To That Linux Shaped Moon

It’s here, ladies and gentlemen. To The Moon, Freebird’s 2011 Indie RPG of the Year is finally working in Linux. Two years and two months after release we finally get to enjoy this western JRPG in all its 2D goodness.

Now stay with me here.  I’m not as opposed to hippy 2D pixel graphics as our technical director and if I am to be perfectly honest, I’ve been longing for a proper Linux RPG for a good long while now.

You play as Drs. Neil Watts and Eva Rosaline in their endeavor to fulfill Johnny’s dying wish. Before your mind dives any further into the gutter, Johnny is an elderly man whose dying wish is to go to the Moon. The protagonists do so by implanting false memories into Johnny’s withering mind and in doing so, they scour the patient’s mind for old memories. All in the name of (SCIENCE!) discovering why Johnny’s last wish was to get up close and personal with our favorite natural satellite.

To The Moon To The Moon To The Moon To The Moon

This peri-mortem snooping simulator will set you back $9.99, €7.99 or, if you’re reading this in time, the game is part of Humble Indie Bundle X. If you decide to pay over the average, this game will run you $5.26 at the time of writing along with five other games.



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