LinuxGameCast Weekly EP 120 – A French Limitation

BioShock Infinite embraces the penguin! Steam enters the casting business, Broken Age: Act 2 gets delayed, and 4K gaming on my Linux? Then Dead Core faces our Chairquisition! All this, plus your hate mail.


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Hate Mail


4K buy?

The monitor in question


What be this moon tech?

  • 4K MHL Widescreen LED Backlight LCD Monitor
  • DVI, MHL ,Display port, USB 3.0
  • For EXACTLY tree fiddy


  • 28″ 4K goodness
  • USB 3.0 hub
  • Ninja stand
  • Epic colour for a TN panel
  • Play some games in 4K /w a 770


  • You need at minimum a 770
  • You NEED DP 1.2
  • Display port connector is fine until you rotate the monitor *POP*
  • 2K is scaled
  • 1K is native but will make your eye organs bleed after 4K
  • No desktop scaling (would make P-man squint)
  • Slight cursor ghoting on some colour schemes. Window movement is fine and no issues /w gaming because 2ms.  
  • 500 now? NOPE!

Steam News :

Steam stream

  • Everyone thinks VALVe is trying to create a TWITCH competitor.
    • Doesn’t really look like it.  Twitch hosts all sorts of video streams, this seems to be specifically for gaming.   More like a virtual couch
    • Beats sharing your screen over skype
  • These lot think ten years out and anyone predicting what they are up to is a complete moron.
  • So, let me tell you what they are up to.
  • Building / testing an infrastructure for streaming games. e.g. no downloads, you stream them into your face organ.
    • Interesting hypothesis.   Lines up with their existing streaming effort.
    • Also, possibly an investment in to the social aspect of steam.   Brings a spectator mode for even single player games
  • What irks me about this is that, being VALVe the company that is pushing Linux, why does the penguin always get the short end of the stick?
  • The exact same thing happened with the Home Streaming bits earlier, took’em almost 4 months to get that working in Linux.
    • But I gave them a pass on that one, it was a new thing. No one else had done it before, so I get it.
    • This?! This I don’t get.
  • And perhaps, worse than that, is that this move makes that Slashdot comment from last month sound all the more likely.


Steam Machines, [ Almost ] One Year Later


  • “I’m not sure anyone would want to go back to SteamOS with fewer games once they have tasted the full Windows catalog on Steam.”
  • WOW
  • I get that it’s a “hey, wonder if I can cash in on this Linux thing” the blog but FFS pick a target audience.
  • I was okay with this blog. Didn’t particularly make a point out of reading it, but the couple of articles I had read so far were alright. Boring, bland and as politically correct as they come, but not hypocritical to the point of laughability.
  • Now I know this person, this Ekianjo, can eat a bag of dicks. (NTTAWWT)
    • You shouldn’t be allowed to write about Linux gaming if you keep a Windows partition to go running back to whenever you want to play games.


Remember when I said buy a bundle because RAISINS?

  • Sat through roommate playing this one.   Visually stunning, but the story didn’t impress me all that much.
  • Still, another 2K AAA title makes with the linux
  • Not Asspyre and not Feral.
  • (Somewhere at 2K) “Let’s make the repo public. That will really fk /w them!”
  • Thanks, Satan



  • Murder mercilessly as wave after wave of computer controlled idiots get mowed down by gunfire
  • Or so they say.   Pick it up on linux if you’re a fan of the pre-sequel
  • I’ve logged 2hrs on a $60 game. Might skip the DLC.



  • I’m soooo not okay /w this.
  • These are kids /w a money tube and deservingly but ..raisins
  • The project was funded in Nov 2012
  • We’re two + years in and this (yeah, I know a lot of devels watch this show ..prepare to hate me) is why you need management.
  • Don’t go Overgrowth with this. The game is baked and at this point you should have a month long early access for load testing and release.
  • Yeah
  • Bwahahahaha



  • Pixelly Tokyo Jungle, a game where your one goal is to fuck bitches.
  • Disregard femals, aqcuire currency
  • “The Deer God is a 3D hipster pixel game that will challenge your hypocrisy and platforming skills. By 3D we mean it’s a 2D game in a sort of 3D environment, so we can justify to our families the student loans we incurred on the graphics designer course.”


Broken Age Act 2 delayed to early 2015

  • Alright, now i’m getting a little worried.
  • At the same time, do we want them to ship an unfinished product?
    • They have no issues /w that
      • Well I do
      • Tim, I love you man, but you gotta get your shit together
  • And of course, people in the comments are giving them crap and comparing this to SB:DF9


Flibit Needs your help!

  • In short, because he has no visual acumen whatsoever, Flibit is looking for volunteers to work on an FNA site so that prospective and current developers have a nice thing to look at for documentation and marketing
  • FNA is a fucking awesome project, so I implore anyone with web design skillz to at least get in contact with Ethan


Leadwerks Winter Games Tournament Kicks Off

  • Will someone actually create a game on leadwerks that is actually worth playing?   Tune in for the next episode of Dragonball Z
  • Sad that the only engine /w a native Linux editor (minus UE4) has almost zero traction.


Quake Wine Launcher

  • And nobody cares.
    • Wait…no, you’re right
  • Seriously, when support was dropped there was a collective “that was still around?”

– Nooope

CHAIRCHAIR– Not sure if want


CHAIRCHAIRCHAIRCHAIR– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Dead Core (pending on ass-pyre update)


Devel: 5-Bits Games

Engine: Unity

Price: $/€ 9.99

Wazzat: DeadCore is a Platformer-FPS blending exploration and speedrun.

Makes with the working


  • Despite lacking the ever elusive (but recommended) “1go VRAM” the game ran without issue.


  • hasn’t screwed up fullscreen yet
  • Resolution selection doesn’t scroll properly


  • You can tell it’s a Unity game because it attempted to fullscreen into both my monitors and failed miserably.


Shiny / Sounds


  • No support for 4K? What is this? 2014?!
  • I’ve had 4K goodness flowing through my eye pussies and into my brain meat since Monday.
  • 1080 @ 28″ looks just cricket …until you’ve seen the megawesomeness that is 4K
  • This is not a limitation of Unity, just a limitation of the French.
  • It’s pretty for ze Unity. You can tell some time went into the texture organs.
  • The sounds range from annoying to fk all, why are you even bothering?


  • It’s certainly a cool looking game
  • It appeals to my inner 14 year old in that regard
  • The sounds are barely there though


  • The graphics look alright. But again, Unity!
  • And if they tried to look any more like Portal, I’m pretty sure Valve would have to get the lawyers involved.
    • Nory took a look at it and immediately said it looked a lot like Portal.
  • Starting the game while I was watching a YouTube video garbled up the sound worse than Fallout 3 on the Alsa plugin.
  • The game also creates not one audio stream, but 2!
    • The intro movies and gameplay volume is controlled on the FModEx stream, the menu sound effects and music are controlled in the DeadCore.x64 stream.




  • Oh look! A 3-D platformer! Hope the controls are tight!
  • Aaaah! Why is everything covered in Teflon? Seriously, how did you get Teflon in the AIR?! Monster.
  • The controls work and by that I mean they fk mothering function.
  • All of the movement in the game feels …I don’t know, slow? airy? fucked?
  • You honestly expect people to speedrun this?


  • The controls are really floaty.   Kind of hard to tell when you’re on ground or not
  • Teflon…


  • Allows for proper mouse sensitivity control
  • Allows to rebind almost all keys, except the mouse ones.
    • I like to bind the scroll wheel click to Jump. It wouldn’t let me.
  • Control in the later levels with the sprint/dash become a matter of luck.
  • Are you going to make it to that little floaty cube? Probably, but you’ll slide right out of it.




  • First person platformer / shooter intended for speedruns with floaty, sloppy controls. The nope density is almost immeasurable.


  • It’s certainly cool to look at and you kinda almost want to explore it
  • I agree with Venn.   The controls really do kill this one


  • It doesn’t hold your hand
  • Levels are HUGE!
  • It is a first person platformer where you can’t see your feet.
    • Need I say why that is a problem?


Final –CHAIRCHAIR speedrun hacks

Hate Mail:



It’s not about SkullGirls (for now)


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