LinuxGameCast Weekly EP35 — Humble Week Of Nope

Coming up on this LinuxGamecast Weekly: Steam prepares for new releases, Humble misses a bundle, and we play the most CPU intensive game ever created for Linux. Then we throw the chairs at Sonic 3D. All this; plus your hate mail.







Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro


Moar power

  • I’ll probably have to try this on my old desktop PC at some point. Though I doubt the 8 year old GS7600 will have any of that.

  • Neat stuff.  Will definitely try it out when I have a few spare cycles

Steam News :

This minor update includes improvements for upcoming Steam releases


11bit studios hands out 6000 keys for Anomaly 2 Multiplayer beta. Oh, about that Linux support.

  • Locks up my laptop, need to drop into a TTY to kill it manually.
    • Same here.
      • ^ Yup. Like how they are keeping a game that locks Linux boxes available.

Public Linux Beta of Euro Truck Simulator 2

  • Still suffers from the excessive flickering, which stems from the fact that the in-game vsync option is broken. If I force vsync through the Catalyst Control Center the flickering stops.

Anna gets Steamy

  • Crashes as soon as it’s done loading. Which is a known bug with Unity 4 and fglrx 12.10+.
  • Unity devs have no idea why some games work fine (Guns of Icarus, Cubemen 2, etc.) and why some don’t (Anna, Wander, etc.).
  • AMD refuses to acknowledge it as a bug, regardless of the countless number of reports me and a bunch of other people have sent them. “Linux is not our top priority.”

  • Don’t quite feel like paying 10 bucks for it. Will wait until it drops in price


SEYKEN:Crystal Kingdom JRPGS beta

  • Java MMO, strangely similar to WarSpear Online for Android.

  • Look at all the fucks I don’t give! ^__^

Humble not-so-weekly Bundle

  • I had a sneaking suspicion that they were gonna have some trouble keepi

             g this up.  They don’t have all that many games, do they.

  • Hey, I like that they are trying new things but FFS stick with it.

Most demanding game for Linux

  • Runs slow as balls on my computer.   Geez!  Is this all done on the CPU?
  • Shoulda got that 8 core gorrammit
  • Still crawls on my box. Probably set P mans on fire.  


Chasm now has a Linux demo

  • It uses Mono to run an .exe… Lazy!
  • Bash script runs fine on my end.
  • Controls are a bit strange

Love match set

    • I have yet to find the appeal in sports games.

  • It’s a guy thing. 


– Nooope
– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game : Sonic 3D

Website: sonic-the-hedgehog-3d

Devel: EZeddy

Engine: Eduke32

Price: naught

Makes with the working


  • Do I approve of only having a *.deb package? Nope. Even on Ubuntu I prefer keeping my games in one folder. Not a fan of system-wide installs for games. Runs OOTB but getting dinged for lacking a *.tar


  • Had to unar the .deb file extract it to / and then invoke the game manually because sonic3d doesn’t run without using /usr/games/eduke32_sonic3d  -g data.grp


  • Assuming the only download options are x86.deb and amd64.deb It does take a bit of work to get it to work properly under anything other than Ubuntu/Mint/etc..


Shiny / Sounds


  • I’m amazed they pulled this off with EDuke32. Hail to the hedgehog, baby.

  • Sound reminds me of the original Genesis version.


  • Looks fine, sounds fine, nothing special here though.  Certainly no “shutupandtake my money”


  • There’s nothing wrong with the graphics itself, if you disregard the fact that Sonic in 3D has never had anything better than a lukewarm critical reception.

  • The music takes about 3 minutes become a homogeneous mass of background noise in the shape of cottonless Q-tips getting shoved into your ears. But maybe that’s just me.


Control / fun


  • This is where Sonic 3D makes with the failsause. Controls.

  • Keyboard and wireless gerbil support work but HTH wants to play a platformer like that?

  • It detected my Logitech Precision gamepad but fk all if I could configure it properly.


  • Camera follows a bit too close.   The game plays pretty much like a PC based sonic would.
  • Controller support is a bit messed up.  I can only move backwards, and jump forwards
  • Fully playable with WASD, but still.   Its mean to be played with a controller


  • It gets two chairs because it controls just fine (then again the Quake 2 engine has been around for what 16 years?) and if you ignore the Sonic texturing it might have even been moderately interesting.

  • I was never really into Sonic in 2D and 3D only added a new dimension to my indifference.


Final – *

  • It’s a mediocre game. There’s absolutely nothing to set it apart from the rest of dross that is your average Linux game.
  • Like Sonic? Go for it! If you don’t like Sonic, it won’t change your opinion.

  • Nice graphics (considering the engine) but Ubuntu only installer and lack of proper gamepad support kills it IMNSHO.
    • Ditto.  I’d still be a bit more generous being that it made me chuckle with nostalgia for a good few minutes


Province Based Strategy Game?…

Getting Trine 2 to work


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