LinuxGameCast Weekly EP102 — Surprise Nickleback

Homeland for Linux confirmed!!11!? Steam dabbles in alchemy, Darkwood goes Early Access, and Virtual Programming brings us another Witching update. Then FLATOUT 2 faces our Chairquisition! All this, plus your hate mail.


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Try before you buy,mint

Steam News :

Moar beta Alchemy

  • Added XBMC (now Kodi) deps

  • Fixed a bunch of CVEs

  • And a bugfix for their compositor


NeonXSZ coming to Steam Aug 22

  • Good on the dev for including a warning label about early access

  • Sandbox shooter game with a lot of customization options a-la diablo

  • So basically another fuck around simulator, this time with shooting


If Only

  • Stanley Parable wannabe on Unity and without an ounce of the charm.

    • I’ve read free is too much, in the case of this game.

  • The sound is weird.    Fine one moment and inaudible the next.   Also very Unity-tastic


Darkwood is the name of my jive appreciation band

  • This on the other hand is a top-down, early access, survival type game.

  • In soviet russia wood darks you


Crypt of the NecroDancer

  • AKA Rogue Rogue Revolution


[LINUX] Public Beta 2 – buildID 341339

  • From the company that is working super hard to match STOCK FK MOTHERING WINE performance.

  • I just tried it and it’s sad.

  • The WINE project has well over a decade of sorting Windows games. Your half-arsed reimplementation is still 50% slower.  


Homeland for Linux confirmed!!11!

Don’t Cry

  • It’s CryTek! Of course they would find an investor (or 10) to help them.

  • Also, glad Deep Silver was the one who got it!

  • Yay for best of all outcomes


Greedy Car Thieves Street Arena

  • I’m glad they are still working on it but it still looks like GCT and that game was rubbish.

  • It looks like Multiplayer GTA 2


Frozen Vor Cortex (beta)

  • Blood Bowl with robots.

  • $25 buy-in to a beta.

    • You do get 2 keys, but you’re still playing $25 for a beta.


– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies



Devel: Bugbear Entertainment

Engine: ROMU

Price: $9.99 / €7.47

Wazzat: “Experience the drive of your life as you throw yourself around on and off the track causing fences to shatter, tyre walls explode, water tanks and barrels fly across the track into other cars.”

Enjoy the mayhem while listening to a slamming soundtrack from artists including Rob Zombie, Papa Roach, Fall Out Boy, Nickelback, Wolfmother and more!

Makes with the working


  • The options menu only appears once.

  • No windowed mode.


  • Sound didn’t work out of the box

  • Controller isn’t recognized


  • Exiting the game shuts down my external monitor.

  • I had to edit the bash scripts they include with the game to remove all the resolution bs.


Shiny / Sounds


  • It started /w a NickelBack song. Minus 1 chair.

  • Seriously, Nickelback? Minus another chair.


  • When I noticed the song listed on the menu screen, I was suddenly relieved that the sound didn’t work

  • The game looks good enough. Seems to have aged decently well


  • The sound pops with the constant buffer underruns caused by the alsa-pulse plugin.

    • I fixed it by deleting the in their wrapper and symlinked it to my system’s

    • Also, before the symlink hack, if you had sound coming out of any other source when you start the game, the game’s sound wouldn’t work.

  • They spent most of their audio budget in licensing songs and that results in the game only having like 10 different ones.

    • That or they all sound extremely similar.

  • Gets two chairs because the graphics are pretty good and the game still runs great on my calculator with 2xAA and 8xAF.




  • I managed to make it work /w the Xclone but no option for the Enter button

  • Then we deal /w the Xclone randomly flipping the hell out.

  • Really, it somehow changed my auto into manual FFS.

  • Aaaand for good measure it pulls to the left ..randomly


  • Both Hori and Real xbox controllers just didn’t work

  • Keyboard handles a bit like ass


  • My PS2 Dual Shock doesn’t seem to do anything other than causing the car to constantly be turning right if I set the controller options to use it.

  • Keyboard works fine and rebinding it actually sticks, so it gets two chairs.





  • This game desperately needs a  controller.   I derive no enjoyment from playing this game using a keyboard

  • Also Nickleback


  • The game is alright, I did enjoy it.

  • It gets 2 chairs because the amount of BS I had to do on my end to get it working properly.


Final –

Hate Mail:


  • KKK2.JPG


Not So Shiny

  • VALVE dropped the ball.

  • When it first launched 12.04 was the minimum and games worked. Why? Because it gave devels a target.

  • Until they go SteamOS or GTFO don’t expect much.




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