The gravity manipulation first person shooter-puzzler Inverto finally went native. The game is in unfinished (alpha) state, so keep that in mind. So, what’s it about? Check with the judge.

“Inverto” is a first person shooter-puzzler with gravity manipulations. Game is ideological successor of such games as “Prey” and “Portal” with a pinch of parkour. Proceed all of the testing areas as a simple researcher with your trusty GraviGun. Prepare to explore Escher-esque spaces and solve navigational puzzles by changing gravity direction, employing body momentum and fighting nausea (only if you have weak vestibular system).

It’s Unity powered so compatibility should not be a non-issue. Grab a copy from and have a go.

InvertoVersionsComparison Screenshot00.1 Screenshot01.1 ScreenshotSaturday01




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