LinuxGameCast Weekly EP152 – Moon Language

Handegg comes to Steam! Linuxgames call it quits, Skullgirls visits EVO, and Pedro gets shite-hammered. Then Postal 2 faces our CHAIRQUISITION! All this, plus your hate mail.

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Hate Mail

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Steam News:

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro


  • All things considered it’s kinda amazeballs that something this old still runs on a modern distro.
  • We’re not exactly known for our backwards compatibility.
    • Steam Runtime and the wonders of statically linked libraries.
  • 12 years later!
    • Better now than later.


Besiege 0.10

  • It’s shaping up to be a game that I’ll very much enjoy to play with… when it’s done.
  • You can easly download other people’s machines, neat!
  • Five new levels
  • and hey, grenades.


Starship Rubicon


  • “pixel art remixed with NASA photographs”
    • Wow, much  budget.   Very art design
  • The price on Brad is a bit high here, for what is ultimately a procedurally generated asteroids game.
  • The game seems very well put together, but I’m not sure it’s worth 12 bucks
  • Asteroids meets FTL.



  • YES, Finally a great game of FOOTBALL!


Greedy Car Thieves

  • I remember wasting hours and hours playing the copy of GTA2 my uncle bought me for PC.  
  • And this is basically a modernized version of it done in unity.
  • Could be fun for a playas
  • Seriously, I remember when this game way called GCT.
  • Looks like they took the last build from a few years ago and slapped it on the Steam.
  • Yeah, it’s still using SDL 1.2.
  • Setting it to fullscreen at 1080p will disable whatever monitor it’s not on.
  • I played it for a bit, found a single other player that joined the server I was on and left within 5 minutes.
    • So it’s GTA2 on a budget since multiplayer is empty sauce.


Jet Racing Extreme

  • “All the junk littering the track is there to kill you, and just about every button on the controller is designed to make you smash into the debris.” Hardcore Gamer
    • I’m not sure how to interpret this quote.    This is such a vague statement that it could easily be applied as a compliment or criticism of the game
      • I’m pretty sure that was exactly its original intent.
      • Well on Linux it means the control map is completely borked.
  • So… Wasn’t this free just a few weeks ago?
  • Will trade for guide


Dust: DualShock 4

  • If the navi character’s voice comes out of the controller speaker, I’m liable to throw that fucker into a wall
  • Seems like flibit has been  busy.
  • Over the week he has introduced special functions of the DualShock 4 to a number of his Linux ports.
  • Tested it out with mine. The lightbar thingy works. I’m actually impressed at how good the ds4 is, even over bluetooth
  • Doesn’t look like the prompts were in the latest update I got.  Oh well


Dungeon Master Visual Aid

  • Still in Early Access
  • I look at shit like this and ask “Will this help my game at all?”
    • For me the answer is no.   Adds a whole ‘nother layer of shit I need to cram into my session prep.      What am I?  Made of free time
  • For those people who are really into minis and minis games though, this could be a cool idea.   WOTC pitched something like this at the beginning of 4e and never followed through with it.


Skullgirls SteamOS version @ EVO

  • Renaud said they’ve had a couple of freezes and a segfault during the event
  • Ya know, all things considered I would not be going around showing off the version you were effectively shamed into releasing.  
    • Could they dig their hole any deeper? wait, I hear the sound of a really loud resonating “YES”


Something something, NVidia doesn’t contribute to Open Source

  • No, they just give you a proper heads up when they’re about to implement a considerable change, so you can fix breakage in advance of it actually coming out.
    • You know!? Unlike AMD.
    • How long was Ogre3D and Unity pixmap buffering and tessellation broken on fglrx until they finally fixed it? Almost exactly 2 years.
    • But I’m being unfair to AMD here. They’ve been stagnant for so long on Linux that I can’t even use this as an argument anymore.


RIP Linuxgames

  • One of the first Linux gaming sites I ever put in my face-organ.
  • Like Happenpenguin the creator lost the will to keep going.
  • I’d rather Linuxgames had taken off instead of that other one.
  • Maybe someone’s ego wouldn’t have swollen to such proportions.
    • Someone saw Liam’s post on reddit, didn’t he



  • Yes yes, flash has brought us many mystical internet wonders.   But like Blink and marquee tags before it, flash needs to die in such a horrible cleansing fire.
  • Flash developers who suddenly find their skills useless?   That’s what you get for putting all your eggs in one really crappy basket.   Javascript isn’t THAT hard.
  • Stuff like Shumway and Gnash will probably still exist to preserve historical artifacts, but that should be the extent of it.
  • By the Way, UE4 can totally export to Browser. Where is your goddamn excuse now!
  • Most of the game devels I know who make Flash games have other skillsets so this will not be much of a blow.
  • “But while Flash might suck, that doesn’t mean it’s not vital or important.”
    • Yes it fuckin’ does! Goddamnit Kotaku.



  • This has always been a cool series of articles that Gamastura has put out
  • I wonder if they could get Murderbeck or those other two jackholes on
  • 4. Not enough playtesting/QA
    • THIS.   Developers pls. Wy u no do dis



  • Doom, released in 2003 1993, still being modded to hell and back to this day!
    • 1993, Brad.
  • #xzibit


xoreos development update: Dragon Age

  • This is such a cool project you guys!
  • They really need some OpenGL folks, so if anyone is willing to volunteer, go thar
  • Funnily enough, the first Witcher was made on the Aurora Engine.   We may one day have a playable native version of that if this project succeeds.   Take THAT EON!
    • Take THAT CD Projekt Red!* – ftfy
      • It can be both.   At least this will probably work on AMD CPUs/GPUs


DRM-Free Vikings

  • If it wasn’t immediately obvious from the screenshots, it’s Castlevania 2 again.
  • 75% off at the time of recording.
  • DRM-Free if you don’t like relying on Steam.


Browser Trap

  • Now you too can relive your 90’s home invasion fantasies
  • These days you can riddle your assailant with bullets and claim standing your ground
  • Technically speaking this is hella neat.
  • The game was boring-sauce but I demanded a copy as a child because controversy.  

CHAIR– Nooope

CHAIRCHAIR– Not sure if want


CHAIRCHAIRCHAIRCHAIR– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Postal 2
Devel: Running with Scissors
Engine: Unreal Engine 1.5
Price: US$/€ 9.99 – CDN$ 10.99

Wazzat: Live a week in the life of “The Postal Dude”; a hapless everyman just trying to check off some chores. Buying milk, returning an overdue library book, getting Gary Coleman’s autograph, what could possibly go wrong?

Makes with the working


  • Flipped out when setting the resolution.
  • It went into a 8X6 window but recovered when I clicked inside said window.
  • However, the FERPS counter was stuck in the middle of the screen-organ.


  • It even has a 4k Option.  Not that it really does much


  • Tried to fullscreen into both my monitors, failed, and disabled the one on the right.
  • Open the Steam overlay in-game, move the window to another monitor and then try to use the mouse to navigate the menus, I dare you!


Shiny / Sounds


  • This came out after Unreal 2/UT 2003 *glares at Epic*
  • Yeah, using the same engine.
  • This critter looked bad when it was released and didn’t exactly make with the ageing.
  • Guns go pew and shovels go thwack.
  • I muted the FKR after Dude said his fifth or sixth edgy thing.


  • It certainly looks good for a 2003 game
  • The voice acting is a bit of alright, but there’s only like four lines of dialogue


  • I’ve seen games released in 2015 that take double the amount of resources from your PC to even start, that still manage to look worse than this.
  • The game was released originally in 2003 and on Linux in 2005
  • I still want to slap the main character whenever he talks.
    • Which, since I decided to go for the “good-guy” run, it happens a lot.




  • Full controller support my arse.
  • Default layout makes sense minus M for map.


  • Most of the bindings were sensible.   Only two issues
    • The scroll wheel mechanic is super sensitive
    • Inventory management required me to take my hands off my mouse


  • Barring the issues with the Steam overlay I mentioned earlier, I can only say that SDL 1.2 was lacking in the non-US keyboard layout department.
  • Most of the special keys in my portuguese layout keyboard cannot be bound.




  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ it’s Postal 2.
  • I bought this in 05 and was kinda interested in the billions of updates.
  • After an hour with this version all I could think was “where’s the popcorn?”
  • It’s still shoot or don’t shoot ..the game. “Only as violent as you are”
  • Most of the playtime is artificially inflated by running about trying to complete tasks.
  • At best this is something for the twelve year olds to pick up so they can experience what was considered “edgy” the year they were born.


  • For a game that’s supposed to be about violent mayhem and wish fulfilment, I found it rather boring
  • Run around, scavenge all the ammo and armor you can, stick a cat’s ass to the end of a shotgun and blast away
  • I found the open world to be a bit lacking



  • It’s competent.
  • It’s got that 90’s vibe of FPS and is clearly taking potshots at Duke Nukem with the voiced protagonist.
  • Level design is a bit meh, it seems as though they wanted a Morrowind style open world with just the FPS mechanics.
    • It doesn’t work when you’re targeting the FPS crowd and their mind is confined to corridors, lined with ammo pickups which you can easily traverse in a linear progression.



Hate Mail:




  • Well, that’s just like his opinion, man.
  • His main gripe was how it looked.
  • This is why reviews from filthy Windows users should be taken with a grain of chainsaw.
  • Yeah, it’s not exactly eye-melting but show me a better looking kart-racer on the Linux.
  • That said, he did make exactly the same points I did.

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