LinuxGameCast Weekly EP103 — Double Complete Larabel

Did Source 2 get a stealth release? PC World gushes about killing floor’s gore, Leadwerks gains Steam, and Borderlands Pre Sequel comes to Linux. Then BattleBlock Theater® faces our Chairquisition! All this, plus your hate mail.


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Hate Mail


Think getting into kernel development is hard?

Steam News :

Source 2 the sourceining

  • No official word from valve on this yet, but its good to start putting the tools in Devs hands

  • L4D3 CONFIRMED!!11!!

  • half-life-3-i-want-to-believe.jpg

  • Guess we’ll find out at games com


Leadwerks gains steam

  • WHAR Linux!11?

  • Really, that is your selling point.

  • There are better, cheaper engines available for Windows.

  • “Lets have a kickstarter to bring it to Linux natively”

    • 1 Year Later…

      • “Fuck that noise! We like money more than we like being in the good graces of Linux gamers/game devs”

  • You know, I almost could buy the whole doing it for exposure angle…but fuck it



  • RTS /w boats.

  • Looks a bit amateurish for the price,. +

  • You sunk my scrabbleship


Build 267

  • I waited for the 3min load time for the tutorial and it loaded.  

  • NOPED when I fired the first shot.

Lovely Planet

  • Published by the creators of No Time To Explain

  • Placeholder graphics …the game

  • Its like…twee…hipster…quake?


Nuke it!

  • Big thanks to Simon Borgström for the keys.

  • SO it’s multiplayer only?

    • Yup and Lag kills are very much a thing.

    • If you just run around one of the planetoids while shooting a rapid fire gun, you can see the delay with which the shots are fired.

  • The gravity mechanic seems interesting.   I’d maybe pick it up if it was on sale


Hipster dungeon

  • Would be amazing if it allowed networked play.

  • ^ I will give it a spin when/if online mode is added.

  • Yeah, local co-op seems a limiting factor for this game

  • roll 4dnope and drop the lowest


TakeTwo lets possible Linux Borderlands: Pre Sequel news slip


Killing Floor 2 – Meet the Zeds, part 2

  • Repetitious or not, the original KF did pull me in quite effectively for 45hours.

  • Of course, back then, there wasn’t a whole lot of variety when it came to Linux games on Steam.

  • I thought we already did this story

  • The author waxes about how orgasmic the combat is in the game

  • Hilights include a new melee combat system and perks


Noooope nope nope nope nope nope (thank strider)

  • From the creators of PlayonLinux ..that I just uninstalled.



  • I’m liking FNA more and more.

  • Big kudos to flibit for the continuous introduction of more SDL2 features to it!

  • I still like how XBLA lives linux gaming



  • Someone actually built a game /w the MegaGlest Engine?

    • Yeah and they’re hoping putting centauri in the name will draw people in hopes it’s an Alpha Centauri type thing.

    • Which admittedly it does fit into the genre, it probably won’t be as good though.


Unvanquished Alpha 30 released,

  • Vertex data optimization! Finally!




– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: BattleBlock Theater®


Devel: The Behemoth

Engine: ???

Price: $/€ 14.99

Wazzat: “You’ve got no where to go but up…on stage. Play single player or co-op to free your friends and save Hatty Hattington! Jump, solve and battle your way through a mysterious theater inhabited by highly technological felines.”

Makes with the working





Shiny / Sounds


  • Dig the art style for what it is

  • Narration got hella annoying


  • Narration by stamper = the best





  • XClone worked OOTB



  • PS2 dual shock worked ootb, with a sensible layout!

    • I smell SDL2!




  • Single player is a bit meh

  • This is better suited for local co-op drinking game



  • It shines in multiplayer, even if it does get a bit laggy when you’re playing with people from other continents.

  • Single-player works for what it is, but it really is a multiplayer oriented game.

  • Like Venn said, very good party game.


Final –

Hate Mail:


  • If I start going down that road, I’m gonna be poorer than Pedro very quickly

  • Of course I’m going to expect it! r600 still covers the highest percentage of Linux AMD graphics users.


I can read babe?

  • Risin’ Goat ladies and gents.

  • From a collection of dim-witted FKS that can’t read.

  • I sent them the usual “Demo or GTFO” speech and he had this to say:



  • Venn and I can empathize. We too are plagued by constant weekly visions of Pedro’s face

  • So… You left your plasma TV on for 10 hours playing youtube videos?

    • To me that’s indicative of a bigger problem than having my face seared onto the screen.

    • Also, I guess you’re lucky it was my face. Considering our content, you could have ended up with something worse on your TV.

      • Like your O-face

  • We like ze ARCH!11! It’s the fan club we have issues with.



  • brave

  • [breyv]

  • adjective, brav·er, brav·est.

  • 1.

  • possessing or exhibiting courage or courageous endurance.


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