An Eldritch Roguelite

From the Lovecraft-filled minds of the Pittman twins comes another roguelike for your Linuxes. Looking at BrainyQuote, I can see more than a few Lovecraftian quotes that may have served as inspiration for the development of Eldritch.

In their own words, “Eldritch is a Lovecraftian action roguelike”. Personally, it puts me in the mindset of Dungeons of Dredmor meets Minecraft. From Notch’s creativity toy it inherited the first person perspective and blocky graphics, while everything else screams Dungeons of Dredmor with a different kind of humor.

If you ask me though, Eldritch also inherited something which both those games have by the buckets; Immersion. After those magnificent 24 megs finished downloading, I ended up losing an hour and twenty minutes without even realising it. This puts me in an awkward position, since the critic in me is screaming at the price point and copy-paste level design while the escapist in me just wants to praise the immersion and atmosphere the game offers.

Eldritch Eldritch Eldritch Eldritch

When push comes to shove, Eldritch will set you back $14.99 or €11.99. Admittedly a pricey game for the visuals it offers but also worth it in this not so humble mexican’s opinion.



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