LinuxGameCast Weekly EP21 — The Steam Box Cometh

Coming up on this L.G.C. Weekly. Openparsec lives! GCW-Zero shows off a new open-source hand-held gaming device, Steam RPMs are back and Jordan reveals his alter ego.


Steam News :


  • Polygon reports the device is based on its “performance level” X7A, which is priced at $999.
  • $999?!
  • quad-core 64-bit, x86 CPU, 4-8GB RAM, three display ports and integrated graphics
  • Probably using  AMD’s ‘Fusion’ APU.

Fedora RPMs are back

You can now choose which hard drive to install on with Steam For Linux

  • So simple even an ARCH user can do it.
  • Why the hell is this just getting added?

Our long national nightmare is over! Euro Truck Simulator 2 Coming To Linux.!

  • Looks like they are developing on Ubuntu
  • The beta test will start “soon”
  • This is a thing? Really?
  • Hey man, the simulator market is still there.  Train simulator complete pack is on steam for over a thousand bucks.
  • Someone needs to make Sim Dictator. Just saying.

Openparsec lives?

  • Nearly 9 years after the release, Jason (THE Uber Linux Guy) and Phil revived the project
  • Each server is it’s own galaxy
  • Straight up death match.
  • You can build SVN but the original *.dat files from the Parsec LAN-Test are required to play.

The GCW-Zero: An open-source Linux-based handheld gaming device

  • Ingenic JZ4770 1 GHz MIPS processor.
  • Runs OpenDingux, a Linux distribution which is designed to be developer friendly
  • They want to create a repository, similar to an App Market, where users can download free, open source software and also buy closed-source/indie software from developers.
  • $135 pledge gets you a Zero
  • $5000 for the etched pilsner glasses
  • Expensive pint glass
  • Semi-redundant given the proliferation of smartphones.  The only thing that portables have these days are exclusives

WebcamStudio comes to an end.

  • Patrick no longer has time for the project.
  • Hard keeping up with gstreamer
  • We use our own system. This will not affect the podcast.


Games :
Andy’s super great pack

  • From the creators of Plee the Bear


  • This thing runs like ass
  • Doesn’t even run for me

Subvein version 0.73

  • Subvein: Mutant Factions is a free multiplayer action game.
  • 20 weapons, skills system, vehicles and user-generated maps.
  • 0.73 brings Fog effects, dynamic map lighting, map decals, netcode and game performance
  • Dicked about on the server earlier.   Reminds me of old school Metal Gear games.  Or may be GTA1 crossed with Counter strike


  • Unity based so you know it runs
  • Some puzzles are WTF worthy
  • The graphics go from “ooh shiny” to “meh”
  • Fun time waster
  • What the hell am I playing?
  • Certainly Very trippy
  • Performance is really bad on my system (hex core @ 3.6ghz w 16GB Ram and GTX670 superclocked
  • ^THIS!
  • gets choppy on a lot of the levels

Alter Ego

  • Weird little game
  • control a hero who has a phantom twin, his alter ego
  • switch between the hero and his alter ego limited number of times in a level
  • It gets challenging with a quickness
  • Fun for about 15 minutes, then I got kind of bored

Relics of Annorath Alpha #3 Update,155.0.html

  • No 32-bit support
  • New installer added for linux and windows (Installer is under GNU GPL v3 now)
  • Linux: Added new fullscreen mode for alt-tab support
  • Relics of Annorath is a MMORPG which plays in a medieval/post-modern ambience. It provides a complex economic system, which is also reflected on the profession system of the individual characters.

Kevin Kettler writes in to tell us about Leisure Suit Larry coming to Linux
Terry (author of retrobooster) writes in about Jordans issue with the game
Alexander Zubo (founder of KOT) shows off some early footage from SS2


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