic Improvements And Better Distro Compatibility

  • This update fixes the bug where you crash on the first quest by by making the game un-fkn-playable.

  • Severe graphic glitches and broken gerbil input.

  • It crashes as it’s about to show to the loading screen into the game proper.

  • Character creation works great and all, but as the loading screen is supposed to appear, poof!


– Nooope
– Not sure if want
– Check it out
– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Salvation Prophecy


Devel: Firedance Games

Engine: Ogre3D

Price: $19.99

Demo: Nope

Makes with the working


  • Ran OOTB. This is rare for Desura games.


  • Needed some 32 bit dependencies, but once that was sorted out it ran like a charm


  • I’d give it 5 chairs based on the fact it revealed that AMD’s latest graphics driver’s beta has a bug, which causes all Ogre3D games to segfault at the start.


Shiny / Sounds


  • Morphine computer girl is hella annoying. Honestly, a lot of the voicework is cringeworthy. Thank FSM there is an option for nixing it.

  • Best looking OGRE game i’ve ever seen (kinda like first place in the Special Olympics)


  • Pew, pew, pew ,pew

  • Moonwalking robots.  Awwww yeah


  • It gets three chairs because for a one-man project it’s surprisingly good. Unfortunately I just got off the phone 2007 and they want their graphics back.




  • Character movement is hella tight but the flight controls are a bit on the slippery side.



  • My keyboard didn’t work when I tried to play it in windowed mode

  • The controls are effective


  • Even though I was playing fullscreen, using the mouse-look to the left (which is where my panel is) wouldn’t work past a certain point.

  • As a test I decided to drag the game from one screen to the other, which has a panel on the bottom. This time I couldn’t look down past a certain point, which was not the usual limit.




  • I like the 3’rd person play and the ship missions. GAH it’s repetitive. Don’t expect to be hooked into multi-hour session. That said, you can still have ten minute sessions.


  • Its like  a less fun battlefront


  • It gets very, very, very repetitious, very, very,very fast.

  • The only reason it doesn’t get the lone chair here, is because the space combat thing actually helps keep the samey-ness at bay for a bit.






Futuridium EP on Linux



  • Bwahahahahahahhahahahahah

  • Bwahahahahahahhahahahahah

  • Bwahahahahahahhahahahahah

  • you don’t.




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