LinuxGameCast Weekly EP63 — That’s Cray Cray

Coming up on Linux GameCast Weekly: Steam brings the control! A developer tells critics to STFU. Humble does a thing, and Shadowrun Returns. Then we throw the chairs at Bionic Dues. All this, plus your hate mail.


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Hate mail


Bionic hack

Colour key – Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam News :

Steam crushes X-bros …faggot

  • “PC gaming’s dead, Jim!”

  • Our glorious PC gaming master race is expanding!

  • Wait a tick! The mainstream press says PC gaming is teh dead!


Steam control

  • The more I see of the Areola Controlla the more I want to twiddle with it. Doug, why you no reply to my e-mail?

  • Just make mah Distance Alpha work!


100 New games Greenlit, 39 claim Linux support

  • This time I went through the list, one by one.

    • Shitty ports of shitty android games

    • More Rogue clones than I care to admit

    • At least 10 Unity games that the devs didn’t feel like clicking export.

    • Looking forward to After Reset, Estranged, Festival of Magic, Pulse and You Are Not The Hero.

Steam is now in RPMFusion

  • Does the spot repo still work?

    • It was discontinued when Steam went out of beta

  • Fixes a stupid bug I was having about it asking me to install Ubuntu packages on Korora. Thumbs up from me!

  • A nice nice to have


L4D2 is a real boy

  • No more stupid FPS hitching, everything on 11 using the Open Sauce drivers and it works swimmingly! About goddamn time!

  • No linux system requirements as of 10/29

  • Runs the same NTTAWWT


FORCED v1.03

  • Fixed some issues preventing players from proceeding past the starting screen.

  • Fixed some issues with the mark system not working on Linux.

  • 1.4 GB update

  • Ohey, Linux updates!


The Anniversary 1.3.3

  • I say it again, if they had a publisher like EA or ActiBlizzion this would be called DLC and cost $20. Still doin’ it right!

  • Good to see that they’ve been putting work in improving their game

  • A number of graphical and AI fixes, enhancements and new features.


Shadowrun Returns has moved from Beta to release

  • WHAR keys?

  • As of  this recording, you still need to opt in to the beta to play it on linux

  • A little disappointed, it’s not what I had hoped for. Basically it’s ARMA Tactics with a Fantasy/Sci-fi do over. Which is great on its own merit, just not what I had hoped.

  • Its like a little retarded up version of actual shadowrun


Eat a bag

  • I may not like the game, but I like the devs a whole lot more after this.

  • Indeed.   Kudos for sticking to your guns.



  • See what happens when you go full Windows?

  • At this point it’s like Obi-Wan screaming at Anakin

  • Just die already.

  • Really, sometimes I buy a bundle for the extra keys. You know, for away of gives.


Once Upon An Apocalypse

  • The Walking Dead council simulator with pixels.

  • Interesting little browser game.


Leadwerks BETA


iRacing claims Linux support, packs .zip containing a .deb with a WINE wrapper


– Nooope
– Not sure if want
– Check it out
– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Bionic Dues


Devel: Arcen Games, LLC

Engine: It starts with a U and ends in nity

Price: $9.99

Makes with the working




  • On both the calculator and my 8 year old Valve recommended steam box. (Yes I’m running Xubuntu 13.10 on it)


Shiny / Sounds


  • Honestly, it looks a bit simple but hella nice for a rougelike


  • They’re good for what they are.

  • Too busy listening to slayer to judge the soundtrack


  • Graphics… Those don’t really matter much on a top down roguelike. If they did Bionic Dues would have to get 5 chairs.

  • I lowered the volume of my mp3s and sat listening to the menu BGM for a good 10 minutes. Very nice job.

  • The NPC quips may get old after awhile, but I’m 21 hours in and they still haven’t.




  • Everything was tight but figuring out the targeting was a bit obtuse.



  • It’s a roguelike, the control scheme is intuitive to anyone familiar with the genre and stupid easy to learn by the new players.

  • Was originally going to give it three chairs but they’ve since removed the camera control issue I was having. They literally nuked it out of the game. Thumbs up!




  • Hey, I enjoyed it and rougelikes are not my dice.


  • Fun little roguelike.   Reminds me of Doom the roguelike a bit.

  • It grew on me

  • Why…Why was I programmed to feel pain?


  • Fun? FUN!?

  • Freakin’ time vampire is what it is, respekt!


Verdict –

  • Is it worth $10? Yes it is! There are plenty of games out there being sold for $60 that don’t deliver anywhere near as much fun as this little game.



  • Its called dyscalculia and its a damn real thing


abba zabba

  • That’s just like…your opinion maaaaahn


A couple of games

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