Indonesian Horror Game “DreadOut” Launches Indiegogo Campaign Includes Linux Demo

Digital Happiness launched an Indiegogo campaign for their upcoming horror game Dread Out. Perks start at $5 wet stinky cashes but $15 will snag a digital download. But wait, there’s more! BAM! Linux demo. Check with the judge.

First, thank you to all of you with your inputs and supportive comments. We noticed that there are users who concerned and asking about our platform supports. While once we answered that our development has support for both Mac OS X and Linux alongside our main Windows target, that would not stopping you from asking :) Here we clarify that our game can be installed and run on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux systems, but Windows will still be our priority for support.

Sadly the demo is only available in *.deb format but extracting the “/opt/dreadout-demo” folder and launching “./dreadout-demo” seems to work.

06 11 01 Demo_update_SS04

We would like to take you on a supernatural adventure into the world of Indonesian horror with our game “DreadOut” Experience the unique traditions of Indonesian horror Description When a group of high school students stray from their vacation trip, they discover an old deserted town. They begin to realize that something sinister is happening as soon as they enter the town. Linda, as the main protagonist, feels the stirrings of a strange and mystical power within herself. This spiritual power just might be the only way to save herself and her friends from an unknown evil. Linda has lots of modern gadgets at her disposal including smartphones, digital cameras, and digital video cameras. With these instruments she can interact and capture the various kinds of unique Sout East Asian Ghosts that you will have never seen before, and also solve the many varied puzzles of the deserted town.

Demo: dreadout-demo-linux


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