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Your intrepid heroes meet Rudolph the rapey God, mash some keys, and flail our gerbils.


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CHAIR– Nooope

CHAIRCHAIR– Not sure if want


CHAIRCHAIRCHAIRCHAIR– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Isbarah
Webzone: http://www.leikir-studio.com/isbarah
Devel: Leikir Studio
Engine: Unity
Price: $/€ 13.99

Wazzat: Isbarah is a cross-genre of bullet hell and platformer style, it’s a hardcore 2d game and each level is a duel boss fight. Players will need to fully understand the boss patterns.

Makes with the working


  • So I played the game @ 3840 then switched back to 2560.
  • Guess what happened when I launched it at 2560? Yup, jacked up res city.
  • If your game causes me to switch res (3 screens so I have to update xorg.conf and rebort X) you can eat a bag of dicks.  




Shiny / Sounds


  • The inconsistency of the art style is hella jarring.
  • I want to believe that two separate people were responsible for drawing the cutscenes and the actual levels.
  • Unfortunately this is probably one person who is moderately capable at drawing fantasy landscapes / backdrops for the levels but is painfully bad at composing the human form.
  • e.g. Rudolph the rapey God  
  • I.  Asshole
  • That said, the backdrops look quite nice when they’re not covered up with waves of blue balls …giggity
  • For some reason the colour pallet reminds me of a SEGA Genesis but so do the sounds, and that’s not a bad thing.
  • It has a unintentional visual retro vibe going on and ….it kinda works


  • I don’t know.   The art style is…there, but it doesn’t do anything for me
  • I’m all for the hand drawn look, just make sure that your drawings are good.
  • The soundtrack is just kind of there


  • The art style is actually interesting, but I can’t stand the soundtrack…




  • Oh, fuck this bullshit right in the ear organ.
  • I see several people asking for controller support only to be told the game was not designed for it.
  • You’re right, this game was not designed for controlla support but it sure as hell wasn’t designed for keyboard and gerbil …either.
  • The one mechanic that would not translate to a controlla is the platform.
  • Thing is, that only works half the fk mothering time /w a gerbil.


  • I’m of the opinion that unless your platformer is in first person, you’re gonna need to design it around a controller.
  • So you don’t do that, and you add random mouse flailing
  • Yes.  I see, this is brilliant!


  • No controller support
  • Drawing the lines with the mouse fails more often than it succeeds
  • Looked on the Steam forums and someone was having the same problem, the offered solution? Change the polling rate on your mouse.
    • I’d have to be on some serious crack trip to fuck with the firmware on my Roccat Kova[+] for some random Unity game on Steam that costs a fraction of what this mouse did.
  • But wait, there’s more.
  • They describe the game as a Bullet Hell platformer thing, right?
  • What do those two genres have in common?
    • They need proper and TIGHT controls.
    • Platforming and attempting to dodge the projectiles using Unity’s default physics is like attempting to steer a car with slick tires through rush hour on a rainy day.




  • The game is difficult but that’s only because of the awkward arse controls.
  • Every “level” is a boss fight but the “boss” only exists as background noise.
  • There might be a story but the just the FKN premise is pants-on-head retarded.
  • Mix that /w $13.99 and you get a big honking glass of nope.


  • This game is stupid.   Thanks for the key though.



Final –CHAIR


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