LinuxGameCast Weekly EP148 – Fury X

Geometry Wars™ 3 Evolves! Cryengine finishes their OpenGL Render, SteamOS makes with the fonts, and the world premier of Brick Simulator 2015 Turbo Extreme Pro-am Alpha The beta. Then Freedom Planet faces our CHAIRQUISITION! All this, plus your hate mail.

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Hate Mail

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  • Gaius

Steam News:

Colour Key: Venn Jordan Pedro


  • In short, you no longer get steam trading cards until you put at least two hours into a game
  • This is good, as it forces you to wait out the refund period until Valve starts giving you things that you can financially profit for.
  • Idlemaster itself is a piece of software used to collect steam cards, if you hadn’t figured that out yet
    • This is just a heads up to their user base.
  • Alright lets say I’m using all 600W-organs on my PSU.
    • Say 0.10 per kilowatt hour.
    • So take .6 (KWH) X .10 (price per KWH) X 24 (hours) X 30 (days in month) = $43.20 #mathsbitches
    • How much are you making off cards, Brad?
  • VALVe, learning the hard way the implications of their features.
  • Don’t get me wrong, I love that they have a refund system in place now.
  • But introducing it like… Well, like VALVe introduces things, people are going to find ways of breaking and/or exploiting them.


Liberate the fonts!

  • Will I finally be able to read through the Steam forums without my eyes immediately scouring the page, looking for bad kerning?
    • If  Yo u’re on e of th o se peop le who h ates bad kerning, do I ha ve a su rpris e fo r you
      • My eyes were not very appreciative of that!
      • O h r eall y ?
  • Still, security fixes are always welcome


Legends of Pixelia

  • Please to be explaining why this game is worth 15 bucks?
  • It’s a crappier looking binding of Issac, without the weird shit that made BOI memorable and entertaining
  • It’s not worth $15 and certainly not while in it’s in Early Access.


Massive Update

  • None of that seems to fix any of the issues I had with the game, which I assume were design choices and not bugs.


Geometry Wars™ 3 finally Evolved (just released for Linux)


  • **Please note that updates for the Mac/Linux versions are expected in mid-April**
  • Still no 1080? Really?
    • I mean, sure it would be nice to have, but these are shapes maaaaaaaaahn.   Stop being such a quadrilateral
    • Sooo, it can do 4k but not 1080p?
    • It can do 1080p just fine for me.
  • Better late than never I suppose.


We need a

  • The item chat thing was one of the nice features of Diablo 3.   Good to see more games adopting it
  • Ah, running backwards simulator.


Driver shite

  • Not much to really talk about with this release.   New OpenGL extensions, added hardware support and bugfixes.
  • WHAR MIR support?!11!
  • Yay! They fixed the nvidia-settings -l command throwing a hissy fit and resetting the driver configs entirely.
    • I just realized, getting actual fixes to your problems in drivers must be a brand new thing for you
      • It is!


DirectX® 12, Vulkan™ & OpenGL® 4.5 APIs

  • For the Windows drivers.
    • That statement can sum up most of AMD’s driver efforts
  • This is a list of things the hardware can support but FK all if we will ever see it.


Somebody owes us a game

  • Oh hai star citizen.  How’s your sex life?
    • They will come up with some middleware issue.
    • They can’t exactly claim funding issues.
  • Still, better late than never.    One less excuse for cryengine games to not be on linux
    • (Kinda want Blood Dragon)


YOLO contolla

  • SDL2, baby.
  • “The real disappointment is its D-Pad, though. It just cannot reliably send a single direction without sometimes accidentally sending others. “
    • It’s been like 10 years and they still can’t get the d-pad right.
    • I much prefer the DualShock d-pad over most other controllers’.
      • Yeah, sony really got that design right
  • I like the bottom paddle thingies.


Desura Bundle

  • While I’m all for this, most games on Desura well ..belonged there.  
    • Not really much to say other than that
    • These games aren’t too impressive
  • The wording on it,though
  • In support of devs impacted by the Desura failure
  • It’s like a big slap across Bad Juju’s face!



  • Guy can’t host the full game because  he doesn’t necessarily have rights to all of the code he’s using
  • Last game I ever backed on Kickstarter.
  • Open sourcing a Unity game, though
    • That’s gotta be a first!


Quad sim

  • Linux only \m/
  • I guess this is useful for people who have never flown.


Brick Simulator 2015 Turbo Extreme Pro-am Alpha ..the beta

  • Kickstarter in 3.. 2..

CHAIR– Nooope

CHAIRCHAIR– Not sure if want


CHAIRCHAIRCHAIRCHAIR– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Freedom Planet


Devel: GalaxyTrail

Engine: Multimedia Fusion

Price: $/€14.99 – $16.99 CAD

Wazzat: Prepare the snatcher!

Makes with the working





Shiny / Sounds


  • It’s a pixelated mess.
  • No resolution options so it’s a scaled pixilated mess.
  • Even at 4M (yes, I measured) it still looks like molten pixel goo.
  • And what’s up with that transition animation from running up a ramp to level ground.


  • This game takes a lot from the sonic the hedgehog playbook
  • The running in this just looks so slow though.   How do you fuck that up?
  • The voice acting is Okay
  • Seriously, I think Yuji Naka is gonna sue somebody


  • Look at all the hipster pixel!
  • Voice actors recorded in different places.
    • Some characters sound louder and crisper than others.
  • The music is kinda like Sonic’s except more annoying
  • All the “hmph!” “typhoon” “yah!” got this game muted within the half-hour mark.
  • I can’t give it 1 chair, because the graphics and the sound are there and you can see/hear them.
  • But I’ll give the lowest possible because they’re terrible!  




  • I had to commit some fuckery to get the Xclone to work.
  • Was intermittent controller support listed on the store page?
  • It “works” with the XClone but every movement or button press is considered a suggestion.


  • Tried with both a Dualshock 3 and Two different 360 controllers.   Neither were detected.    Steam sees them though, as do most other games
  • Standard two button run and attack scheme
  • However, if you expect me to platform without a controller, you get one chair
  • The third xbox controller finally worked.    The controls are decent enough.   However, you still get one chair for making me go through all that work


  • Sonic-like platformer that in 9 minutes ignored over 10 of my jumping keystrokes.
  • Controller? Fuck your controllers!
  • Neither the DualShock with Xboxdrv or the NVidia Controller were detected.
  • What’s that, you’d like to reassign controls? Aha, fuck you!




  • This is a shameless Sonic clone.
  • It looks worse and handles worse er er #moreworse
  • It captures nothing from the original and the real kicker … it’s slower.


  • Let’s just ignore for a second that this is a two bit sonic the hedgehog knockoff
  • You expect me to platform without the use of a controller.  
  • The game falls short of capturing the sonic experience.
  • Worst of all, it’s just boring.   And for a game, that’s criminal


  • Running the risk of pissing all over someone’s favorite furry game
    • And trust me when I say I have no issue with fursons and their fursonas.
  • This could have been a competent Sonic & Knuckles clone.
  • It has the two characters with slightly different abilities that allow you to reach different parts of each level and beat bosses a different way.
  • Unfortunately, whatever positives it may have had are knocked right back down with graphics that make the Genesis look competent, incongruent voice-acting, and borderline non-functional controls.
  • $15 when it’s not on sale, fuck no!


Final –CHAIR

Hate Mail:



  • Ok, brilliant.  Sure.   So these guys are so incompetent as to leave a busted, abandoned build on their main EARLY ACCESS BRANCH THAT PEOPLE WHO BUY THE GAME ARE GOING TO DOWNLOAD AND PLAY.   Do you see the problem here Brad?
  • Especially now with refunds in place.
  • Also, someone doesn’t watch Homestarrunner

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