ARPG Akaneiro: Demon Hunters Public Beta

The critters at Spicy Horse Games released a Linux launcher for their ARPG Akaneiro: Demon Hunters. It’s basically a torrent client that updates the game to the latest version. Installation instructions for the platforms can be found here.

Reminder: You must register before playing.

Aka_OctShot_JB10 Aka_OctShot_JB13 Aka_OctShot_JB19 Aka_OctShot_SR02
Aka_OctShot_SR04 Aka_OctShot_SR05 Aka_OctShot_SR06 Aka_OctShot_SR18

A unique Action-RPG combining Japanese art and folklore with the classic Red Riding Hood tale.

Via linux_gaming

  1. I went there and registered but cannot find a linux launcher, just one for windows and mac.

  2. Tried, I was running sabayon, it complained that libboost wasn’t installed then another then another essentially putting me into dependancy hell, but im running LMDE at the moment so its all good

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