LinuxGameCast Weekly EP40 — Shell Sading

Coming up on this LinuxGamecast Weekly: NES controllers for Linux! Did Tripwire nope out of the Red Orchestra 2 port? Icculus trips the Rift, and you’re getting a Jaaaaaaag. Then we throw some chairs at McDROID Beta 13. All this, plus your hate mail.







Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro


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NES controller for Fedora 18.

  • Let’s play a drinking game, every time anyone says retro during this episode you take a shot.

Steam News :

Hotline Miami (beta) is now on Steam. The password for beta access is ‘hlm’

  • Games tend to look like this when I’m on LSD. I wonder if there’ll be a trippin’ paradox if I play this game ~on~ LSD.


Steam the Gathering

  • Gotta catch them all!

  • It’s just a fancy word for tradable Steam achievements.

  • Triple Triad: The Digital Distribution System


Megabyte Punch coming to Linux

  • 2,5D Linux Megaman?

    • 2.5D Lego Megaman!


Tripwire on why Red Orchestra 2 and Rising storm won’t come to Linux


Gooooooooooooooooal! Football Manager 14 will support Linux

(Thank Richard Marsh ‏@Zabadda for pointing this out)

  • Oh crap…


Project Zomboid Build 0008 released

  • Getting it to work was a bit of a pain in the bum. If you’re going to go Minecraft all up in this Java runtime business, at least make it just as easy as the former to run.

    • My bad, turns out that link in the post is just for the windows version.


Torchlight characters now have heads

  • Only took’em what, eight months to get it right?

  • No excuses left, port T2. Now!

    • THIS

    • Maybe for the next big humble bundle


Dominions: Priests, Prophets & Pretenders

  • *shudder* this thing looked like shite back in 2002.

  • Well…its something.  I guess


Dead Morning, an open-source horror game

  • So… is it Death Morning or Dead Morning?

    • Death Mourning

  • Oh look another Slender type game made in the Darkplaces engine.

    • It still looks like ass, mind you.


Icculus trips the Rift

  • Oh look, another report on Rift Induced Motion Sickness… heh, R.I.M.S. I’m coining the term.

    • R.I.M.S. job?

  • Glad it ships with Linux support but it’s a non-starter. VR did not fail due to framerate or cost. It failed because people don’t like wearing shite on their heads.

  • Well, at least the goggles do something this time


You’re getting a Jaaaaaaag

  • X86 based Steam boxen? Madness! ..they said.

  • This will make porting titles from PS4 (to a lesser extent, XBOX) trivial.

  • You’ll still be stuck with an AMD Graphics chip and we all know how that has worked out so far. Especially under Linux.

  • Perhaps this is the kick in the ass that AMD needs to get their shit together 


– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies 

Game: McDROID Beta 13



Engine: Unity

Price: $14.99

About: “It’s original, has gorgeous cell shaded graphics, boasts 100 enemies on screen at once, the most badass weapons (linking teslas, wave canons, bot factories…) and unusually challenging enemies. It’s a tough game, not for the faint of heart and it’s got co-op multiplayer.”

Makes with the working


  • Unity game OOTB




Shiny / Sounds


  • Dig the cell-shaded graphics and it’s silky smooth at 1080p. Don’t often say this but WHAR anti-aliasing?! Twangy little soundtrack.



  • On my end, the cursor has a white column about ten pixels wide on the right side. It gets a wee bit annoying.




  • No issues with movement but automagic weapon lock flipped the hell out more than once.


  • Ditto on the auto lock.   Controls were fine


  • The controls are tight and for what it is, they work really well. No objections.




  • Single player is fun for a bit; a short bit. Multiplayer is a bit of alright with friends but good luck finding a game in the lobby-o-empty. The demo only supports single player and good FKN luck convincing someone to take a $15 gamble.


  • As much as I loathe tower defense games, this one isn’t too bad.  But its the same game I played all those months ago.  Failed to keep my interest for long.


  • It would get the perfect score on the fun department if single player was as fun as multiplayer.




Concerned about language used in recent episode

  • First off, thanks for the constructive criticism. It’s just interesting where you drew the line. The only time we use “faggot” is in reference to teenagers on XBOX. Observational comment since well, happens. Glad you get that it’s comedy. Take it away Mexican.

  • Thanks, you giant Nazi bastard! I just went back and watched that bit and no one said faggot or gay. There’s plenty of dicks in bags and cakes resembling dicks in bags. No faggotry though.

    • Someone’s projecting!

      • Okay, Thom did say on the shatrealm that Garry likes his penises Micro and Soft.

  • Any thoughts, Jew?

  • Listen, each week I have to put up with some giant ass Kraut and a greasy looking mexican fisherman.   After dealing with that for months at a time, I  pretty much tolerate anyone and


I don’t watch the show

  • As Venn would say:”That’s just adorable!”


Hairy Controls


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