LinuxGameCast Weekly EP92 — It’s A WRAP!

CD Projekt S.A. delivers a flawless port! Metro 2033 Redux is on the way, the Wasteland 2 release date is finally announced, and ZOMG PONIES!11! Then we throw the chairs at The Witcher 2. All this, plus you hate mail.


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Hate Mail


Colour key: Venn Jordan Sandy

Steam News :


  • took’em long enough!

  • On sale for 4 bucks on lauch day.   Yoink

  • Holy unoptimized Batman!

  • We’re talking first release of Serious Sam unoptimized

  • Aaaaand hella crashy

  • Doesn’t even start up for me.   Woo


Let’s talk about the “port”

  • It was “ported” by Virtual Programming (legendary for shite MAC ports)

  • It runs better /w WINE (WINE uses more than one fk mothering core)

  • If you are using the “b,b,b, but VALVe used ToGL” excuse (Direct3D to OpenGL abstraction layer) you know absolutly FK all. That’s a bytecode-level HLSL -> GLSL translator.

  • These guys: “possible to deliver a Windows-based game to these platforms without source code: an important factor where developer licensing may be restricted.”

  • Supporting this garbage is like pissing on 4A Games, Double Fine, etc.

  • Hell, 4A is porting 2033 but we will scream about that in a moment.

  • Yeah, it was on sale for 4 quid but you still got fucked, Brad. Yes you did! They just wore a wrapper.

  • And this clown of a devel

  • underthebuss.jpg

  •   ^ that is some all kinds of failings … I just want to slap him.


Metro 2033 Redux

  • As if 4A didn’t steal enough of my life away by porting Metro LL engine to Linux, now they want to redux the original 2033 in sweet tasty HD for my eye organs to eat?! yes please.  If this port turns out like their Last Light , thank my all mighty insurance company that my monitor is covered in case of freak wallet attacks.

  • shut_up_and_take_my_money_by_gbrsou-d79erhs.jpg

  • I’m kinda saving Metro LL for the home; about halfway in the game. That said, don’t they know vpltd offers Linux “ports”? Why bother doing it nati… oh, wait.

  • Yay prequels!


Wasteland 2 Release Date Announcement and Wasteland 2 Early Beta Update #42098 Notes

  • Out in August

  • Game Difficulties added

  • New HUD iteration

  • New conversation UI iteration

  • Added combat HUD

  • But will there be velcro gloves for full goat interaction?


Gauntlet™ pre-orders

  • Totally doing a playas of it

  • This game will unlock in approximately 3 months, 3 weeks

  • I am absolutely in like sin!


In home Steaming (launch)

  • Still no linux to linux streaming.   Sadface

    • ^ Seriously. It’s neat but I don’t exactly have a Windows box laying about.

    •     ^ Ill be more excited on the cross platform properties when my neighbour get         his steambox built so I can play with it. Because I’m cheap like that.


The Punchening

  • Ported by friend of the show Flippity floppity floop

  • Local Co-op MEH!

  • Looks ok i guess, I have to get it and give it a try to know for sure.


Unreal Engine 4 Cave demo for Linux

  • ZERO chance of downloading this (consider the source) but it seems to work.

    • You might need to set some ulimits though


0 A.D. Alpha 16 Patañjali

  • Finished Downloading – fun shit , wife is better at the game than I am.


Never ball 1.6.0

  • Open Sauce ballz

  • Oculus Rift support.

  • An OpenGL ES-compatible renderer.

  • Port to SDL 2

  • Fun story. They ripped one of my B-reel videos for the Neverball Desura release. The CEO (at the time) Scott Reismanis contacted me directly worried that I would sue. I spent two days responding to his emails using nothing but Pulp Fiction quotes. As is tradition.  

  • It’s Aboot Freakin time eh.


Flare Development Log – Apr 24

  • Latest release boasts

    • “Full” paths are used when referencing files from config files

    • Added attribute documentation

    • Removed support for non-alpha images (i.e. “magic pink”)

    • Better input handling

    • Many bug/crash fixes

  • Good ol’ fashoined open source click and kill everything type game



  • From the creators of teh best game evar!

    • …Mother of God

  • Sadly the alpha is web player only. I have never been cut more deeply.

  • This could be the greatest game of 2014 if it leaves the webplayer alpha stage.


Space Nerds In Space

  • Very cool sounding project

  • It…compiles.   Need to get a bunch of people over and try it out

  • we get it, you’re from space.


– Nooope


– Not sure if want


– Check it out


– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings


Devel: Virtual Programming

Engine: LIES!

Price: way too much


Makes with the working





Shiny / Sounds















Final –

Hate Mail:  



  • From their Webzone:

    • A charming blend of modern platforming and multicolored style, The Last Tinker: City of Colors (previously known as Tink) is a one-of-a-kind adventure.


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