LinuxGameCast Weekly EP116 – Back Blackground

Warthunder comes to Linux! Wing Commander goes 2D, Isaac is reborn, and Double Fine releases a MASSIVE update. Then Dead Island faces our Chairquisition! All this, plus your hate mail.


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Hate Mail

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam News :

I don’t remember preordering a gorram thing

  • Remember kids! Don’t pre-order.
  • Like how they punish you /w a giftable copy of SS3BFE
  • Speaking of, it performs about as well.
  • From the makers of Serious Sam: Brown Middle Eastern Aliens Edition comes a first person puzzle game that’s trying so hard to be Myst, you can almost see through it.
  • Pre-order for 17.99 wet stinkies, but at least they give you a 2 hour demo which you can base your opinion on.
  • The public test is out is out.   The puzzles are pretty good.   I’ll probably pick this one up on release
  • Venn really seems to hate the new Serious Engine though.


Woah Dave

  • You don’t see a lot of single screen arcade platformers anymore (the only one that really comes to mind in recent history is Towerfall)
  • Ever since this guy killed them all:
    • BILLEH
    • For some reason, I think Venn needs to grow his beard now.


Nope 270

  • This game just makes me sad now
  • Give us money for a skin pack #yoloswag
  • Are you SHITT*NG me? Still nopes when the gun organ is fired during the tutorial.
  • “Let’s let the community deal with this shit! What’s that? People are idiots and will buy any shit we put up for sale?! Well then make the aliens slightly more red and call it a skin pack!”


The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

  • Edmund McMillen, creator of Cunt (honestly, look it up!) and co-creator of Super Meat Boy. You may remember him from Indie Game: The Movie as that dude despairing over SMB not being on the front page of XBLA, when Microsoft promised him it would be.
    • If that sounds familiar, you’re probably thinking of Paranautical Activity.
  • Personally, the hype ship around this game has long since sailed for me.
    • And I love rogue-likes!



  • Its been out on Humble and Desura forever but now /w Steam goodness.
  • run-and-jump simulator 2013/14
  • First person endless runner, like there weren’t enough of those already!


Dova Budget

  • CGI is expensive
  • Early Access
  • I am fury incarnate and all those who oppose me will suffer my wrath


Classic cash grab

  • A tonne of old shite game that were equal site when they were originally released.
    • Oh, you’re just mad because they’re all about killing germans
      • Nicht!
  •  Shovelware on Steam?! Nah! You must be joking! </sarcasm>


7DFPS 2014

  • My vote goes to whomever submits a social commentary game on 60FPS is too low and 7DFPS is where it’s at!
  • Sim DICTATOR 2014!
  • Because we need more fpses


Pewpew Thunder

  • Steam version coming later.
  • Right now executable require CPU to support SSE4 intruction set.
    • SSE4a:  Supported
      • SSE41:  Supported
      • SSE42:  Supported \:D/
  • Needed -mode:windowed for the FKR to launch
  • Getting 60 FERPS on average
    • That’s about right
    • Didn’t play long enough to go hunting for the options to see if there was anything I could increase. Are there any?


MASSIVE Linux support

  • GG DF always makes /w the Linux ports.
  • Love how the kiddies are still buthurt about SB.
  • There are no guarantees /w crowdfunded projects.
  • Fantasy, medieval X-COM: Enemy Unknown
  • Kickstarter, Tim Schafer’s personal 0-interest-on-loans bank account!
  • No fullscreen, only guaranteed to work in windowed mode at 720P, no mouse wheel support
  • Still, no better way to fix it then to put it out in the real world and get feedback


Dozen of user excited

  • I’ve re-adjusted the antennas but the signal is the same.
  • I cannae give any more fucks cap'n!
  • All the quality games that could not get on Steam
  • So… What did Linden Labs do with it over the past year?
    • Fuck and all, which is why they’re happy to get rid of it


We forked it, comrade!

  • Russian team
  • It’s not a fork of TimeSplit’s Fallout SDL engine reimplementation, but they clearly borrowed more than a couple of lines of code.
  • Not playable in any sense of the word.
  • As usual, you’ll need the game’s assets to play it. When it gets to a playable state, that is.


WC Flat

  • Wing Commander themed Asteroids
  • That’s a franchise Garriot should ressurrect
  • That said, they have been quite
  • ….And I can’t actually play the damn thing.
    • Credit where credit is due.   They Tar’d up the executables


Rally time

  • 20 new tracks
  • Fixed black terrain on ATI/AMD Radeon cards
  • New challenges and championships
  • I’ve always wanted to like this project but even in “arcade” driving is shite.


CHAIR– Nooope

CHAIRCHAIR– Not sure if want


CHAIRCHAIRCHAIRCHAIR– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Dead Is-Land (pending because reasons)


Devel: Techland

Engine: Chrome Engine 5

Price: (GOTY) 19.99

Wazzat: Terror. Violence. Madness. Bedlam. A holiday paradise gone mad. A tropical island turns into total chaos after a mysterious zombie outbreak. Cut off from the rest of the world, the player’s only chance to survive is to fight to the death and find a way to escape from the island.

Makes with the working


  • ………………………………………………………………………….sorry, was loading my reply.
  • I can’t get a straight answer from the hu-mans from Techland on this being ELF native.
  • Did you just change my monitor gamma in windowed mode Brad? Yes you did!
  • Performance is hella off the charts.


  • The game runs stupidly well.


  • On the Calculator
    • Main campaign crashes immediately after I choose a character or attempt to load my old save.
    • Ryder Campaign works… for some reason.
  • On the new PC, everything sort of works, tune into the Shiny and Sounds for moar.
  • Saying this game loads from middle earth is like saying snails are fast creatures.


Shiny / Sounds


  • Nothing to mail bomb home about but it look alright.
  • In all fairness i’m not exactly the expert on prancing around in the daylight.
  • Voice acting was not horrid and most of the weapons deliver a satisfying THWACK


  • So much Steve Blum


  • The shader compilation at anything higher than the random ass gamma value the game needs, fails
  • You get random artifacting and really odd colors splattered around.
  • I like them Australian accents and the voice actors did a really bang job on the bogan, there.




  • Did they just drop shite on the keyboard organ and go ‘yeah, looks good’ ??
  • Oh oh that’s how we select weapons?
  • Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupe
  • Really, my strategy is ruuuuuun *swap weapon* run back.
  • In game gerbil speed has FK ALL to do /w menu gerbil speed


  • Some of these controls make absolutely no sense
  • I get what they’re trying to do with knocking down doors, but it’s stupid
  • So are quick time events for wrestling zombies


  • I wanted to give it 1 chair so bad.
    • But, 1 chair means it’s completely and outright busted.
  • And, fact of the matter is, in-game the controls work reasonably well
  • Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to recognize PgUp and PgDn as valid keys.
  • Nor the mouse wheel and the extra mouse buttons.




  • I really want to give it 1 chair but i’ve played worse.
  • FK all load times
  • Shite weapon selection control thingy
  • But at the end of the day it’s an average zombie smashing game if you ignore the quest.


  • Call it borderlands burnout, but I don’t think this game is very fun
  • All the grindyness of BL2, but with shittier inventory management


  • It has all the makings of a proper game.
  • It could have even been an awesome game.
  • Unfortunately, 3 years after release, they’ve ported it to Linux and introduced EVEN MORE bugs than the game already had.
    • And it had a lot of them.



Hate Mail:

procedurally generated linuxgnuru

  • Who needs women when you have LinuxGameCast?   If you close your eyes and pretend, Pedro is almost as good as the real thing.
  • Alternatively, give your phone company all your monies by streaming the live show to a tablet at a  bar.   Show all the single ladies your cool internet friends



  • The benchmark was pointless.
  • Why you ask? When was the last time you set a Windows render to OpenGL?
  • Unigine is a fk mothering game engine that is so shite the only game made /w it is Oil Rush from the devels of …you guessed it! Unigine.
  • I just noticed something.
    • On the article, there is a picture with the 3 cards
    • On the table below it says all cards are Gigabytes, yet only the 980 and 780 on the picture are Gigabyte.
    • The 970 on that picture is an EVGA SC GTX970.

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