LinuxGameCast Weekly EP94 — WNE SHI?

Ryan teases the Goat! Jagged Alliance flashes back, HomeFront has a 2015 Release date, and Retro MMOs are back in style. Then The Fall faces our chairquisition! All this, plus your hate mail.


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Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam News :

Sky is Falling

  • I dunno.  The whole PC as a console didn’t sit all that right with me until I actually went and built one.   Now I do a significant chunk of my gaming on it.

  • I love how the day after this was published the majority of the internet was drooling over the new Asus RoG Steam Machines.

  • Unlike J-man I built one and seldom use it. It’s hella early and nobody really knows what G-man is really up to.

  • I hope it takes off because we really don’t need console hardware holding back games for another eight years.


At least they’re still working on it?

  • “On my machine, using PlayOnLinux, Witcher 2 performance is worse than our port is”

    • ^ quit reading right there. You can install the CSMT version /w POL

      • “However, with the CSMT patch, it does appear to be much better.”

      • They admit CSMT is better than their port. Case and point!


Interstellar Marines

  • Gerbil control is busted on several Buntu and Dora systems (being worked on)

  • /w everything on 11 it’s not what I would call visually stunning.

  • Unity and it’s often floaty controls (as Venn mentioned) being used to power, what I assume will be, a precision shooting, tactical, FPS along the lines of the early SWAT series games.

    • Of course, if it does turn into CoD: Unity Marines (as the screenshots seem to indicate) I wouldn’t be surprised.

    • Fuck all if I’m paying €17 to find out, either way.


Jafa Crea

  • This looks like full on terreria.   How have these guys not been slapped with a plagiarism suit yet?

    • Glad I’m not the only one who noticed it.

  • Supposedly adds RPG elements and is more fantasy based

  • I suppose until Flibit finishes FNA, we’ll be stuck with no linux port of Terreria, so this’ll have to do

  • Speaking of which, how long has Starbound been in Early Access?



  • Venn and Jordan’s favorite favourite genres combined!

    • If I don’t usually say colour or armour, I sure as fuck ain’t sayin’ favourite!

      • You just did.

      • Duck-Sauce-Charlie-Sheen-Spinstyles-Bi-Winning-Edit.jpg

  • Recommended:

    • OS: NOT Gentoo.

  • I think they used the same ugly stick that linux_gaming used on this game’s steam page.   Geez

Flashout 2

  • Picked this up knowing ITSANAPP!

  • I died a little inside when I saw the My first Unity resolution/control popup.

  • SDL2 is no longer a moon option.

  • This is 1 part lazy/uninformed devel and 1 part WTH does Unity even pretend this thing fk mothering works?

  • Android screensaver the game, judging by the reviews.

  • Auto accelerate and auto turn. Physics!? What’s that physics?


Survival Minecraft native

  • That’s a lot of bullshit to get a Unity game running

    • ^!

    • ^

    • At least they didn’t zip it.


Jagged Alliance Flashback

  • Dat price

  • Dat early access

  • €40 – WAT!?


Floating Point

  • Supposedly zen physics puzzler

    • More frustrating than calming.

  • Price of free!


Soulsess FUCK Ryan C teases the Goat

  • Alas Ryan!   Why do you torment me so!?!


Mojang looking to stop Minecraft servers where you can ‘donate’/buy for perks

  • Interesting issue.   Running a server ain’t exactly cheap, so I can’t fault the admins of these servers for wanting to rake in extra spacebucks

  • Someone in the reddit thread brought up that restricting access to content on a server unless paid violates the EULA

  • Complicated issue.   You guys should talk about it in Shatrealm statically linked maybe

  • In response, Garry Newman said that people are free to monetize their GMod and Rust servers:




  • Hey look! We remade Desura!

  • Knowing GOG it will run via WINE

    • It will also run better with WINE than whatever “native” version they release

  • I suppose having a centralized console to manage all your GOG games is okay, but this smacks of a solution in search of a problem

  • I guess they realized no one gave a damn about their .NET GOG Downloader thing.


Catacomb, The Catacomb, Catacomb 3D, Catacomb Abyss, Hovertank3D open sauced

  • *breaks out Borland Turbo Pascal*

  • John Romero and John Carmack’s entries to the late 80s, early 90s medieval FPS genre

    • The games that paved the way for Hexxen and Heretic


Homefront: The Revolution

  • “Homefront: The Revolution, planned for launch in 2015 on PC (Windows, Mac OS and Linux)”

  • From the publisher of Metro 2033 and Wasteland 2. I for one welcome this NDA.


  • They’re going for the STALKER-y approach of FPS. Namely, the fact that if you storm into the fray à lá Gordon Freeman, your insides will be repurposed as wallpaper in a matter of seconds.

  • I just hope they don’t shoehorn in those retarded, mandatory cover-based mechanics.


Stendhal 1.14

  • Another java MMO.  This one is open source though

  • Retro Final Fantasy inspired graphics with the typical western MMO mechanics.


– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: The Fall


Devel: Over the Moon Games

Engine: Unity

Price:$/€ 9.99

Wazzat: This week we’re reviewing a game based on Tarsem’s “The Fall”.   Its a lovely story about a man trying to kill himself with morphine and the illiterate young foreign girl that saves him from….Wait…That’s not

Wait don’t you mean it’s based on a psychological thriller that examines the lives of two hunters? One is a serial killer who stalks his victims in and around Belfast and the other is a talented female Detective Superintendent from the MET who is brought in to catch him.


Makes with the working


  • How do you manage to not capture the gerbil input in 2014?


  • Crashed on the first run on my AMD box



Shiny / Sounds


  • The graphics / voicework are above average for an indie joint.


  • Textures are expensive you know!

  • Audio outright didn’t work for me


  • Competent voice acting

  • Using a pitch dark environment helps hide the shortcomings of the Unity engine.

  • “Hey! Who turned out the lights?” – The game

  • The one bit of criticism I have is: That flashlight doesn’t illuminate a goddamn thing! For a futuristic, AI controlled, power armor / space suit thingie, the flashlight is pretty weak!




  • Again, not capturing the input made the game hella difficult.

  • For an advanced AI suit thingy it moves like arse. The stopping momentum is mental.

  • The Xclone gamepad layout is unadulterated nightmare fuel. The hard-coded layout is Pepsi challenge bad.


  • Controller mappings are seriously wack

  • On teh Steambox, everything is super twitchy

  • Someone was on some bad acid when they came up with this control scheme


  • We made a Unity game and we didn’t know about SDL2 – The game

  • Playing with the keyboard and mouse sorta works until the cursor goes outside the window and you start clicking on other things.

  • PS2 Dual shock layout is completely wrong and outright unusable.




  • It’s a 2,5D point&click adventure game …in spaaaaaace!

  • I kinda got into the story and the graphics / voicework are above average for an indie joint.

  • Combat is rubbish and some of the FK YOU! That’s why! bugs were introduced by the devels

  • “I disabled jumping until they enter cover” “the feel of that moment”


  • Combat is really, really horrible.   Especially if you’re playing on an xbox controller

  • I suppose the plot could be interesting if the gameplay didn’t make me feel like I’m wasting my time

  • Boo urns


  • I really like the atmosphere and the AI’s “moral” dilemma regarding what it must do to keep the pilot alive.

  • I would very much like to keep playing it and would probably give it 4 chairs if it weren’t for the control issues and the free-roaming cursor (which would be less of an issue if I could use my Dual Shock).


Final –

Hate Mail:

Z1lt0id says his peace

  • I would say there is a large difference between entitlement and paying customers demanding a quality product.  If companies are expecting people to pay full price for their ports, there is an expectation on the end of the consumer that what they are spending their hard earned money on is not a cheap, half assed product.

  • Additionally Metro’s limitations on linux can be partially attributed to the fact that the windows version can use the latest DirectX, whilst the linux port is stuck with open GL 3.x <NOTE TO JORDAN: verify this>

    • OpenGL 3.1 is the minimum, 3.3 if you push the quality slider all the way up.

    • Even then, the game runs buttery smooth on both of my test systems.   I would say that’s a pretty good quality port

  • Alright. Someone get the ladder and a MIC because IMA bout to drop it ..from orbit



  • And those cries will mostly fall upon deaf ears.   There is no getting around the fact that some publishers insist on using DRM.

  • That and VALVe has no incentive to push DRM-free through their DRM client.

    • The more people who use Steam as DRM for their games, the more likely they are to start purchasing games from the client store. VALVe would only stand to lose if they actively pushed developers/publishers to do this.



  • Time to brush up on your Russian, kids!

  • So much for the Xbox One port.

  • I like how the creator of a cult hit casually drops us a line.


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