LinuxGameCast Weekly EP156 – Because Raisins

Smach Zero opens pre-orders! Interstellar Marines plays a game, Divinity: Original Sin 2 makes a promise, and NVIDIA releases a tool. Then No Time To Explain Remastered faces our CHAIRQUISITION! All this, plus your hate mail.

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Hate Mail

Special thanks to our Patreons

  • Ashley G

Steam News:

Colour Key: Venn Jordan Pedro

VR Day uno?

  • “Right now the plan is …”
  • I might get the Vive if someone makes one of those porn games for Linux for reasons…
  • Or will it be a $500 kinect.  Time will tell
  • HTC’s executive director of marketing =’s Jeff Gattis
    • Yeah, this was mostly about marketing and promotion
    • Lots of technical “I don’t knows”
  • So take this with some salt


Just in time for X-mas year Rasian X

  • GCN-based Radeon graphics”
    • Are you being stupid on purpose?
    • Oh yeah, we’re looking at sub game-gear battery life
  • The only thing I can really see this being used for is playing skyrim on the toilet
  • I wonder what the thermal profile on this is…
  • You can pre-order it for $330, €300 or £200.
    • That’s pretty big leap of faith you’re asking of people, innit?
  • Unrealistic scenario: It ships but it’s underpowered/unsupported and hella cheap on the build quality.
  • More likely: It never ships because reason X
  • If if you must back the project at least wait until they have a fk mothering physical prototype.



  • Seems like that geriatrics kart game we chairquisitioned is going to support the Areola Controlla.
  • It’s just a shame no one is playing it anymore:
  • I suppose it’s a good thing that units are being put in the hands of small developers.
  • Still waiting for november



  • They walked away with $6.6 million
  • Highest prize ever paid out at Wimbledon was $2.8 mill, that’s about the same as the second place team took home in a video game championship.


False advertising you say? Blatant lying? Why yes

  • It certainly brings up an interesting legal issue regarding the content that let’s players produce
  • Someone in their company definitely should have seen this meltdown and put the kibosh on it
  • These lot went into EA on July 3, 2013. Since then they have basically added a GUN to the fkn game.
  • Video:
  • Yes, a 2.5sec “warning” with the disclaimer in mice type.
  • They were trying to promote their upcoming event by slapping Tubers reactions on their video.
  • This is retarded for two (possibly three) reasons.
    • 1. This does not fall under fair use or transformative work.
    • 2. Nobody over the age of 5 watches reaction gaming videos


Marilyn Manson stimulator  

  • More like Damian from the Omen
  • I was wondering when they’d finally make a Good Omens tie in game
  • Kind of reminds me of that murderous japanese schoolgirl simulator
  • 50% off ‘til monday
  • Reuben Lucius Goldberg Machine with more murder.


Greenlit Mutants

  • Formerly known as Subvein.
  • Will be free on Steam, if their last email is to be believed.


Something, something, NVidia doesn’t contribute to Linux

  • Nvidia doesn’t contribute to open source.   They have  a significant investment on the linux side, what with the supercomputers that use their enterprise grade gpus.   Do you REALLY think they’re using windows?
  • It’s good to see that the tools are starting to trickle in though.  Anything that helps debug the nightmare that is openGL is a godsend
  • It’s really good to see that NVIDIA is making /w the business and not some hollow BS promise.
  • It’s only available for registered NVidia GameWorks developers.
    • Anyone can register.


Will you fall for it again?

  • Some of those comments gave me horse ancer-caids
  • Folks, do not back this.   They’ve reigned on their promise for linux support three times, what makes you think they’ll follow through this time?
  • No money for Larian until we get what we’re owed
  • I like the people who are saying things along the lines of “I’m going to have a hard time backing this”.
  • That translates to “I’m a filthy dual-booting heathen and will play the game on Windows”.
  • This harkens to last month, when I proposed game developers shouldn’t be allowed to have another kickstarter until they have delivered all of their promises from the previous one.


Mesa supports OpenGL 4.2

  • Awesome!   Good thing none of the drivers do!
    • Intel’s would if they got off their asses and added the missing OpenGL 4 and 4.1 extensions.



  • GTK3 Themes work now.  Our long national nightmare is over
  • TIL WINE had themes.
  • It does make it so that firing up a WINE app doesn’t look like you’re back in 1995.



  • sudo apt-get install nvidia-xxx
  • chmod +x *.run ; ./run?
    • You forgot sudo services lightdm/gdm stop or sudo systemctl stop lightdm/gdm
    • Which is the step your average ARCH user is afraid of.
  • So, can we expect these packagers to include the properly patched FGLRX drivers in this ppa?



  • Costs the same as the Raspberry Pi 2 and should blow it out of the water, performance-wise.
  • Also supports eMMC if the MicroSDs are too slow for your use case
  • It has some improvements over the nonplus ODROID C1:
    • HDMI connector change to Type-A from Type-D (micro HDMI).
    • Improved SD card compatibility
    • CEC function whether the RTC backup battery is installed or not
    • ODROID-C1+ can be powered from the USB OTG port as well as DC-Jack
    • I2S signals exposed for external audio DAC
  • And I fail to realize why we’re talking about an ARM board on Linux Gamecast
  • I have no idea.   It could serve as a decent limelight box
  • Perhaps if you need a dedicated Battle for Wesnoth machine



  • Does this directly correlate to Vulkan on the Desktop? No so much.
  • BUT it’s not a stretch thinking ‘It can do this /w mobile? That’s all you had to say’
  • It’s very multithreaded





  • These lot have permission long as they do not charge for it.
  • Never really got into the Salad fingers back in the when.   It’s there if you want it.   I guess



  • It’s a neat project to attempt have a pokemon-style monster breeding/catching game, but it misses one of the core components that makes pokemon the cash cow it is
    • A vibrant community filled with hyperactive 8 year olds and mentally 8-year old men in their 30s.


I took the art from SuperTux and would like to sell it to you

  • $50,000 for a SuperTux MOD. Yeah, no.


CHAIR– Nooope

CHAIRCHAIR– Not sure if want


CHAIRCHAIRCHAIRCHAIR– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: No Time To Explain Remastered
Devel: tinyBuild Games
Engine: Unity
Price: €/$ 14.99 – CDN $16.99

Wazzat: Chase your future self through time and alternate realities while fighting giant monsters, collecting hats, and eating cake! No Time To Explain Remastered is the remake of tinyBuild’s debut game. Now with multiplayer!

Makes with the working





Shiny / Sounds


  • It looks like a flash game remade with Unity sauce.
  • The screaming guy is funny …for 5 minutes.
  • After that you put on teh Slayer.






  • Works /w the controlla but can’t remap shite.
  • Default layout is mental.
  • Not playing a platformer /w keyboard and gerbil.


  • Outright does not work with the ds4 controller
  • Keyboard and mouse requires quite a bit of flailing


  • Worked with the DualShock2 on the SteamBox but you really want a mouse for this one.
  • The controller bindings are all over the place and can’t be rebound.
  • The latter levels where you need specific aiming and precise timing are not conducive to controllers.





  • This is something you pick up, put down, and pick up.
  • Is it rage-quit sauce? Yip!
  • Unfortunately, that’s a bad thing.
  • In my experience if I can take it or leave it and more often than not …I will leave it.
  • This is compounded by the inability to save at Boss fights.
  • I’m stuck on the Shaaaaaaaaaaaaark boss.
  • Hell, most of my playtime is the few areas before that fight.
  • Everytime I’m in the mood to give him the business I end up with a fist-full of nope because I’m sick of the levels leading up to it.
  • Pick it up or put it down indeed. I put down.  


  • Ultrahard platformers aren’t my dice
  • I’m not really good at them and I lack the patience to learn all the crap.
  • I can recognize  when one is completely done, but I don’t like squishing controllers


  • Angry gets shit done – the game!
  • The levels are small and usually don’t overstay their welcome.
    • Except for that fucking shmup section with the dinosaurs and the jetpack guy.
    • The game would have been better without that.



Hate Mail:


  • We only accept Coinye
  • Last year Patreon had this big thing about accepting BitCoins but we’re still waiting, Brad.



  • I’m flattered by whatever implications he’s trying to make here.
  • He should put his tinfoil hat back on, though
  • Jordan should pick up some red shades, gloves #jewquisition
    • I think they already had one of those in Spain


General madness

  • We’re sorry, eh?



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