LinuxGameCast Weekly EP29 — A Box Of Humble

Coming up on this LinuxGamecast weekly: Steam gets Gratuitous, BOOM goes the Humble, a tormented Kickstarter and cyborgs get dead.

Key: Venn Jordan Pedro


Mir:  Just like the space station, it should fall out of out orbit and burn up

  • We should send Shuttleworth back to space…and leave him there

Steam News :

Steam Box to be ready for testing in four months time

  • If the point is using sub-par hardware to play games… I’m WAY ahead of them.
    • In all seriousness, I love the fact that it is coming out in time to give Sony and the $hills a run for their money. I don’t care how much it will suck / how much flak it will take, I will applaud it… I’ll applaud it so hard my unborn children will suffer masturbation guilt.
      • I totally read $hills as a bash variable.   I need to de-unix my brain

Valve’s Steam installer to be compatible with Debian Wheezy systems. I’m looking for people that could test it to see if it works properly.

  • … Oh wait, we’ve already packaged it and it’s been available on our repo for the past 2 months or so and it can be yours for a single yum install steam.

Gratuitous Space Battles comes to Steam

  • Stupid time vampire of a game


Lets get ready to Hum-Ble

  • Beat Hazard Ultra, Dynamite Jack, Solar 2, NightSky HD, Super Hexagon, Dungeon Defenders
  • Linux is winning the average bid and beating Mac on total payment per platform
  • Another weaksauce bundle

Unreal Engine 3 Game ‘Painkiller Hell & Damnation’ Coming to Linux in April

  • Frickin’ finally!
  • Mod-Kit of Painkiller Hell & Damnation which will enable them to produce their own personal game
  • The beta of the Mod-Kit is expected to go online early April 2013
  • Linux and Mac this April/May

Torment: tides of numenera kickstarter

  • Built on unity, so It’ll run under linuxSequel to arguably THE greatest crpg of all time
    • I just about shit my pants when I found that out
  • Lots of the original creative team from planescape torment is back including Monte Freakin’ Cook!
  • Fully funded in ~6h. Not too shabby
  • Damn… Granted it’s Torment, I’m pretty sure if Double Fine decided to remake Grim Fandango they’d get the money they asked in a matter of hours too.

Oh, you got to be shi*ting me

  • $21,579 out of $20,000 goal
  • Good on them ..I guess.

Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues by Lord British, with Linux support from day 1

  • Looks like another higher budget android game, hopefully I’m wrong. Linux could really use a decent RPG à lá Skyrim right about now.
  • It’s Ultima as Mr. Garriott wanted it to be made. Hopefully (not) just as time consuming as Ultima Online originally was.
  • Hopefully they’ll get away from the android like graphics once the game is closer to release. (At a $1million pledge goal, they better!)

Hi Linux gamers, I made a utility to improve gaming on Linux by running games in a separate X server. Care to help me test it?

Games :

  • Crashes on Fuduntu 32bit after the Feedback question with a simple “Aborted”
    • Apparently it’s a known bug with Unity 4 and FGLRX, fuck all if AMD gives a shit.
  • $0.99 US with the keyword KRAKEN when buying directly from their website
    • $4.99US on Desura
  • Couldn’t get running because their store wouldn’t accept my credit card.  Lulz

Free Orion 0.4.2

  • first game I ever played on linuxWorks fine on fedora x64
    • the symlink thing to /home/orion is dumb
  • Garbled up text on Fuduntu
    • Code:

libGL: screen 0 does not appear to be DRI2 capable
libGL: OpenDriver: trying /usr/lib/xorg/modules/dri/tls/
libGL: OpenDriver: trying /usr/lib/xorg/modules/dri/
libGL error: failed to load driver: swrast
AL lib: (EE) oss_open_playback: Could not open /dev/dsp: No such file or directory

SWIFT ☆ STITCH by Sophie Houlden now available for free.

  • Question: Do you trust your click and hold ability?
  • Dodge walls and collect sparkly things.
  • A bit simple for my taste
  • This lady really likes her puzzle games

Dead Cyborg scifi adventure episode 2 now available

  • From the trailer, it has a Fallout 3 look to it. I’m already setting the bar way too high, hm?
  • Blender game so it looks nice but the controls are a bit meh
  • I’m glad the devel finally swallowed his “artistic vision” and added mouse support. He intentionally left it out of the first version. I shite you not.
  • Works alright.  A bit unclear on what i’m supposed to do though.  Fix cameras?
  • Got bored looking for Five Red Buttons.

Región Muerta: Abandoned Zombie Survival Project

  • I think Venn’s description of a much more boring, isometric, 3rd person view version of Killing Floor is accurate.
    • Somehow… I think the Linux gaming world isn’t any worse off for not having this game finished.
  • Another example of something that could have been fun but will die due to burnout.

Star Villains And Space Heroes Demo Released

  • Those faces…geez

    • ^THIS!
  • Buggy on f18 x64, mouse control is pretty stale
  • Could barely keep my interest during the enter this, press enter that.  These are not things that require me to stop my though process
  • Menus say “exit to windows”…lulz
  • Gets really boring, really fast.
  • Mouse sensitivity is too high for any kind of precision


LGC chrome voodoo

Dune Legacy 0.96.3

  • Works out of the Box in Fuduntu 2013.2 32bit
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