LinuxGameCast Weekly EP18 — A Humble (Bundle) Review

Coming up on this LinuxGamecast weekly. Steam for everyone! Phoronix is up for sale, THQ goes tits-up and we break down the Humble Bundle 7.

Steam News :

Steam For Linux Goes Public

  • In order to participate in the beta, you must download the latest Steam Linux client
  • Valve will now track Steam for Linux client bugs using GitHub.
  • Steam installer package repository.

Steam winter sale

  • Ends January 5
  • 50-75% off several Linux games
    • SS3 BFE
    • Amnesia
    • Killing Floor
    • FTL ← Keeping my eye on that one
    • Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45

Steam Skin Manager

  • Comes with two skins by default: Ambiance and Radiance
  • Ubuntu font, thin scrollbars, Ubuntu (Humanity) back and forward arrows
  • Native window borders
  • Only for Ubuntu
  • 12 Kinds of useless IMHO, but whatever floats yous guys boats

Tom ‘spot’ Callaway removes his Steam *.rpm


“Last year Ubuntu added Super Meat Boy to their store without our written permission and sold it for a full year without paying us.”

Phoronix up for sale. No more Steam rumours left to report.



  • $20,000 starting bid. Buy it now for $499,000
  • Michael plans to step away from his editorial role at
  • Will work on the Phoronix Test Suite

THQ goes tits-up

  • Chapter 11 bankruptcy
  • So much for those Linux ports
  • Haha!

Heroes of Newerth hacked

  • S2 Games encourages everyone to change any passwords that were shared with your Heroes of Newerth account.
  • Hacker exploited a SQL injection vulnerability to first gain access and download the database
  • Found more vulnerabilities later on.


  • Five games and one movie
  • Dungeon Defenders: the first Unreal Engine 3 game to get an honest-to-goodness Linux port
  • Six soundtracks
  • Good selection this time around, Grimrock Stands out
  • Dawns on me I have game soundtracks that I’ve purchased and never listened to

Games :


Legend of Grimrock

  • Old school Gold box style RPG.  Me gusta

Dungeon Defenders


  • Reminds me of Limbo

Shank 2 SNAFU



  • Bad file
  • No gamepad or keyboard support when gamepad detected.


Harinator writes in to tell us about Aleona’s Tales


“I found that the old Freecraft project has been resurrected as Aleona’s Tales. Back in the old days Freecraft has the only free RTS worth playing.”

Eathan answers our question about Steam games
“Basically, we upload to Steam, then mark it as Linux, but we also need to clear it to be made public. Yeah.”


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